History of changes and updates in the NEXT BASKET platform


New features







Manual URL Redirect Feature

Partners can now manually add new URL redirects. When selecting Product, Category, Static Page, or Brand, users can search from existing records. For Custom redirects, users can provide a URL link, with validation for a valid URL. Users can specify Old URL, New URL, Redirect type (307/308), and choose between Active/Inactive status.

Transliteration of "Speedy" Offices Names

The delivery service "Speedy" offices' names will now be transliterated when the website language is different from Bulgarian. This update ensures consistency and readability across different language settings.

Shipping Provider App Activation/Deactivation Flow

We’ve improved the process for activating or deactivating shipping provider apps. Now, when attempting to deactivate a shipping provider app that is currently used in a shipping method, an error message will be displayed. Additionally, shipping provider apps with an inactive status will not appear in the list of available shipping methods during creation or editing.

Create Categories, Product Types, and Attributes with Blank Name Fields

Partners can now create Categories, Product types, and Attributes with blank name fields.

Product Cards - Enhance Product Image Appearance

Product images in the product cards now feature an improved visibility and guarantee optimized user experience.

New features

Allow empty Categories in the Main Menu

Now, empty Categories marked as "Active" will be displayed in the main menu, even before they contain any products. This change allows for better visibility and organization, streamlining your navigation.

Robots index configuration

Now, in the SEO tab for each product, partners can easily configure search engine crawl directives with a drop-down menu offering four options: index, follow (default), index, nofollow, noindex, follow, and noindex, nofollow. This enhancement provides greater control over SEO strategies for individual products, allowing partners to tailor settings according to their specific needs. The displayed text is available in multiple languages, ensuring clarity and ease of use for a global audience.

Edit alt text of product images

Shop owners can now optimize accessibility and SEO by easily editing the alt text of product images. A new pencil icon on each image allows store owners to open a window, auto-populating the alt text with the product name and appended number.

Product cards' new design

We are excited to unveil a redesigned look for product cards. This update ensures that long translations in various languages no longer cause overlapping, maintaining a clean and visually appealing display. We have implemented the redesign exactly as specified, offering a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.

New registration process – Step 1

We've introduced a new self-registration flow with specific enhancements in Step 1. Prices will now be dynamically displayed based on the partner's IP, leveraging IP2loc for accurate geolocation. Additionally, partners from Nigeria will benefit from a 2-month free trial, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly registration experience.

New registration process – Step 2

We're introducing a new self-registration flow with an improved Step 2. The registration wizard is now segmented into clear steps, presented in a progress bar for enhanced user guidance. Additionally, the introduction of a new endpoint ensures flexibility with optional fields.

New registration process – Step 3

We've introduced a new enhanced Step 3 in the self-registration flow, providing partners with four distinct options. Partners can now select a single option from the presented choices, with the flexibility to modify their selection. The implementation of a new endpoint further enhances the registration process.

New registration process – Step 4

Partners can now effortlessly create their store, with language and topicality becoming mandatory fields. The default store name, based on the unique part of the email, is displayed, and partners have the flexibility to customize it while adhering to current validations. Additionally, the option to skip this step creates the store with the default name. The integration of predefined store country based on IP2Loc ensures a seamless and efficient registration process.

New registration process – Step 5

Heightened security measures have been introduced in Step 5 of the self-registration process. A strong password can now be set by partners, incorporating uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Upon adding the chosen password and clicking the button, the new password API will be invoked, ensuring robust protection for customer accounts.

New registration process – Step 6

Step 6 of the self-registration process has been optimized. Upon pressing "Let's start building your e-store," customers will now be seamlessly redirected to the back office, ensuring a swift transition to store setup.

Email verification redesign

We've introduced a refreshed design for the "Thank You" page in the email verification process. The updated design aims to provide a more visually stimulating registration process.

Mobile main menu change

Now, "My Profile" and "Wishlist" icons have been seamlessly relocated from the header to the main menu. Additionally, we’ve improved the back button in child categories and the positioning of parent category names, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive navigation flow.

Maintenance mode management

We've implemented a new feature that allows maintenance mode management for shops. Maintenance mode can now be easily toggled on or off by partners through the "Store → Settings → Maintenance" tab, providing a streamlined way to control shop status. This enhancement ensures a more flexible and user-centric experience in managing shop maintenance.

