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Zendesk Chat

Software for communication and servicing customer inquiries in real-time using live chats and quick messages. The application supports management of all conversations from a single web dashboard, regardless of whether the messages from customers come from desktop, mobile devices, or a mobile app.

Facebook Messenger Chat

Integration that allows visitors to the online store to send a direct message through their Facebook Messenger profile. This is an opportunity for both instant customer service and easy conversion of web visitors into Messenger contacts.


A live chat integration with customers that allows for quick response to inquiries, consultations at the point of purchase, and sending interactive messages with images, animations, and attached files. The application has additional features for reports, analysis, and personalization of the experience.


An all-in-one platform for building and launching chatbots without the need for specialized programming skills. Supports the creation of template chatbots with artificial intelligence and setting parameters for personalization according to business needs.


A communication channel that can be used both for responding to customer inquiries, providing support, or resolving complaints, as well as for sending notification and promotional messages.


A messaging application that can be used to communicate with customers, send automatic notifications related to order payments, product delivery, and other vital notifications that reach the online merchants’ customers.


The capabilities of the Telegram application in the field of e-commerce are: to reach a large audience with public channels; to create closed groups in which merchants provide personalized services to their customers, inform them about exclusive offers, and serve them; Chatbot support.”

Google Pay

A service on Google for contactless mobile payments, through which users can pay the amounts due using only a phone, tablet, or smartwatch with previously entered card details. It allows payments both in the online store and in its mobile application.

Apple Pay

A service on Apple for contactless mobile payments, through which iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac users can shop in the online store or the app quickly and conveniently. The only requirement is to previously save bank card information in the app.


An online payment and money transfer system that supports a virtual wallet with an option to link credit and debit cards by the user. The mobile payment option on PayPal supports transactions on various devices, including phones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Pay by Vivacom

Payment of utility bills directly through the app. Users can add their bills, write their own subscription description, track their unpaid bills, and receive notifications on their phone.

A1 Wallet

A1 Wallet is a digital wallet accessible through a free mobile app, allowing easy, fast, and secure management of funds (including online shopping).


A virtual wallet for online payments with an option to create an account, register a debit or credit card, and transfer funds both from the account and directly from the card.


An integrated payment form that processes card and bank payments, then transfers the funds to the merchant’s account. The system is suitable for desktop computers as well as all types of mobile devices.


A payment platform that facilitates merchants in the process of accepting payments from credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and various types of virtual wallets. Braintree is a suitable solution for large online stores that need high customization control over payment processes.


A flexible solution for accepting online payments from different countries and in different currencies – by card, through electronic banking, and via SMS. The system offers options for remote currency exchange at favorable rates and low transaction processing fees.


Virtual POS terminal of DSK Bank for secure card payments from different countries and in several currencies. Transactions are made through an encrypted connection on the bank’s payment page, and merchants can track payments in real time.


Virtual POS terminal of Fibank for secure payments with Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard cards issued by local and foreign banks. Transactions are made through an encrypted connection on the bank’s payment page, without direct access by the merchant’s system to card data.

VP Borica (WAY 4)

Virtual POS terminal of the BORIKA payment system, licensed by BNB as a third party for servicing payments in bank card operations. The system offers secure encryption, easy card transaction reversals, and partnerships with most major banks in Bulgaria.

Pay at Store

A payment method in omnichannel commerce, where users get the opportunity to complete an order online and pay for their products at the moment they receive them from the selected physical location of the merchant.


A system for processing card payments, virtual wallet payments, and locally specific payment methods. An excellent solution for omnichannel commerce with an option to consolidate all online and offline payments into one system.


A payment application and digital wallet that allows users to store debit or credit card data and make online purchases using only their mobile device.

Mollie Payments

Leading European payment platform for online stores, specializing in processing online transactions on behalf of merchants. Mollie supports payments with all popular card carriers as well as alternative methods.

QuickPay Payments

A secure, reliable, and dynamic payment initiation service that allows online stores to receive online payments through credit cards, bank transfers, and invoices.


