Reddit is super underrated and is sometimes forgotten to mention alongside major social networks and social platforms. 

Reddit is one of the most influential social news websites and forums; it has over 400 million users and receives more traffic than Amazon, according to Hootsuite. But what is Reddit really for, or how do you use Reddit for business? 

All of that will be answered in this article, so buckle up.

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What is Reddit: Overview, Features and Functionality

Reddit has a niche of its own; it has almost everything from social media trends, media, different communities, micro-cultures, inside jokes (memes, funny jokes, etc.), etc. 

In one enormous platform, Reddit combines forums, web content, social news, and social networks. Reddit users, or “Redditors,” as they call themselves, can contribute to the platform with content like text posts, discussion threads, images, videos, and links. 

All content made by other Redditors can be voted “up” or “down.” The more upvotes a piece of content gets, the more likely it will be viral and appear on the Reddit homepage

Like on every other social network platform, you can see other people’s posts, participate in comment threads, and answer questions from other users. Since it has a system that shows content with enough upvotes to go viral, Reddit has also become the platform where memes and viral content pieces are born. 

Reddit works like a forum, and there is a micro-community called Subreddits. A subreddit is a Reddit community with a particular topic or specific niche. There are specific subreddits for almost everything you can think of. 

Reddit is also an excellent platform for business. But always be mindful that some Redditors tend to shoot down users who are promoting their products or services through posts trying to sell through the community, but those are just minorities. 

The best way to use Reddit for business is by doing Reddit ads. These ads are very legal because Reddit has a dedicated space for businesses like you if you are going to use the Reddit platform.

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What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Reddit and How

You can definitely use Reddit as a platform to promote your business. With it catering to different niche communities, you can be sure that your target audience is there. Creating quality content, original posters and banners, or branded content is a great marketing strategy on Reddit. 

Here are some of the businesses that you can match with Reddit:

  • Vlog content, media, and entertainment: Share some small clips of your videos, teasers, and their content and interact with Redditors in the same niche in the right subreddits. 
  • Gaming: If you are in the gaming industry, many Redditors love talking to forums about games or are enthusiastically participating in gaming subreddits. 
  • E-commerce: If you are in the e-commerce and retail business, you can promote your brand by engaging with Redditors and asking them about their preferences. This is an intelligent way to engage with your target audience.
  • Services: If you are in the service-based business, you can also find your potential clients in many subreddits because Reddit is so vast that almost anything is on it. 
  • Freelancers: You can showcase your portfolio or creativity on Reddit and gain upvotes by sharing success stories on your niche. You can also share helpful information and stories that inspire many or have an audience that would avail of your service. 

You need to know that the important thing in promoting your business on Reddit is to be genuine, straightforward, and creative. In that way, other members won’t downvote your content and, instead, be interested.

Reddit for business website

Reddit for business website

Setting Up a Reddit Account for Your Business

It is easy to set up a Reddit account for your business. 

Here are the steps:

  • First, go to Reddit’s website and click the “Register” option.
  • After that, you can enter your email address, company name, and password. 
  • After creating your account, Reddit will automatically offer default subreddits you may be interested in, and you must join at least five (5).

Of course, if your niche isn’t there, you can search from multiple community subreddits if your preference changes. You can also change your subreddit and even create subreddits. 

Once you’ve created the account settings, add a short description to your account and a professional photo and cover photo. It is best to use your brand logo to attract and increase brand awareness

Reddiquette: Understanding the Rules and Guidelines

The Reddit community has its own rules or subreddit rules. “Reddiquette” is the term used for Reddit’s etiquettes and regulations. 

Some of the guidelines include not posting other’s valuable information, not being rude, not trolling other people, etc. 

You must follow these rules and guidelines because your account might get suspended or banned if you don’t.

Participating in Subreddits: Posting, Commenting, and Voting

Reddit is all about interaction with other Reddit users on the platform. 

