In order to build brand awareness, your e-commerce business should have a brand awareness strategy. 

Creating brand awareness will boost your brand recognition with potential customers, which will eventually translate to increasing sales and profitability.

Make your business visible with NEXT BASKET

NEXT BASKET can help increase your company’s brand awareness with brand awareness campaigns on a number of fronts. 

By raising recognition of your brand with these tactics, you can establish your store above your competitors and hit your business success goals.

Target audience research to identify ideal customers

Your brand building journey begins by identifying your perfect customer through research. 

When you target marketing strategies towards a specific audience, you reach customers who really need your services or your products. Because it’s always better to tailor your approach to your desired customer, you first need to discover who that is. 

Social media advertising to increase brand visibility

Establishing a social media presence and making social media posts is great; next, you want to advertise on those social media platforms to expand your reach.

Social media sites use algorithms to help you connect with people most likely to buy your products and services. Ads on social media can help you find customers who wouldn’t have known about your business otherwise, especially if you’re just launching.

Influencer marketing to reach new audiences

One of the hottest forms of digital marketing today is influencer marketing. Influencers operate primarily online — you may have seen them on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

Influencers marketing your products through unboxing presentations, product demos, and “day in the life” videos are a fantastic way to get nearly free advertising and reach new markets.

Our team can help you plan, adjust, and implement the smartest brand awareness campaign for your ecommerce business. 

Content marketing to establish thought leadership and build trust

Creating content on your website outside of product pages designed to sell is a proven way to become an authority in your industry and niche. Not only do you get to share your brand values and brand voice, but you also encourage customers to trust you.

Trust is vital when convincing people to make a purchase. Our team will help you raise brand awareness and build trust through different kinds of content, like value-added blog posts, infographics, editorial articles, and newsletters.

Search engine optimization (SEO) to improve online visibility

Search engines rank websites when customers search for various terms online. This process of search engine optimization looks for keywords and other elements on your e-commerce site to match it with a customer’s search.

Achieving a high SEO ranking is something NEXT BASKET can assist with. Our experts know how to use product pages and content marketing to satisfy SEO algorithms and achieve strong brand awareness throughout major search engines.

Email marketing to nurture customer relationships and promote customer loyalty

Email marketing is utilized to attract and convert customers who aren’t yet ready to purchase a product or service. They also encourage brand loyalty, so you ultimately get repeat customers — the low-hanging fruit every business craves.You want to track where prospects are in your sales funnel and then target emails to them via a nurture campaign that both heightens brand awareness and results in sales.

Referral programs to incentivize customers to refer friends and family

How can you get your current customers to bring you more customers? Make it rewarding for them to refer family and friends to your store.

Offering a discount or special membership is a great method of incentivizing customers to bring you referral business. In the long term, it will also increase brand awareness and boost your brand messaging.

Brand partnerships to expand reach and credibility

Partnership with another brand that complements yours can be mutually beneficial. For example, if you sell skis and partner with an outdoor clothing company, you can both bring each other new customers.

Brand partnerships also improve your industry authority. You look like a more established brand when you network with other companies in your field as a part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

Public relations efforts to increase media coverage and buzz

In addition to working with influencers, editorial media coverage is another way to boost brand awareness. This means being included in news stories or being the authority in your industry everyone calls when they need special information.

Over time, it’s essential to create a contact list of reporters, editors, and newscasters who will give your company more of a voice. Because it’s editorial marketing and not overt advertising that results, it tends to carry more credibility with customers.

Customer engagement initiatives to encourage word-of-mouth marketing

The loyalty you get from happy and repeat customers can be a gold mine if you leverage it properly. Word-of-mouth advertising, where people tell friends and coworkers about your business, is not only free but comes from trusted sources, so people are more likely to make a purchase and remain a customer.

NEXT BASKET is here to help you with all these strategies for building brand awareness. Just ask how we can help increase your brand’s recognition.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to market to your ideal customer?

Marketing to everyone might seem like a good tactic, but it’s actually marketing to no one. The more specific you can be in reaching your perfect target audiences, the more they will feel like your business was created just for them, and the more likely they are to make a purchase.

What is the purpose of social media advertising?

Advertising campaigns on social media leverage the power of computer algorithms to find customers who are highly likely to be interested in your products or services. These people are just like your current followers, only they don’t know about your business…yet.

Does word-of-mouth marketing really matter?

Absolutely! When people hear about an online company from someone they trust — like a family member or friend — they are statistically more likely to trust your business. You want to make sure your current customers are always happy and that they are incentivized through little rewards to refer new customers to you.