NEXT BASKET partners can benefit from over 40 types of reports and statements for their business needs.

The Platform system creates ready-made analytical reports with data on the status and turnover of accounts, inventories, and many other attributes.

The number of regular reports varies depending on the plan selected and the services requested.

Below, you can see the exact types of reports and business data you can get with NEXT BASKET.

Sales and product reports

The Platform gives you complete reporting on product sales, and reports can offer segmentation by different criteria:

  • Statement of total sales
  • Number of products sold (A-B-C-D analysis)
  • Information on the number of products sold for a certain period
  • Information on the number of products sold without discount from a specific brand
  • Information on sales by stores
  • Gross margin report by category
  • Sales for a specified period at selling and delivery prices
  • Info on the number of orders for a certain period in a particular country/channel
  • Average sales value 
  • Analysis of payments for a given period at a given site
  • Dropshipping sales report
  • Report on the number of purchases with discount vouchers, etc.

Income and expenses

With NEXT BASKET, you can monitor the cash flow of your online and physical stores so you know how your business is doing at all times.

You can use the following references:

  • Statement of total revenue
  • Statement of expenditure by strand
  • Statement of receipts by method of payment
  • Reference for courier costs
  • Statement of sales revenue
  • Reference to margins and mark-ups, etc.

Reports on user interaction with the website

The Platform allows you to look beyond the beautiful design and analyze how visitors interact with different elements of your website. 

You can base your SEO strategy on the following real data:

  • Number of registered users
  • Report by clients and client groups
  • Information on the work of the call center
  • Information on incomplete checkout processes
  • Analysis of returning customers
  • Analysis of registered and unregistered customers
  • Information for the number of items in an order
  • Information for best-selling products, etc.

Shipment and stock reports

Last but not least, NEXT BASKET helps you keep track of inventory and movements across all sites, no matter how many warehouses, physical stores, and ecommerce websites you manage.

You can use the following reports generated by the Platform:

  • Report on the number of orders refused
  • Report of returned orders in the warehouse
  • Information about the stock in each warehouse
  • Report on stocks by suppliers
  • Sales versus stock reference
  • Report on financial statuses with courier companies 
  • Information about the movement of goods between different sites
  • Report of returned orders and their exact location
  • Stock reference for a specific period, etc.

If you have any doubts about how to use the data to benefit your business, the NEXT BASKET team can offer you all kinds of marketing, sales, accounting, and strategic advice to help you map out your plan for success.