If you have an online store by NEXT BASKET, you can use a fulfillment warehouse to store the items intended for online sale. This is only possible when using the NB 360˚ work option.

The warehouse we provide complies with the best practices for fulfillment service. The order fulfillment service is managed entirely by our experts.

If you wish, you can also use your own warehouse, but for this purpose your warehouse fulfillment software must be integrated into the NEXT BASKET platform, which usually takes several months and is at your expense.

How does it work?

First, you must have a signed contract with NEXT BASKET for the NB 360˚ service.

Second, you must sign another contract with us for the fulfillment warehouse service.

Then we will build your online store, you will deliver the items to the warehouse for storage and within two working days you can start selling. 

This model of work is possible through the successful integration of our Platform, where the online store is built, and our ERP system, which manages the fulfillment software.

What will you pay?

To use the NB 360˚ service, you pay a fee of 10% of the online store’s revenue.

You will pay separately for the following fulfillment services:

  • Acceptance of goods for storage is free of charge;
  • Counting of the goods is free of charge;
  • Labeling;
  • Storage;
  • Processing and courier delivery of shipments;
  • Sorting into palettes;
  • Loading and unloading etc.

In this way, you get everything you need for your items in e-commerce.

Where is the warehouse located?

Our first warehouse for storage and order processing is located in Manila, Philippines.

We have significant warehouse capacity and are very flexible in terms of adding new warehouse space.

Receiving and storing products in the warehouse

When your items arrive at the warehouse, we unload them, check for deviations from standard commercial quality, count them and accept them within two working days. 

Each product is entered into our system based on SKU and barcode. 

In case a barcode is the same as that of another barcode of our Partners, your item will receive a different barcode.

In what packaging should I deliver the items?

You can deliver your items in any type of packaging: pallet, carton, big bag or other.

Unloading merchandise from vehicles is the responsibility of the warehouse workers.

Expiry date of the products

Our fulfillment system automatically monitors the expiration date of the products.

We will notify you promptly of an item nearing its expiration date.

Tracking and reporting

We monitor stock quantities for each business item.

It is our commitment to send you a monthly report, including stock, outgoing and incoming goods.

You, on your part, can check availability online at any time to stay informed and plan wisely.

Merchandise insurance

Our warehouse is insured with appropriate site cover against loss or damage caused by fire, theft, storm, flood and other major risks normally covered by property insurance.


Inventory of the stored items is carried out by us once a month.

This service is free of charge for you.

In case you want an additional count of the items, you shall pay for the service.

Handing over the ordered items to a courier for delivery to the end customer

Предаване на поръчката на куриер за доставка до краен клиент

Before being handed over to a courier, the ordered items are packed appropriately.

Mandatory and other documents specified by you, such as invoice, goods receipt, return form, advertising brochures, etc., are attached to the shipment.

All orders received by the cut-off on the working day are processed the same day. The cut-off is currently 2 PM.

Orders received after this deadline are processed on the first possible business day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete an order?

Orders received by 2 PM are fulfilled (picked and handed over to a courier for delivery to the customer) on the same working day.

At what time of the day can an order placed on the same day be shipped?

Within one business day, shipments can be dispatched from the warehouse once and/or twice, depending on their volume, but no later than 5:00 PM on each business day.

What is the transit time to each point?

The transit time is as follows:
National Capital Region – 1-3 days
Luzon – 2-5 days
Visayas & Mindanao – 4-7 days