Export orders by date

We're excited to introduce a new feature for shop owners! With orders exported by date, they can now easily analyze sales performance by selecting start and end dates. This enhancement allows partners to export all orders placed within the specified time, providing flexibility and insights for effective sales analysis.

CTA button on empty Wishlist

Added a Call-to-Action (CTA) button on the empty Wishlist page, allowing customers to easily navigate to the homepage, ensuring a seamless journey through the pages.

Add Logout button

We introduce a "Log out" button on the mobile profile page, enabling customers to easily log out of their accounts. This addition streamlines the user experience, aligning seamlessly with the design for a more intuitive and accessible interface.

Add a persistent scroll feature

We've introduced a persistent scroll feature. Now, customers will seamlessly return to the exact same scroll position when navigating backward, providing a more user-friendly interface.

Select the file type to export

Now, when clicking the Export button on the Orders page, a modal will appear, allowing a choice between two file formats: .csv and .xlsx. This flexibility provides a more tailored and convenient export experience.


Improved handling of product stock representation

We've implemented an improvement to the product creation and editing process. Now, when setting the product stock to zero, the system will correctly send "0" instead of "null" to the backend. This enhancement ensures a more accurate representation of product stock levels.

Mobile header update

Store owners can now enjoy enhanced navigation on mobile devices as the burger menu has been strategically relocated to the far left, preceding the site logo. This change ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing customers to access essential menu options with greater ease.

Enhanced export options

Partners can now export orders not only in the .csv format but also in the .xlsx format. This update provides greater flexibility in managing and analyzing order data, catering to diverse preferences.

Reduced shop logo on mobile devices

Store owners can now enjoy a 40% reduction in the shop logo size on mobile, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient checkout process. This modification aims to improve user experience by minimizing the logo section, preventing interference with swiping down on all Checkout pages.

Error message text update

We've improved the error message text in the BG (Bulgarian) version for a more accurate and user-friendly experience. The previous message "Съжаляваме, че сте се сблъскали с някои проблеми. Моля, опитайте отново!" has been updated to "Възникна грешка при обработка на заявката. Моля опитайте отново!" for better clarity.

Improved filter visibility

We've introduced a user-friendly enhancement to the filter system. Now, when there are selected filters, the corresponding filter accordion(s) will automatically expand, providing customers with clear visibility of applied filters. This improvement streamlines the user experience, allowing for easy identification of active filters and facilitating quick modifications.

Enhanced popup for Terms & Conditions

We've updated the "Terms & Conditions" popup modal to enhance readability. These changes aim to provide customers with a more user-friendly and accessible experience when reviewing terms and conditions.

Enhancements for price display, click area, and password indication

We've made improvements to the user interface by removing decimal values in prices for a cleaner look, expanding the click area for better usability, and providing clearer password requirements with an additional illustration. Additionally, we now export the illustration as SVG instead of a raster format for better quality.

New features

New additional tax field

Introducing "My Addresses" on the Checkout Page for store owners. Clients can now easily choose from a list of saved addresses, with a user-friendly popup modal featuring two states: one for an empty address list and another displaying saved addresses. The pre-selected address is intelligently handled based on the presence of a default address.

Add products to basket notification

Now, when NB partners add Cash on Delivery during the creation or editing of a shipping method, a new field for additional tax appears. This field only accepts decimal numbers with two digits after the decimal point. The specified tax will be applied to the total sum of the order, providing partners with more flexibility and control over the Cash on Delivery payment method.


Follow/nofollow and index/noindex

With this update, the meta robots behavior is configurable for entities like Product and Category. The update introduces 'shouldIndex' and 'shouldFollow' columns in Imports, reflecting in the respective database tables and enhancing API endpoints for better control during entity creation and editing.

Multilingual notification events

Notification events for stores are now available in Greek (GR), German (DE), French (FR), Polish (PO), Hungarian (HU), and Romanian (RO) languages. Users can now utilize all existing admin and client events in those languages for enhanced multilingual communication.

Search redirects by home page type

An enhanced feature has been introduced in the ag-grid, allowing redirects to be searched by homepage type within the redirects table. This update streamlines the search process, providing a more efficient and organized way to manage redirects based on homepage types.