A pan-European system for supporting direct debit payments in euros in 36 countries, introduced by the European Payments Council. A solution to standardize the cashless payment process throughout Europe and to facilitate all cross-border electronic payments in euros.

Zapper: Mobile Payments

A mobile payment solution without the need for the client to enter card details. Instead, clients scan a QR code generated at payment and pay with card data stored in the Zapper app.


NewPay offers the “Buy Now, Pay Later” service for online store customers, allowing the customer to receive products without the need to pay immediately, while the merchant receives the value of the purchase after sending it to the customer.


Open Banking solution, where there’s no need to use a debit/credit card to make a payment; instead, the buyer’s bank account is directly charged.

VP Unicredit Bulbank

Virtual POS terminal of UniCredit Bulbank for secure card payments from different countries and in several currencies. Transactions are made through an encrypted connection on the bank’s payment page, and merchants can track payments in real time.


The online solution for EasyPay is realized through the integration of ePay, described above.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Payments is an online payment platform (similar to PayPal) that allows customers to pay for their purchases using an Amazon account. To make a payment, customers can use a credit card, bank account, or simply use the balance in their Amazon Payments account.


Virtual POS terminal of MyPos (a FinTech company) with a very low fee.”

UniCredit Consumer Financing

Integration for shopping using consumer credit from UniCredit Bulbank. With options for quick credit approval at the point of purchase and flexible determination of repayment terms.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Integration for shopping using consumer credit from BNP Paribas. With options for quick credit approval at the point of purchase and flexible determination of repayment terms.

TBI Bank

Integration for installment shopping from TBI Bank with options for automatic repayment, interest-free installments, and the use of multiple parallel consumer credits for online shopping.


Courier company operating with the largest autonomous network in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, and Bulgaria. With modern IT infrastructure – including sorting, tracking, and parcel localization systems. Covers more than 600 service points.


International delivery service in China and the USA. Allows easy tracking of parcel location by entering a pre-calculated control number of the individual package. The company partners with other popular providers like DHL and FedEx.


Part of Deutsche Post DHL Group – a German multinational package delivery company. Operates in the UK, where it is also the largest integrated postal provider. Operates with the highest levels of physical security.


Logistics company based in Bulgaria. Operates both domestically and internationally. The company implements technologies like DigiCert, OptinMonster, and WisePops. Partners with DACHSER – a German freight company.


Courier company specialized in the rapid transport of light parcels and documents in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. A leading company in the sector with 100% Spanish capital. The main parcel delivery services are priority, express deliveries by 10:00 and 14:00.

Slovenská pošta

State company responsible for providing postal services in Slovakia: express and courier deliveries, management of temporary stations, stamp issuance, etc. Manages over 1500 stations across the country, where it’s also the third-largest employer.


Fast and reliable courier with delivery to the recipient depending on the urgency of the order. The two offered services are same-day delivery or the day after ordering. The logistics company operates in Romania, with same-day delivery possible only in Bucharest and nearby areas.


A company with over 150 years of experience in the transport industry. Provides courier services in Canada, maintaining high standards regarding drivers and partners. Operates 24/7, 365 days a year.


An application to connect with all national and international providers. Through it, you can manage your existing contracts more efficiently from one place, and have access to the services of all couriers without new integrations.


Part of Le Groupe La Poste – a postal service company in France. Offers delivery options to destinations like Australia and the USA. The service allows customers to leave parcels and packages at any La Poste point, where they are then collected and delivered.

BRT Corriere Espresso

An Italian company, highly oriented towards environmental conservation and reducing carbon emissions. They offer services for online merchants. The company provides access to the ‘Customer Area’ for them to manage their shipments individually and independently.

FAN Courier

Leading courier in Romania since 2006, with continuous investments in new high-value services for consumers – new technologies, modern offices, training, and staff renewal. The company has nearly 140 branches nationwide and over 4200 vehicles for fast delivery.


Leader in the logistics services sector in Poland, based on a network of self-service parcel sending and collection points open 24/7. This is the largest business structure of this type in the country, with the number of delivery machines exceeding 17,000.


Courier service company in Bulgaria, operating for 30 years. With an option for delivery to over 215 countries, including personal and business shipments – letters, samples, catalogs, spare parts, devices and equipment, books, etc. They serve every address in the country. Authorized operator for UPS services.


