With the growth of e-commerce, it’s important to offer clear messages to your audience in order to stand out from the competition. 

With the NEXT BASKET SaaS ecommerce platform, you get an easy-to-use built-in banner program to assist with your promotional messaging. 

Why use banners on your online store pages? 

  • To help customers find products and services
  • To advertise new items and promotions
  • To make contact information easy to access
  • To connect with affiliate marketing

Whatever your business needs, our banner-making module lets you meet them. Include whatever information you want, and you’ll be able to format it quickly, without any specialized graphic design or coding knowledge. 

The visual effects on your e-commerce website, like logos, images, and color palette, play a major role in how shoppers perceive your online store. Often, these graphics form the first impression for visitors.

Banner advertising is one component of those graphics, which is why banner design should be approached thoughtfully. Fortunately, creating banners nowadays is a simple task.

Whether your store uses web banners made with your own banner software or you use banner templates that come with NEXT BASKET’s banner-making software, we are here to help you. 

Ask about a collaboration to help you create personalized banners and other web graphics to highlight new products and drive sales.

The role of banners in e-commerce

What is a banner for an online store? It’s a graphic image containing useful information for shoppers, typically placed in strategic locations on the website. 

Professional-looking banners can help you advertise:

  • Different merchandise categories
  • Current sales and discounts
  • New product or service launches
  • Specific store website pages
  • Valuable external resources
  • Accounts on social media platforms
  • Email or member subscription signup
  • Special events and promotions

How to use the built-in banner software in NEXT BASKET?

NEXT BASKET offers a handy banner maker for our partners. It allows you to select a banner template and use customization to choose font styles, color schemes, and image effects. 

The visual editor also allows you to use the following options:

  • Upload your own images, logos, and graphics
  • Add text and CTA buttons for important information
  • Link to promoted products, pages, and categories

You can use your banners to advertise discounts or free shipping, for example. Selecting the right template and utilizing NEXT BASKET’s tools doesn’t require professional web or graphic design experience, and it’s ultra-simple to use.

Settings in the NEXT BASKET banner program

Our banner creation program lets you customize your banners using all of these options: 

  • Fonts, colors, and image size
  • Placement of banners on any page
  • Adding your logo, visuals, and colors

You’ll find the interface user-friendly and intuitive to use. There’s no coding required, and the built-in creative layout templates will help you make a stunning banner with no professional designer background. 

Whether your goal is to highlight a product or service or to increase your e-store’s sales, the NEXT BASKET banner program will help you achieve your marketing goals. Not only will your business be more successful, but your brand will also become more recognizable. 

Frequently asked questions

What banner maker do I need to make a banner for my site?

You can use many graphics programs available online to make a banner for your e-commerce store. However, you may find the workflow easier with NEXT BASKET’s built-in banner-making software.

Can I use my own branding and colors in the banners I create?

Yes, our system lets you fully customize your banners to match your brand’s colors, fonts, and style. The software allows you to upload your brand assets and apply them consistently to maintain a cohesive look across your website.

Will my banners be mobile-responsive?

Yes, the banner ad designs created with our software are mobile-responsive. They will automatically adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing experience for your mobile users.