Enhanced delivery price calculation

In this release, we've improved the cash on delivery calculation during shipping pricing. Now, if an additional rate is configured alongside the provider's rate, it will be included in the cash on delivery amount before the calculation, ensuring accurate fees.

System error notification redesign

In this release, we've revamped the system error notification, enhancing user experience. The redesigned notification provides a more user-friendly interface, ensuring clients have a smoother and more informative interaction with system errors.

Blog configuration update

New features

Xendit integration for online merchants

Partners can now seamlessly integrate Xendit as a payment method in online shops. This integration enables the receiving of payments through Xendit, enhancing the flexibility of payment options.

Xendit payment option for shoppers

Shoppers can now conveniently use Xendit as a payment method. This enhancement allows easy payment for purchases through Xendit.


Currency conversion microservice update

The API now integrates ECB XML for currency conversion, ensuring all calculations are based on the euro. This update enhances the service for payment and shipping purposes.

Additional cash on delivery fee

Partners can now include an extra charge for cash on delivery within the selected payment method. The system allows specifying a decimal amount with two digits after the decimal point. This amount is seamlessly added to the estimated shipping price response.

VAT line removal in the checkout process

In the checkout confirmation step, the VAT line has been removed to enhance clarity. The VAT function, currently non-functional and always displaying 0, is hidden. The total amount line now features a label indicating "with VAT."

Ellipsis for extended site names in header

Now, when the site name is longer and displayed on two rows, an ellipsis is added at the end. This improvement ensures clarity, indicating that the site name extends beyond what is currently visible.

Multilingual support expanded

Content language support has been extended to include Greek (GR), German (DE), French (FR), Hungarian (HU), and Polish (PO). Additionally, these languages are now available as default shop languages.

Legacy homepage clean-up

Developers have successfully cleaned up legacy homepage remnants, reducing the size of the JavaScript bundle for improved performance.

Default opening for the first accordion on the Product Page

Enhanced the user experience by setting the first accordion on the product page to be open by default. This change ensures that customers immediately access detailed information about the product.

Addition of Promotions to the main menu

Enhanced the user experience by adding a "Promotions" section to the main menu. The "Promotions" link is positioned at the top-left corner, preceding all categories in the header. It is written as "Промоции," displayed in red without bold formatting. This feature can be easily toggled on or off in the Back Office, allowing partners to manage its visibility even during discounted periods.

In/Out enhanced delivery calculations

In this update, we've implemented a crucial enhancement by introducing VAT calculation for In/Out delivery prices. This ensures that all users benefit from accurate and inclusive VAT calculations in their In/Out delivery transactions, providing a more transparent and standardized experience.

New features

New product image gallery

Introducing a product image gallery on product pages for a better visual and informative experience. Now, when users are exploring products, they can zoom in/out, navigate images, view in full screen, and close the gallery.

Erasing data during uninstallation process

Uninstalling an app now ensures a clean slate, erasing all data and settings. This guarantees a secure removal process, leaving no trace of sensitive information behind.

New Product Page implementation

Shop owners can now enjoy the improved user experience with the implementation of the new product page, with contemporary design, as specified.

Order Export feature

Introducing the ability for shop owners to export orders in CSV format. A new "Export" button is now available on the Orders listing page, allowing seamless retrieval of order data. The system exports all existing orders in CSV format, and the browser time zone is included in the export for accurate timestamp information.

Introduction of Promotions page toggle

We've added a new feature that allows Partners to control the visibility of the Promotions page. Now, in the Back Office, under Store → Settings → General, they will find a handy toggle switch. Easily show or hide the Promotions page according to your preferences, giving clients swift access to all the exciting deals.


Speedy app - Sender address sync

Seamlessly sync your Speedy app with your Speedy account addresses. No more custom sender addresses for Speedy, ensuring a smoother process. Error prompts remind to fill in the mandatory Sender Address field.

Apps listing page redesign

We’re presenting a fresh new look for our Apps Listing page! We've implemented a new design that categorizes apps for easy navigation. Now, the platform offers a search for specific apps by title, filtering by category, and a streamlined alphabetical order.

Removal of test expired shops and schemes

In this update, we have deleted all test expired shops and associated schemes created on November 30, 2023. The Business team has reviewed and approved the deletion of the identified data. This ensures a clean and organized production environment.

