The online purchasing decision depends on two main factors – what you offer and how you offer it.

While you’re responsible for the first one, the NEXT BASKET ecommerce platform provides you with the most flexible and modern solutions for the second.

We offer you a rich selection of order creation methods to meet the expectations of different user groups – whether they prefer to shop online, in a physical store, or over the phone.

Different Options for Placing Online Orders

The platform has a full set of ready-to-use solutions for completing online orders.

To encompass as many user habits and behaviors as possible, you can activate the following order options:

  • Order as a registered user with the opportunity to automatically fill in saved delivery and payment data.
  • Anonymous order as a guest without creating a user profile or entering additional data.
  • One-click ordering, which significantly reduces the time and effort for users.
  • Quick orders with just email and phone to increase the number of completed online purchases.

Depending on your business priorities, you can integrate one or several of these options.

Moreover, you can independently change the order methods using our intuitive control panel without in-depth technical knowledge. 

Additional Order Options for Your Customers’ Convenience

Regardless of how user-friendly and optimized your online store is, some customers will always need more options.

We help your business meet these expectations by providing the following options:

  • Orders by phone – a button allowing customers to call an online store employee with one click.
  • Orders by Viber and WhatsApp – automatic redirection to the apps to complete a purchase.
  • Orders via live chat on the site – functionality for chatting with an employee through the platform.
  • Automatic repeat orders from the customer’s profile, plus an option for regular subscription sales. 

To facilitate logistical processes and optimize delivery costs, the platform allows the combination of several customer orders, which are processed and sent as one.

Omnichannel Shopping Integrations

With NEXT BASKET, your customers can conveniently shop using your various online and physical sales channels.

For our partners with physical stores, we offer the following order acceptance and processing processes:

  • Order online and pay in a physical store – an option allowing the customer to buy or order goods from the online store and pick them up from a physical location. 
  • Order online in the physical store – functionality where your customers can place an online order on-site in your physical store.
  • Buy online and return in a physical store – an alternative to expedite reverse logistics and accept returned online orders on-site in your physical location.

Last but not least, your NEXT BASKET online store can display the availability of each product in the physical store. This can quickly transform your digital audience into real on-site visitors, especially for products that require testing before purchase.

Flexibility and Personalization for Your Online Business

We offer you modern order and payment solutions online with maximum flexibility and security – both for your business and your customers.

All our partners can count on:

  • Multiple payment methods, including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cash payment, and various mobile payment systems.
  • Checkout system compatibility with mobile devices, regardless of size, model, and type of operating system used.
  • The option to use vouchers and promotional codes to provide discounts and further stimulate sales.
  • International payments in different currencies with an option for automatic currency conversion based on the current daily rate.

Regardless of how they are made, all transactions are encrypted to ensure maximum payment data security for customers.

24/7 Technical Support for All Your Needs

Our team is available to assist you and answer all your questions related to order and payment options.

You just need to contact our round-the-clock call center in urgent situations or speak with your personal assistant regarding strategizing and long-term planning.