The name is the customer’s first association with your business and your products or services.

Your online store needs a unique, memorable, and impactful name – make sure yours meets these requirements for success.

What are the business name, brand, slogan, and logo

Business name, brand, slogan, and logo are crucial elements for any business, regardless of its size and the industry or sector it belongs to.

Business name

A business name can refer to the online shop’s name or the official name under which it is registered as a trading company.

Choosing a business name is essential because it establishes brand identity and forms future connections with customers and partners. 

Your business name should be unique – the law does not allow you to register an already taken name. 

If you choose a business name that looks too much like your competitor’s name, you risk confusion, which isn’t recommended for your business’s performance.


A brand is a set of names, symbols, designs, colors, and other elements that identify your unique products or services. 

Branding is crucial for businesses because it helps consumers distinguish one brand from another and recognize it quickly.

Every business strives to build a strong brand that, over time, will start to work for itself and easily sell the goods or services.


A slogan is a short advertising expression that directs attention to your brand or business’s activity, product, or service. 

The slogan should be easily understandable and memorable, evoke emotions, and be associated with your brand.


A logo is the graphic or image that identifies a brand – the emblem that makes you recognizable. 

The design of the logo should be well thought out to present originally and memorably all the symbols, letters, colors, and other elements that define the corporate identity. 

The business name gives information about the company

One of the primary purposes of a business name is to point to the company’s activities or, in other words – to give the user information about it. 

The business name should represent the most important value or mission, give a clear idea of who you are, and establish the brand as such.

Uniqueness of the business name

A business name helps you establish your brand. 

The unique business name has the following characteristics: 

  • It is difficult to imitate. 
  • It’s short and easy to remember.
  • It sets you apart from the competition.
  • It makes you recognizable among consumers.

The business name should NOT be too generic.

The domain name must match the business name

The chosen domain through which the user will interact with your e-shop must match your business name. 

In order to register a domain that corresponds with your business name, it must be free. 

It is advisable that when you have an idea for a domain name, you proceed with registering it to ensure that it will not be taken by someone else. 

If the domain that matches your business name is already taken, you should look for an alternative domain that is as close to your name and business as possible. 

The domain should be short and easy to remember and spell. 

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