Improved handling of inactive Category/Product redirects

We've enhanced the way we handle redirects for inactive categories and products. Now, the navigation experience will be even smoother when trying to access inactive categories or products.


New features

Effortless product type and attribute import

Partners can now easily import product types and associated attributes seamlessly using CSV, XLSX, and XML files. The process ensures accuracy, trims spaces, and validates mandatory product type names and optional attributes, providing error messages for non-existent attributes.

Addition of Google Maps API application

Introducing a new feature that enables Partners to integrate the Google Maps API, allowing for easy location services on the checkout page. This enhancement aims to streamline the order process for clients. Settings include State (Active/Disabled) and a required field for the Google Maps API key.

Enhanced location details in Checkout

Latitude and longitude coordinates are now added to the customer's address during the checkout process, providing improved location accuracy and enhancing the overall checkout experience.

Subscription Page for Indonesia

We’ve created a new subscription page specifically for NB Partners with an Indonesian IP. This tailored page allows users to select special offers for their location, featuring two plans: monthly and yearly, with prices in IDR (Rp 1,030,000/mo. and Rp 8,240,000/yr.).

Subscription page for India

Introducing a new subscription page for NB Partners with an Indian IP, offering a tailored experience to choose special offers for their location. The page includes two plans (monthly and yearly) with prices in INR (Rs 5,550.00/mo. and Rs 44,400.00/yr.), utilizing Chargebee as the payment provider.

Subscription page for Bulgaria

Enhanced user experience for Bulgarian NB Partners by introducing a new dedicated subscription page, allowing them to access special offers based on their location.

Subscription page update

New subscription pages are introduced for NB Partners with IPs outside current locales and Europe, offering tailored plans for "The Rest of the World" in USD and EUR. Geolocation logic is applied during registration, with Chargebee as the payment provider for non-specified IPs.

Add Promotions page

Introducing a new Promotions page! Now, store owners can easily showcase or hide promotions, providing clients with quick access to exciting deals and offers.


Order editing enhancement

Partners can now easily edit the phone number and delivery address for individual orders, ensuring accurate and up-to-date delivery information. This improvement enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines order fulfillment efficiency.

Effortless user data editing

Back Office users can now easily edit user details, including name, status, companies, roles, and reset passwords. Super admins can manage user statuses across all companies, while others can change statuses based on role permissions. Company changes are restricted to super admins, and role changes are available to authorized users.

Enhanced user verification

To ensure account verification, Back Office users can no longer edit a user in "pending" status. The "edit" button on the single-user page will be inactive for users in this status, reinforcing the verification process.

Text copy functionality added

Enhanced user experience by allowing NB partners to conveniently copy text directly from the grid using the well-known combination of right-click + Copy.

Product import enhancement

Users can now import product types and attributes from CSV, XLSX, or XML files. Attributes are separated by ";", and trimmed of extra spaces, and errors are displayed for non-existent attributes.

Session management update

A new feature has been added to delete all active sessions when a Back Office user changes their status to "Not Active." This enhances security by terminating all active sessions immediately.

URL export enhancements

Product_id and SKU details have been added to the Export URLs file, providing more comprehensive information in the exported product data.

Image optimization enhancements

Implemented improvements to image optimization, reducing load times significantly. Images now convert to WebP format only once, resulting in faster loading times, typically within 200-500ms.


Breadcrumb enhancement

Partners can now improve their website's SEO performance by replacing the "Home" breadcrumb with the site's name. This update ensures a more personalized and search engine-friendly browsing experience.

Enhanced checkout experience

We’ve improved the checkout process by introducing an autocomplete feature for the "City" field. The placeholder text has been updated to guide users, prompting them to start typing the necessary information.

Enhanced "Thank you" page

Now, developers can include a shipping address component on the "Thank you" page, providing clients with detailed order information. The component, designed to match the given design, displays the username, address, country, and phone number for a comprehensive order summary.

SEO compliance update

We have updated the FAQ section title on the category page, changing it from H1 to H2 for SEO compliance. This adjustment aligns with SEO best practices, contributing to improved search engine visibility.

