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Discover the growth-driving power of our automatic website translation software for ecommerce.

Whether you’re an individual, a business, or a brand, our intuitive translation tools ensure a seamless and captivating user experience, boosting sales and expanding your online presence worldwide. Build a conversion-optimized multilingual website today.

Fast machine translation of a website in NEXT BASKET

Breaking language barriers is key to driving your multilingual SEO strategy, reaching a global audience in search engines, and tapping into new markets.

With NEXT BASKET’s automatic website translation tool, you can effortlessly translate your entire online store into multiple languages, providing a seamless browsing experience for international customers.

Welcome a world of possibilities with fast and accurate neural machine translation.

Multiple language versions for your online shop

Catering to a diverse customer base requires a multilingual approach.

NEXT BASKET’s localization management platform empowers you to create multiple language versions of your online shop, ensuring that visitors from different countries feel at home and can easily navigate your site in their preferred language.

You can communicate effectively with customers worldwide and deliver a personalized experience that builds trust, lifts your reputation, and drives conversions.

Supported languages for website translation

NEXT BASKET’s automated translation process supports an extensive range of languages, delivering high translation quality every time.

This allows you to target a wide array of global markets, regardless of the source language of your e-shop.

From major languages like English, Spanish, and French to less commonly spoken languages, our translation tools ensure your online store is accessible to a diverse audience.

Speak your customers’ language with automatic translation and leverage website localization to boost your international presence today.

Features for international trade

Navigating the intricacies of international trade can be daunting, but with NEXT BASKET’s automatic website translation software, you can streamline the process and optimize your global operations.

Our translation management system offers a host of features tailored for international success, enabling you to effortlessly manage your multilingual website and reach new heights in the global marketplace.

Automatic upload of new products in the respective language version

Gone are the days of manually translating copy from your content management system and uploading new products for each target language.

NEXT BASKET translates your website, ensuring every new product added to your online store is automatically translated into the respective language version.

Save time, reduce manual work, and focus on growing your business on a global scale by using as many different languages as you need.

Automatic detection of missing translations

Keeping track of missing text translations across multiple language versions can be challenging.

NEXT BASKET’s translation workflow automation software takes care of this for you, detecting and flagging any missing translations.

Ensure that your entire website is consistently translated, delivering a seamless and professional customer experience in every language.

Automatic localization of users abroad

Personalization is key to engaging and winning over international customers.

With NEXT BASKET’s machine translation software, your online store automatically detects users’ locations and directs them to the appropriate language version.

Presenting content in users’ local language enhances the user experience and builds rapport, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversions and brand loyalty.

Sales analyses by country

Understanding your performance in different countries is crucial for strategic decision-making.

NEXT BASKET provides sales analyses by country, allowing you to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns across various regions after you translate your website.

Armed with this valuable data, you can tailor your marketing strategies and product offerings to maximize sales in each target market.

Number of language versions of the website according to the selected plan

NEXT BASKET’s translation management software offers flexibility in choosing the number of language versions for your website, tailored to your specific business needs.

Whether you’re targeting a few key markets or aiming for a truly global presence, our platform provides customizable plans that align with your expansion strategy.

NEXT BASKET multilingual call center services

Outstanding customer support is at the heart of every successful ecommerce business.

With NEXT BASKET’s multilingual call center services, you can ensure that your customers receive exceptional assistance in their preferred language.

Our experienced multilingual call center agents understand the needs of international customers and provide support that surpasses expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website translation?

Website translation refers to the process of converting website content and web pages from one language into another to cater to a multilingual audience. To make it right, you’ll need to synchronize website assets such as content management systems and AI translation with the work of experienced human translators.

Why is it important to translate my ecommerce website?

Translation projects in the niche of ecommerce remove language barriers, expand your reach, and increase customer satisfaction, leading to higher conversions.

How do translated texts help me grow my business?

A website translation project builds trust with international customers, expands your customer base, and elevates your brand’s reputation on a global scale. Combined with software localization and translation workflows, this ultimately drives increased sales and revenue.

Is website translation software as good as human translation?

Website translation software based on artificial intelligence and automation provides fast and accurate translations, but the quality may vary. Combining automated translation with human editing by professional translators and common-sense advisory by native speakers ensures high-quality translations that resonate with your international audience.