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Make the switch to NEXT BASKET’s new ecommerce solution, and unlock the full potential of your online store. 

Get started with ecommerce migration today, and watch your business succeed like never before.

What Is ecommerce platform migration?

Ecommerce migration involves seamlessly transferring your online store’s entire setup, from content and products to functionalities and integrations.

We ensure your website moves smoothly, including URL addresses, keywords, metadata, links, and design elements.

When and why you need to migrate your online store

Considering ecommerce replatforming?

Here are the most common reasons why you should make the move:

  • Improve user experience: Upgrade to a more modern platform to deliver a better shopping experience to new and existing customers.
  • Boost performance: Move your existing site to a high-performing platform for faster site speed and improved conversions.
  • Expand functionality: Upgrade to access a wide range of new features, platform capabilities, and integrations that align with your business needs.
  • Enhance security: Leverage a more secure platform than your previous site to protect your valuable customer data.
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Stay relevant in the market by adopting the latest technology and trends for your new ecommerce store.

A new platform and space for business growth

Welcome to NEXT BASKET, the right ecommerce platform for your growing business! 

Here’s what we offer:

  • 340+ built-in functionalities for your online store, ready to use right away
  • 90+ integrations with modern services, third-party apps, and software to streamline your operations
  • 125+ services performed by our expert team, saving you time and money and enhancing the customer experience
  • Seamless synchronization between physical and online stores for omnichannel success
  • Professional SEO audits and services to get your store on top of Google’s search results
  • 100% guaranteed speed, no matter how much traffic your e-shop receives
  • Unlimited opportunities for digital marketing across various online channels
  • Leading information and network security to keep your ecommerce business safe from threats
  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence for real-time error detection
  • Streamlined checkout process for a seamless shopping experience
  • Scalable server resources and microservices architecture for adaptability
  • A dedicated mobile app for complete control of your store on the go
  • Unlimited disk space and auto-scaling of servers to handle any inventory size
  • Product photography and expert content writing services to make your store shine
  • 24/7 technical support from our team of experts to assist you anytime

Types of site migration

At NEXT BASKET, we handle all types of site migration as a part of our ecommerce solution. 

These include:

  • Domain migration: Move your existing website to a new domain.
  • Hosting migration: Transfer your website to our high-performance servers for better speed and reliability.
  • CMS migration: Shift from your current content management system to our robust platform.
  • Redesign: Give your online store a fresh look and feel with our redesign services.
  • Content migration: Safely transfer all your existing content, site structure, and site elements to the new platform — without any losses.

How the online store migration process works

We ensure your ecommerce website transitions smoothly to NEXT BASKET with a well-defined process:

  1. Planning: Our development team work closely with you to understand your needs and create a detailed migration plan from your current ecommerce platform to ours.
  2. Migration: We handle the technical aspects, ensuring all your business, product, and customer data and functionalities move securely from your existing system to the new platform. We triple-check our ecommerce migration checklist, guaranteeing top-level quality control.
  3. Post-migration activities: Once the ecommerce data migration is complete, we provide continuous support and optimization to ensure your new solution works as expected and better.
free migration

From which platforms you can migrate to NEXT BASKET

Our migration services cover ALL platforms.

We can cater the migration project to the specifics of your current platform and offer a wide range of automations to make the process as swift and seamless as possible. 

All you need to do is reach out and let our technical and SEO teams make the best ecommerce migration plan for your needs.

Free online store migration on NEXT BASKET platform

Switching to NEXT BASKET’s new ecommerce platform is not only hassle-free but also cost-free.

Our experts handle the migration of your old site, ensuring a seamless transition. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service from start to site launch and beyond, empowering your online business to reach new heights.

Experience the benefits of NEXT BASKET, and watch your business thrive. Let’s kickstart your successful migration today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the ecommerce platform migration process take?

The duration of your ecommerce replatforming project varies depending on the size and complexity of your ecommerce site, but we work efficiently to minimize downtime. We use a staging site and other tactics to keep your business live.

Can I keep my domain name for the new site?

Yes! We help you retain your existing domain name when migrating between ecommerce platforms. 

What about my search engine rankings?

When migrating data and content, our team takes care of SEO best practices to maintain or improve your rankings after migration. This includes a thorough SEO audit prior to the data migration services, an out-and-out URL mapping, and an audit of your new ecommerce site to ensure all went well.

Is technical support available when migrating ecommerce stores?

Yes. Our expert technical support is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues or questions during the ecommerce replatforming process.