British logistics company headquartered in the Netherlands. A subsidiary of Royal Mail. Operates directly and through a partner network in 41 European countries, eight US states, and two Canadian provinces. Owns Dicom – a Canadian parcel delivery company.

Slovak Parcel Service

Courier company operating in Slovakia. Manages a network consisting of 25 main branches and regional centers, effectively covering the entire territory of the country. Offers deliveries throughout the republic as well as international parcel deliveries.

Balkan eCommerce

Joint project of Mediapost Hit Mail and InOut Trade, specialized in the field of courier services and digital marketing. An excellent solution for local online businesses looking to expand by selling abroad. The service is available for almost all of Europe, UAE, and Vietnam.


Professionals in logistics services for online stores and merchants. They operate in Romania and Bulgaria, and their extension – euShipments – in over 27 European countries, combining the service portfolio of over 30 courier companies.


Bulgarian leader in the field of courier, payment, and logistics services. Transports parcels for both individual and business clients. Operates in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus. Offers the sending of postal letters, standard parcels, and cargo shipments.


Courier company founded and operating in Bulgaria, with a logistics network of nearly 600 offices and automatic postal stations. Partners with DPD – a leading global delivery network. Delivers to all of Europe, USA, Canada, and Russia. Covers 100% of the country’s territory.


Postal service operator for Bulgaria, Europe, and the world. Specialized in small, lightweight parcels and documents. Rely on their own fleet for transporting all shipments. They work with banks, government institutions, insurance companies. They offer hybrid mail, declared value, super express, etc.


American company focused on e-commerce and transportation. Owns a fleet of cargo planes named FedEx Express, which is one of the largest in the world. The company is divided into several segments: Express, Ground, Services, and Office.


Logistics company based in America. The main activity is the delivery of documents and goods. The brand also has its airline – “UPS Airlines,” with its fleet of 237 jet aircraft. Serves over 220 countries and territories worldwide.


Among the leaders in the global logistics market. German international courier service company that is part of the Deutsche Post DHL companies. Delivers to over 220 countries and 120,000 cities. Under the name, 4 subsidiary DHL companies operate: Supply Chain, Global Mail, Global Forwarding, and Freight.


Zapier is an online automation tool that helps connect web applications and services to automate repetitive tasks without coding. Zapier allows you to create workflows that include a trigger and one or more actions. For example, you can create a Zap that sends an email every time a new item is added to a spreadsheet. Zapier offers integrations with over 4,000 applications.


Cloud platform for digital marketing automation that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather and analyze all data about the interaction between business and client.


E-commerce marketing automation tool powered by artificial intelligence. It offers the ability to automate omnichannel sales and marketing operations, plus a high level of personalization for the customer experience.

Facebook Pixel

Script for web analysis and tool for optimizing advertising on Facebook. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize your campaigns, create new target audiences, and plan remarketing activities.


A form of display advertising with interactive ad banners generated based on online browsing preferences and the behavior of each customer. It offers automation and scalability of media and remarketing campaigns.


Software for creating and sending email newsletters from an online store. With an integrated dashboard to report the performance of each email campaign, including recipient engagement, link click-through rates, click maps, etc.

Google Analytics reports

A tool that allows you to track and visualize multiple Google Analytics metrics in a single dashboard. It can be used with the Google Analytics interface and also export data to Excel and Spreadsheets.

Google Analytics

Platform that collects data from websites and apps and organizes them into various reports to present business performance. With options to track the number of orders, revenues, cost per order, pages a user visits, time spent on them, devices used, etc.

Google Tag Manager

System for implementing and managing marketing tags (code snippets or tracking pixels) on a website. This technique is used for tracking conversions, performance analysis, and optimization of various marketing campaigns.

Google Merchant Center

Tool for managing how products and collections from the online store are visualized for users in Google, along with all available information such as manufacturer, price, specifications, varieties, etc.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Paid advertising tool where each user is shown products they have previously shown interest in within the online store or the merchant’s app.


