You can store any items that are not prohibited by law and meet our requirements. 

Item requirements

Изисквания към продукта

There are no restrictions on the size and weight of the items you store.

Oversize items are subject to additional charges.

The LxWxH/3500 formula applies for calculating volumetric weight. The greater value of volumetric weight or actual weight in kilograms applies.

What can’t be stored?

The following item groups are not accepted for storage and fulfillment:

  • Oversize products above the permissible size
  • Items with a temperature regime
  • Perishable products
  • Cash, precious metals and financial derivatives
  • Products that are hazardous to health
  • Products prohibited by law or those requiring special treatment

Detailed list of items prohibited from storage

There are several item categories that are not accepted for storage and management in the warehouse. These are all items prohibited by law: 

  • Narcotic, intoxicating, psychotropic and poisonous substances;
  • Weapons, ammunition, pyrotechnical items, explosive, flammable or other dangerous substances or items; 
  • Items which contradict the moral norms; 
  • Items and substances which, due to their nature or packaging, endanger the life and health of the employees of the employees or other persons, or which may pollute or damage other packages or equipment; 
  • Religious materials of sects or organisations which are banned or not registered in the country; 
  • Movable monuments of culture not accompanied by a permit or certificate; 
  • Excise products and tobacco waste, if their storage, transportation, shipping, offering and sale are prohibited under the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act
  • Coins, banknotes, currency notes and traveler’s cheques;
  • Items of value to the sender: platinum, gold, silver, worked or unworked precious stones and other valuable items. 

Regarding items that shall be sent abroad, in addition to the above-mentioned substances and objects, other substances and objects specified in international treaties, as well as objects, the importation or distribution of which is prohibited in the country of destination, cannot be stored.