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Your website or online store has one primary objective: continuously selling your products or services and generating profit.

To ensure this process runs seamlessly, NEXT BASKET provides you with ongoing professional support for any technical issues that might arise.

Help Point 24/7: A proven support and maintenance system

NEXT BASKET offers round-the-clock support via chat and email, included in your plan. You also gain access to a specialized system for reporting issues, with prioritized responses based on the problem’s urgency.

Each of our Partners has free access to a help center containing information and instructions on utilizing the platform’s various functionalities and integrations.

24-hour technical support from developers

Round-the-clock support from qualified developers ensures:

  • Flawless functionality
  • Highest level of security
  • Swift and skilled reaction when required

As a result, your ecommerce business will deliver better results, gather more satisfied customers, and grow with increased profits.

24/7 Expert Support

Immediate response to technical malfunctions

On the rare occasions of technical problems and bugs, the entire NEXT BASKET team works to fix them as quickly as possible.

Our maintenance experts are available 24/7. When a concern arises, we will respond immediately, so there’s no waiting or hoping for an appointment slot.

Our swift reaction guarantees:

  • Minimized risk of losses, reduced almost to zero
  • The highest level of security and stability for your business
  • Superior user experience and satisfaction for your customers
  • An excellent reputation and positive brand image

Online ticketing with trackable records

The online system employed by NEXT BASKET ensures that every platform-related issue is tracked and receives a resolution.

Our partners enjoy transparency about the steps taken for each reported issue and the certainty that the case will be addressed promptly.

With our specialized online ticketing system, you are assured of timely solutions and information for every concern.

Three-tier urgency system

Technical malfunctions are addressed via a three-tier urgency system: within two hours, 24 hours, or three working days.

This guarantees quick resolution of urgent problems and more effective risk management for our Partners.

The three-tier system for addressing technical malfunctions brings predictability for businesses and a high-quality user experience for its customers.

Why will your online store sell more with NEXT BASKET?

Your online store will perform better when it is stable, user-friendly, and easily navigable for your customers. Naturally, a superior user experience heightens trust in your brand, which consequently leads to an influx of sales.

As you already know, the most valuable asset of any business is loyal customers who share their positive experiences and wholeheartedly recommend them to friends and family.

With NEXT BASKET, you receive a next-generation automated online store, coupled with 24/7 assistance and support, aimed at achieving high customer satisfaction and outstanding business outcomes.

High-quality maintenance contributes to better search engine rankings

The NEXT BASKET team consistently performs the following:

  • Platform updates, which include deploying patches, adding new functionalities, and refining the software
  • Ensuring the proper operation of the online store, rectifying technical issues, and creating backup copies
  • Conducting 24/7 platform monitoring, which encompasses automatic notifications and prompt resolution of arising technical problems

All these efforts send positive signals to search engines, indicating that your store is secure, trustworthy, and deserving of prime positions in search results.

Maintenance of SSL certificate

The SSL-encrypted connection ensures secure access to personal data that shouldn’t be exposed to third parties. This is also essential for search engines to rank a website favorably.

NEXT BASKET ensures the SSL certificate remains updated.

With NEXT BASKET, you receive an online store, 24/7 support, marketing and SEO automation, free and premium services, and MUCH more.

You no longer have to pay separately for the development of the online store, its maintenance, SEO, marketing and advertising, and so forth.

With NEXT BASKET, you get an all-in-one solution for a fair monthly fee, depending on the chosen package – thus receiving so much more for considerably less.