Statistics show that about 10% of online orders are returned by the end customer.

There could be various reasons for this: unsuitable item, unclaimed order at the courier’s office, absent customer at the specified address, etc.

With us, you get the fulfillment of all reverse logistics processes (return of online orders to the merchant’s warehouse) in the online trade process. 

What does the service offer?

Приемане в склада на върнати онлайн поръчки

In the NEXT BASKET warehouse, returned online orders are assessed at the entrance, dividing them into two categories:

  • Class A (fit for resale): These goods are automatically re-entered in the warehouse.
  • Class C (not fit for resale): These are items that we return to you or transfer to a landfill at your expense, notifying you beforehand and striking off the corresponding amount from the stock.

The partners should only ensure that the end customer is informed of the address and the way to return the shipment to the warehouse used by the merchant, via courier.

How do we ensure the smooth running of processes in the warehouse?

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced employees in processing returns of online shipments. Processing returned items takes up to 3 working days.

There is an established quality control process for assessing the condition of returned goods, sorting them and following up on their processing – sending them to the Partner or depositing unfit goods on request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What return address should I give to the buyer?

The address of the warehouse that serves your online store.

Who pays the costs of returning goods by courier to a warehouse?

The costs are borne by the end customer or the Partner (merchant). This depends on the commercial relations established between the parties.