Digital marketing application with automated dynamic ads in Google, Facebook, and YouTube. With a builder for creating and optimizing campaigns, an option to send newsletters, SMS messages, and use AI marketing tools on the site.


Affiliate marketing platform that connects business users with advertisers and affiliates. Used to increase leads and sales in exchange for a fixed percentage commission on a sale made by partners.

Google Ads

Google tool for setting up, launching, and optimizing ad campaigns. With options to display ads both in search results and various websites, mobile apps, and videos.


Marketing automation platform and email marketing service. Focused on all best practices for contact management, a builder for creating visually appealing campaigns, and data analysis tools.


Platform for marketing and sales that helps companies attract visitors, convert potential customers, and retain existing clients. With options for automated CRM database, A/B testing, tracking ad campaigns, etc.


Software solution for customer relationship management. With various applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, performance analysis, etc.

Facebook Conversions API (CAPI)

Facebook’s business tool that allows advertisers to create a direct and reliable connection between Meta and all marketing data from a server, platform, or CRM. CAPI works alongside Facebook Pixel to help advertisers improve the efficiency, measurement, and data collection of their Facebook ad campaigns.

Viber messages

Integration allowing the sending of Viber messages from the business to the clients. The tool facilitates the creation of engaging and informative marketing content for various target audiences, including sending multimedia messages with images, videos, and attachments.

An online marketplace platform for selling clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, home goods, etc. With an intuitive web design, easy order completion, and over 90,000 items offered by more than 500 brands.


An American e-commerce marketplace platform for selling vintage, art, and handmade items. With global customer coverage, low listing fees, and low commissions on completed sales.


A marketplace platform for women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion with over one million products from almost 10,000 fashion brands. With an option for smart personalization of displayed products based on preferred brands, size, and style preferences.


One of the largest online marketplace platforms in Central and Eastern Europe, supporting sales of all kinds of products, divided into dozens of categories for business and end consumers.


An online platform for posting ads and buying and selling new and used goods. With an option for direct connection between traders and consumers and creating paid and free ads in various product categories.


The world’s largest company in terms of turnover among those selling goods and services online and a leading marketplace.

A platform for quick and easy price and offer comparison from over 800 online stores, with included seasonal promotions and price charts. With an option to share ratings and opinions, plus a full description of product parameters.

A platform for comparing prices between over 100,000 products and over 200,000 online stores. With verified offers from reliable merchants and an email notification option for attractive discounts.

A leading global platform for price comparison and sharing user opinions. A powerful tool for easy finding, quick comparison, and instant online product purchasing, including in categories like fashion, clothing, consumer electronics, home, and garden products. is the largest price comparison site in the Greek market for comparing prices of dozens of product categories from various online stores. Skroutz is undoubtedly the number one site Greeks trust for their online purchases.

Price, specification, and review comparison for millions of products from hundreds of local and international online stores.

Romanian version of Pazaruvaj.


Hungarian version of Pazaruvaj.

Shopzilla connects buyers with over 100 million products from tens of thousands of retail merchants with its unique portfolio of engaging and informative websites. Shopzilla is a leading source of sales and consumer feedback for online merchants and retail advertisers.


Enterprise resource planning software developed by the German company SAP SE. Supporting all key processes in a business organization, available for use in over 50 languages.


A comprehensive software solution for organizing warehouse activity, trade, production, and accounting. The system’s various modules use a unified database to serve a wide range of business functions.


An application for modular ERP solutions that facilitate strategic business resource planning. With an option to choose between different versions suitable for traders in various niches and with different business sizes.


A modular system for automating business processes in small, medium, and large companies. With flexible functionalities for control, planning, and resource management in multi-company and multi-warehouse operations.


Integrated software product for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the ability to structure the information flow between departments such as accounting, inventory, sales, logistics, etc.


Professional business management software system, with an integrated product focused on accounting, trade, production, servicing, forecasting, and planning processes.


Innovative trade business management system with the possibility for high personalization and scalability. Quick implementation of additional functionalities and adaptation according to needs.