Redditors’ contributions to multiple subreddits, posts, and forums are the center of Reddit and are its source of life to keep the website alive. Commenting and posting on Reddit can get you upvotes that would increase your Reddit Karma.

Reddit launched Reddit Karma to establish the credibility and contribution of the users. Every Redditor’s profile shows how many Karma points they have earned; the more Karma points you have, the more likely you will increase popularity and brand awareness.

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Content Strategy for Reddit: Identifying Your Target Audience and Objectives

Content is significant in Reddit because this is where you will hook your audience. If your Karma number is increased, you can now have a solid start on creating content to reach your audience. Remember that Redditors don’t go to Reddit to buy but instead interact, read, learn, and communicate

You can create content about how your brand or product helped a user and provide legitimate user feedback with authenticity. Tell your story, and narrate all your hardships, steps, tips, and some of your successes. Use the power of links, but also be careful with it. 

Do not add links abruptly to your content as this would seem not genuine; just effortlessly include a text that would make them curious. For example, you can go with “This post will help you better understand the brand” and then insert the link in the text.

Using Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) Format

One of the popular subreddits on Reddit is AMA or Ask Me Anything. In this subreddit, question-and-answer sessions with professionals are held. You can create engaging content here and leverage this chance to introduce your business, personal brand, or product. 

The AMA subreddit starts with the topic initiator introducing themselves and telling their field of expertise, and then the users will ask topic-related questions.

This is a great way to engage with your target audience or potential customers. Many marketers engage in this type of subreddit.

Building a Reputation and Establishing Credibility on Reddit

The best way to build a reputation on Reddit is by interacting more with other users on the same niche or a popular subreddit. This includes getting upvoted to establish credibility and telling compelling stories and content about your business, brand, or product. 

Using AMA subreddits is an excellent way to start and, at the same time, learn from other people and build connections with them. Building connections is essential in Reddit. Consider it a kind of networking; you are getting their trust and having them as potential customers. 

Once that trust is built, you can invite them to your website, send them links to your business website and have them as your customer base. 

Reddit Gold is also important in establishing credibility. Reddit Gold is a premium membership you can only obtain if another user purchases and awards it to you. It cannot be purchased for your own content.

Engaging with the Reddit Community

Growing your community, boosting the content of others, and genuinely welcoming new members are some of the growth basics of Reddit. Commenting nicely and merging into your specific subreddit can also give you Karma increases.

Post karma is earned from the upvotes you get from posting on specific or popular subreddits, while comment karma is earned from upvotes to the great comments you leave. 

These types of engagement can get you a target audience base and turn them into loyal fans, followers and supporters

Avoiding Self-Promotion Pitfalls and Providing Value to Users

Direct sales is a no-no on Reddit. Many Redditors condemn accounts that exist on Reddit just to sell products or their business, so as much as possible, you need to avoid direct sales talk

Instead, use creativity, such as making your content relatable and inserting your business purpose whenever an audience gets hooked or gets interested. 

You should always be genuine and provide a clear and straightforward objective for successful promotion.

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Using Reddit for Market Research and Customer Insights

Market research with Reddit gives you a real-time experience because it allows you to interact with your target market or potential customers directly. 

When you use Reddit correctly and follow the Rediquettes, you can actually get valuable information that you can use for your business. 
These insights include customer preferences, buying behavior, and their opinions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Quora and Reddit?

In simpler terms, Quora is structured or built to be a question-and-answer social platform, while Reddit is known for its diverse niches and communities.

Is it possible to sell a subreddit?

Yes you can sell your own subreddit. It works however you plan it to work, either you sell the subreddit and your account, or sell the subreddit only and have the bury as community manager or moderator.

Are there any subscription fees on Reddit?

You can actually register for free in Reddit, but they also offer Reddit premium for more access to things. As per 2024, the fees are 5.99 USD or 336 PHP per month and 49.99 USD or 2803 PHP per year.