Once you choose a brand name, it’s time to focus on your brand design, which is really your brand identity design. 

This brand image tells the world about your business and helps cement your corporate identity while standing apart from competitors.

Design your brand with NEXT BASKET

Every strong brand starts with a visual identity. 

Branding design can be easy with help from NEXT BASKET. Let us assist you with all aspects of your visual elements to create a memorable brand.

Logo design 

Logos are symbols for businesses that make them instantly recognizable to customers. 

Your logo design could be a symbol, or it could be your company name written out in a visually appealing way.

Brand color scheme

The color palette you choose for your brand design is actually a powerful tool to connect with the emotions of your desired audience. 

Different colors evoke various emotions, such as blue for trustworthiness or yellow for youth and vigor.


Your typography should meld with your color scheme to enhance the message you are trying to convey about your services or products. 

It’s one of the brand’s design elements that seems to have a million choices, but NEXT BASKET can help you select font combinations and effects that make your graphic design shine.


Another key element in your design choices is your imagery. You will likely use images in all of these areas:

  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Webpages
  • Product pages
  • Blog posts
  • Packaging
  • Email signatures

Ideally, you want your images to reflect the overall personality of your new business and suit your industry. They should be professional looking but can still be creative, energetic, or even funny, depending on the type of e-commerce company you own.

Visual identity and brand book

Our experts at NEXT BASKET can help you put together a brand book that contains all the elements of your visual identity. It contains your color scheme, fonts, typography, and other graphic design components so you can ensure you have a cohesive, recognizable brand identity.

Packaging design

Your products can be an inspiration the moment they arrive at your existing customers’ homes or workplaces. Be sure to incorporate your brand identity in your packaging, using your logo, color palette, and other elements for a well-thought-out, high-quality appearance.

Packaging is extra important these days, with so many people doing unboxing videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. You can make your merchandise stand out when its wrapping is part of the presentation.

Website design

Don’t forget to carry your brand design over to your website design too. You should use the same logo, colors, and typography online for that recognizable look whenever a customer visits to shop or to read your news.

Using an intentional color scheme and coordinating imagery can help drive sales. Remember, most sales are emotionally driven, and potential customers want to connect with your vision.

Social media branding

Your social media accounts should be a continuation of your branding, not something that’s separate from your business identity.

Be sure to use your logo and color palette on your home page and in advertising. The goal is to spark the same reaction from customers that you get with your website and product packaging.

Advertising design

Your company’s marketing channels may include advertising, whether on social media, in print, or online. This is another area where your brand design comes into play.

Think about an advertisement you just saw for a famous company. You probably instantly recognized the brand by its visual elements. You want your customers to eventually have the same reaction to your brand identity.

Brand audit

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may want to conduct a brand audit. This is a market research “checkup” of your brand, examining:

  • Your mission, values, and company culture (your story and why people would want to buy from you)
  • The external face your business shows the world (your logo, advertisements, website, social media, etc.)
  • Your customers’ impressions (how they experience buying from you, your customer service, etc.)

Need help performing a brand audit to see how you stack up to your competition? Ask the experts at NEXT BASKET for assistance. No matter how well you’re doing, we can help you grow even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different parts of a brand identity?

A strong brand identity encompasses three basic components:

  • Your visual identity (logo, website, ads, etc.)
  • Your internal identity (mission, vision, etc.)
  • Your customers’ perceptions of your store

All these elements should work together to create a single positive impression of your company.


What colors should you choose for your brand design?

The choice of primary colors and color palette is up to you, but it should reflect how you want customers to feel when they see your logo or visit your website. For example, green symbolizes freshness, nature, and health; black is often identified with mystery and sophistication.


Does typography matter with brand identity?

Fonts really do convey emotions, just as colors do. Therefore, your typography should match your brand identity. A simple, clean font looks modern and efficient, whereas a more ornate font gives new customers the impression of history or luxury.