Open-source resource planning system that operates through centralized online integration of various applications. A convenient solution for combining and adapting various software business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft’s software solution for effective collaboration between departments, optimizing business tasks, and stimulating business growth through process automation. With an option for integrated modules and full customization according to needs.

Colibri ERP

Integrated business management software, transferring the operational work of all departments and employees in the company into a single and easy-to-use system. With the possibility for centralized control and flexible settings.

System with integrated ERP, CRM, and BI modules for setting, organizing, and tracking the process of achieving strategic business goals. With an option for centralized business management and integration with numerous international e-commerce channels.


Leading distributor in the field of information technology. Offers hardware and software solutions for data centers, consumer electronics, and full IT solutions for large enterprises.


Leader in comprehensive business solutions in the field of information and communication technologies. With a broad ecosystem of over 120,000 hardware, software, and IT service distributors.


The largest IT distributor in Bulgaria, partnering with over 60 global manufacturers of high-quality equipment and software – including Apple, Canon, Cisco, Logitech, Microsoft, Epson, and others.


SaleHoo offers tools and resources specifically designed for e-commerce business owners. The platform automates online sales with a network of approved wholesale and dropshipping suppliers, high-quality items, and powerful dropshipping automation features. Members have access to a market research tool to obtain data on profit margins, sales levels, and popular items.


Spocket application for dropshipping products from suppliers in the US and EU.


Printful is a dropshipper, meaning it stores your products for you, packages them, and distributes them to your consumers once they make a purchase. To start selling, all you need to do is upload your designs and start publishing them on your website.


Oberlo is one of the most popular dropshipping sites in the industry. It allows users to find products and upload them to their online store. Oberlo takes care of storage, packaging, and product delivery to customers.


A platform that allows an online store to connect with the best dropshipping and wholesale suppliers from the US, UK, EU, and Canada.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a company that offers data on legitimate wholesale suppliers and publishes the results in the so-called “online directory”. The target group is small and medium-sized traders, home businesses, and online traders.


DOBA is a dropshipping platform. It offers access to wholesale suppliers and allows traders to sell products without owning them. DOBA is designed for small and medium-sized traders and offers convenient integration with electronic sales platforms.


Wholesale2B is a dropshipping platform that offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices, aiming to increase your store’s profits. It provides easy integration with your online store and automatically synchronizes orders and product availability.


Modalyst is a leading dropshipping platform that offers a wide range of premium products (over 10 million) at competitive prices that will enhance your online store’s profits. Easily integrate products into your store and automate order and product availability synchronization. Modalyst stands out with a constantly updated catalog of modern products that will help you build a successful dropshipping business.


Megagoods, Inc is an electronics and video game distributor specializing in dropshipping and fulfillment services. They offer a wide selection of products and take care of storage and order fulfillment, allowing traders to focus solely on sales. This makes them a preferred partner for online traders looking to expand their portfolio without dealing with the complexities of order fulfillment.


A Swiss company for children’s and baby goods with guaranteed quality. SGS safety certificate for all products. B2B sales.


Yotpo is an application that allows the visualization of ratings and comments that customers have left for products in the online store. By installing Yotpo, users on the site will be able to write and see comments for products on each detailed product page.


Disqus is a networked community platform used by hundreds of internet users. With Disqus, the online store gains a feature-rich comment system that is integrated with social platforms, with an advanced administration system, many options, and features.


AdScout is the first of its kind social platform in Bulgaria that builds a network of trusted recommendations, connecting satisfied users with popular brands. It is based on verified references from which people benefit. The platform allows users to share with family and friends – quickly, easily, and conveniently, any type of product with verified quality – while they benefit from it.


Barsy is a comprehensive system of software, equipment, and services for organizing and managing a business.
Organizing daily workflows – sales, orders, warehouse, documentation, customers, suppliers, etc.
Controls business management in real-time.
Barsy covers a wide range of businesses – establishments, shops, retail chains, trading offices, and more.


A solution for distributing product information directly to all points of sale in real-time. Once the brand uploads content to the platform, it is visualized on all connected retail sites, retaining its design and personalizations.

Web Seller Guru

A repricing tool for eBay merchants using dropshipping. The software tracks warehouse availability and prices from your suppliers (Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Kmart, etc.) every hour and automatically reflects the change in eBay by updating the price.