New features

Redirects table

Introducing the Redirects Table, a valuable addition to the Marketing section in Backoffice. This feature allows store managers to easily create and manage redirect rules from old URLs to new URLs, preserving SEO integrity. Partners can activate or deactivate redirects and delete entries, providing greater control over their store's SEO strategy.

Mass actions – Redirects table

This release introduces enhanced mass actions for the redirects table. Partners can now easily activate, deactivate, and delete multiple redirects simultaneously, streamlining the management process for increased efficiency.

Search by old and new URL

Now, Partners can conveniently search within the Old URL and New URL columns, providing a more efficient way to locate specific redirects.

“Your basket” – new design

We’ve implemented a fresh and enhanced design for the “Your basket” page, offering store owners and users a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Add Google Maps API

We’ve seamlessly integrated the Google Maps API application for shop owners. This new feature implements Google Maps into your checkout page, providing an enhanced and user-friendly order process for your clients.

Add GR, DE, FR, HU, and PO locales

We've introduced additional locales/regional settings in our API. Now, users can seamlessly navigate and interact with our platform in Greek (GR), German (DE), French (FR), Hungarian (HU), and Polish (PO), providing a more inclusive and localized experience.

Edit alt text of product images

Shop owners can now easily customize the alt text of product images for enhanced accessibility and SEO.


Apply Bill of Lading settings

Generating a Bill of Lading for Econt shipments is now more seamless. The system will automatically apply pre-selected settings from the Econt app during the generation process.

Streamlined Sender Address sync in the Speedy app

In this release, we've upgraded the Speedy app's sender address functionality to seamlessly sync with the addresses stored in the Speedy platform. A new endpoint returns all addresses linked with the customer profile, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. The client ID is now saved automatically, and the redundant Sender Address functionality within the app has been removed.

Custom notes in the order

Shop owners can now view custom notes associated with their products directly on the order page, enhancing order processing efficiency.

Restrict user access in status "Not active”

Users in the "Not active" status will now experience restricted access to the platform, ensuring added security and preventing unauthorized entry. A corresponding error message ("Account is not active") will be displayed for users in this status.

Filter by ID and name

The latest update provides Partners with the capability to filter their roles by both ID and name.

Enhance text formatting in the Category description

We’ve enhanced the Category description field to support rich text formatting. Shop owners can now create visually appealing and informative content by incorporating formatting options such as bold text, italics, and more.

Edit order details

Shop owners can now edit the phone numbers and delivery addresses for individual orders, which ensures accurate delivery details, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and streamlined order fulfillment.

Add title tag to the checkout page

In this release, we've implemented a crucial improvement for SEO compliance by adding a title tag to the checkout page. This enhancement ensures that the checkout page is properly optimized for search engines.

New features

Promotions page

Store owners, can now easily showcase all discounted products, ensuring quick access for their clients. The page features seamless filters and utilizes the same efficient promo products API used on the homepage.

Blog link added to the second footer section

Site owners can now easily direct their clients to the blog listing page by accessing the blog link conveniently placed in the second footer section. The blog URL, retrieved from store settings, is now the last element in the second column, providing a seamless entry point to your blog.


Localized Terms and Conditions for Nigeria

In this update, Business Owner (BO) users in Nigeria accessing terms and conditions in the Back Office will now be directed to the specific terms applicable in Nigeria, simplifying compliance. The user's location, based on IP, will be captured and stored as needed. Additionally, the Back Office language will be English by default.

Instant Attribute filters on the Promotions page

In this release, we've added an effortless filtering of products by choosing attributes within a category. Selecting an attribute now redirects users instantly to the "Promotions" page, ensuring a quick and personalized shopping experience.

Streamlined Sign-Up page design

Introducing our redesigned and tailored Sign-Up page at Register | NEXT BASKET shop! Now organized into four zones, tailored for specific regions, including contacts and prices for The Philippines, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Rest of the World.

Enhanced link visibility in Blog Posts

We've improved the visibility of links in blog posts for a better user experience. Now, when a link is added to the blog content, it will appear in a distinct and easily noticeable blue color, ensuring effortless navigation and enhancing the overall readability of your blog posts.

Enhanced user registration cache management

We've improved the registration process for new users! Now, the cache for newly registered users is automatically cleared after completing the first step of registration. This enhancement ensures that user data is up-to-date and accurate throughout the registration journey.