Managing the shopping cart of your ecommerce website is often challenging, but the NEXT BASKET platform offers a solution.

Our SaaS ecommerce platform provides an automated system to help online stores improve their conversions and profits.

Statistics show that about 70% of customers leave the online store without completing their purchase.

With the help of technology, this percentage can be significantly reduced, and more customers can be attracted.

Proactivity with abandoned carts

The technology developed by our experts automatically sends a personalized email or SMS to customers who have placed items in the cart but have not completed their purchase.

This helpful tool facilitates purchase completion and improves the online store’s conversion rate.

When customers receive an email or SMS listing the products they left in the cart, it encourages them to return to the store and complete their purchase.

Direct link to checkout

NEXT BASKET offers a direct link to checkout, further facilitating customers in the purchase completion process.

This is crucial as many customers leave online stores because the payment process and overall order completion are too complicated or inconvenient for them.

Upselling features

NEXT BASKET uses personalized data to offer online store customers products similar to those they have already shown interest in.

This increases the chances of the customer completing the purchase of the remaining items in their cart.

Analytical data for informed business decisions

The platform provides analytical data on customer shopping carts, which can help improve marketing strategies and attract new customers.

This data includes information about products customers frequently add to their basket but do not purchase.

If you have questions on this topic or want to ask about the different plans and free services of NEXT BASKET, do not hesitate to contact us now.