Physical Store IN PH

If you own a physical store, we can create an online store that seamlessly integrates with it.

Your physical stores can also serve as hubs for fulfilling orders placed through the online store, as long as you integrate your ERP and order fulfillment within the NEXT BASKET platform. The system will serve as a single source of truth for your stock levels.

Your main responsibility will be to efficiently package and hand over online orders to the courier for daily delivery. 

The NEXT BASKET team makes moving your business online quick and easy.

We build your digital space

Transitioning from an offline business to an online business is made effortless with NEXT BASKET, even if you lack the technical expertise or prior online commerce experience.

We design a modern and intuitive online shop for you, using predesigned themes tailored to your unique requirements.

We handle all technical intricacies essential for your store’s smooth operation:

  • We guide you in selecting, purchasing, and registering a domain.
  • We provide secure hosting at usage-based rates.
  • We ensure comprehensive data and network security for your store.
  • We offer complete customization of design and features.

Going from brick-and-mortar to ecommerce opens the door to new and exciting growth opportunities.

Our services are tailored for brick-and-mortar retailers, giving your physical store the best possible start online.

Our Expert Team IN PH

We help you meet all the requirements

As you transition from physical locations to the digital realm, our experienced team ensures a smooth process, adhering to legal requirements:

  • GDPR compliance: We prioritize customer data protection with adherence to GDPR regulations.
  • Policy crafting: Clear Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy build customer trust for online retailers.
  • Legal alignment: We ensure alignment with all legal standards for a solid foundation when bringing your offline store online.
  • Robust security: Our cutting-edge security measures ensure a safe online experience for existing and potential customers.

Trust us to handle the details, leaving your brand with a strong online reputation and success.

Stop wondering how to make an online retail store, and start reaping the rewards.

Successful ecommerce in retail starts here.

Get your entire catalog online in days

Product Catalogue IN PH

It’s easy to create an online storefront using the NEXT BASKET ecommerce platform.

Our predefined categories and subcategories are tailored to diverse economic sectors, simplifying your ecommerce website’s architecture.

Our team can help you upload your product catalog via the admin panel, ensuring your entire range goes live within days.

All for your business in one place IN PH

Access all your business information in one place

Access all your online retail business data in one place with NEXT BASKET.

Our platform integrates various tools, including:

  • Different types of ERPs system for resource management
  • Warehouse and fulfillment softwares for omnichannel and online purchases
  • Integration with in-store technology such as POS terminals and payment systems 

Stay informed about availability, transactions, and success metrics on a single dashboard that brings together physical and online channels.

Get professional, personalized help from our team

Help from our team IN PH

Moving from brick-and-mortar to online can be complex.

But brick and mortar store owners with an ecommerce website attract more customers and make more sales.

We’re here to help with 125+ professional services, including:

  • Professional product photography
  • Copywriting for web and social media
  • Web and graphic design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Multilingual call center for online stores

Let us know your needs, and we’ll take your offline business online smoothly and successfully.

Explore our full business services here and dive into the world of ecommerce for retailers.

Sell in 28 eu coutries IN PH

Achieve your global expansion goals

Experience guaranteed delivery to 28 European countries with NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce business solution.

Teaming up with trusted logistics leaders, we ensure fast, secure, and cost-effective delivery options for online shops.

This opens the door to significant growth opportunities for your brick-and-mortar website.

What do you get with an online store from NEXT BASKET?

Online-store-from-NB IN PH

By adding online sales to your physical retail business model, you unlock a world of opportunities:

  • Significantly higher sales
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved brand visibility
  • 24/7 sales availability
  • Up-to-date customer database
  • Advertising and remarketing potential
  • Growing loyal customer base
  • Flexible pricing strategies
  • Competitive advantage

Ready to get started? Take the first step toward your online store, and reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my business online?

Creating an online retail store is easy with NEXT BASKET. Choose your products, customize your design, and set up payments to start selling online.

Which is better: brick-and-mortar vs. ecommerce?

The choice depends on your business goals. Offline stores offers physical interaction, while ecommerce provides wider reach and convenience. Retailers without an online presence miss out on customers outside of their local area and shoppers who prefer buying online.

How do I transition from an offline store to online store?

Wondering how to have an online store? Pairing online and offline retail involves creating an e-commerce site, uploading products, and integrating online sales channels. Platforms like NEXT BASKET offer tools and services to make this shift smooth.

What is the best online sales strategy for retail stores online?

Effective digital strategies for brick and mortar stores include:

  • Offering personalized recommendations for online shopping
  • Using upselling and cross-selling techniques
  • Providing seamless shopping experiences to boost sales