Achieve Your Business Goals

Every business has unique goals and requirements. With our platform, you have the flexibility to build your online store according to your specific needs.

Whether you’re a small boutique or a large enterprise, we provide the resources and support to help online stores succeed.

Integrations that Save Time and Improve Results

Our extensive selection of integrations covers various aspects of your ecommerce journey, each offering distinct benefits to improve your user experience, boost customer loyalty, and increase sales.

Explore some of our most popular integrations and other plugins below:

  • Chat and Chatbot: Engage with your customers in real-time and provide instant support with chat and chatbot integrations. Enhance communication, address customer queries, and guide them through their purchasing journey, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Payment Methods: Offer a wide range of payment options to your customers, including credit card payments, digital wallets, and other popular payment gateways. Streamline the checkout process, boost conversion rates, and provide a seamless payment experience.
  • Hire Purchase: Give your customers the option to buy now and pay later with hire purchase integrations. Increase purchasing power and facilitate flexible payment arrangements, leading to higher average order values and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Courier Companies: Efficiently manage your shipping and delivery process by integrating your ecommerce site with leading courier companies. Automate shipping calculations, track orders, and provide transparent shipping options to your customers. This enhances delivery speed and reliability.
  • Marketing Integrations: Integrate with powerful marketing tools like content management systems and platforms to drive targeted campaigns, analyze customer behavior, and optimize your marketing strategies. Utilize features such as email marketing, social media integration, discount codes, affiliate or external products, and Google Analytics to attract and retain customers while maximizing your online sales.
  • Sales Channels: Expand your reach and sell on multiple channels, such as social media platforms, Google Shopping, and online marketplaces. Increase brand visibility, reach new customers, and manage your inventory seamlessly across different sales channels.
  • ERP and Warehouse Systems: Synchronize your ecommerce operations with enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting software, and warehouse systems. Streamline inventory management, order fulfillment, and stock updates, ensuring accurate and efficient business operations.
  • Computers, Computer Equipment, and Electronics: If you specialize in selling computers, computer equipment, or electronics, take advantage of ecommerce plugins specifically tailored to your industry. These integrations provide features such as compatibility checkers, detailed product specifications, and optimized product listings to cater to the unique needs of your customers.

Easy to Install and Ready to Use

Our ecommerce store integrations are designed to be easy to install, ensuring a seamless experience for both beginners and experienced users.

With just a few clicks, you can integrate the functionalities you need into your online store, saving time and effort.

Transform Your Online Store with Powerful Ecommerce Integrations and Plugins

Our platform provides a wealth of integrations to save you time, enhance customer experience, and boost your online sales.

From chat and chatbot features to versatile payment methods, marketing tools, and more, our integrations help you build a successful ecommerce website.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of our easy-to-install, ready-to-use content management system and SaaS ecommerce platform. Elevate your business, engage customers, and achieve remarkable results with your digital goods and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ecommerce plugins?

Ecommerce integrations are tools and features that seamlessly connect with your online store, extending its functionalities and enhancing the user experience. These integrations can include a payment gateway combination, marketing tools and shipping solutions for your ecommerce business.


How do ecommerce plugins improve customer experience and lift sales on ecommerce websites?

The best ecommerce plugins add new features and capabilities to your online store, allowing you to deliver a superior customer experience.

They enable smoother payment processes, personalized marketing campaigns, updated maintenance mode pages, streamlined shipping, and other enhancements that ultimately increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales.


Can I accept different payment options with ecommerce integrations?

Yes. Our ecommerce integrations include various payment solutions, from credit card payments to digital wallets and other popular payment service providers.

This enables you to offer your customers a wide range of payment options, catering to their preferences and increasing convenience during the checkout process.

How can integrations help me manage multiple sites or sales channels?

Integrations empower ecommerce stores to sell on multiple sites or sales channels, such as social media platforms and online marketplaces.

With the right integrations, you can efficiently manage inventory, track orders, and synchronize data across different platforms, simplifying your operations and expanding your reach.

Do you have any more questions?