Static banner ads can be a powerful tool for online advertising and increasing sales if designed professionally and used intelligently.

Their goals are:

  • To attract more customers
  • To increase sales
  • To strengthen the reputation of your brand 

How can you achieve these goals, and how can the NEXT BASKET team help you? Let’s see!

What is a static banner ad?

Static banner ads are an effective type of online and offline advertising.

They are still images, usually in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. 

The visual part of static banners relies on bright and eye-catching colors. 

The text part is often a short advertising message with a call to action such as Buy Now, Look Here!, Sign Up Today, etc.

Static banner ads are commonly used in online marketing and advertising because they quickly and easily grab customers’ attention and direct them to a selected product, service, special offer, or promotion.

They can be posted on websites and online stores, social media, news sites, blogs, and other places on the internet.

This way, your business reaches more customers and makes more sales.

What are the best practices for making static banner ads?

Every banner ad should meet specific requirements to be impactful and effective.

Size and format

Advertising banners should be in a size and format appropriate for where they will be placed – website, online store, blog, social media, or other.


The banners can be placed in different places – on the website, in the online store, or on any social media. 

The location and how it fits or stands out against the general background can significantly increase or decrease the effectiveness of the banner.


The design of the banner is key to grabbing and directing the customer’s attention.

Sometimes, it is better to harmonize with the general background and redirect the user unintrusively. Standing out and calling more intensely to action is advisable in other cases. 

Advertising message

The message may give information about the product or service, the benefits of it being owned or used, etc.

It’s also a good idea to include a call to action that leads to the next step – ordering the product or service.

Of course, this requires professional copywriting tailored to the language and style of your brand.


Banners can be customized to the business’s target audience through different advertising messages and offers.

This makes the banners attractive, exciting, and impactful for the right group of customers.

Performance tracking and analysis

Taking customer reactions into account allows for choosing the most likable and effective static banners. 

Therefore, testing different visions and messages is essential to determine which design or positioning works best.

The NEXT BASKET team can help you implement all the best practices in making static banners that work for your business.

For this purpose, you can use our banner program and the professional design services our experts offer.

What are the benefits of static banner ads?

Static banner ads bring significant benefits to any online business:

  • They increase visibility and reinforce the brand, helping the online store attract customer attention and stand out. 
  • They drive traffic to the best products, services, offers, and promotions, attracting the right audience and increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
  • Banner ads are more cost-effective than other forms of online advertising and are often the more economical marketing solution.
  • They allow you to measure results by showing the number of clicks, visits, and subsequent sales. 
  • They reinforce the brand’s character and allow for creativity through different designs and messages.
  • They boost your multi-channel marketing impact using cookies and remarketing, allowing ads to be repeatedly shown to selected customers.

Ideally, static banner ads are created by an expert team that includes a graphic designer, copywriter, programmer, and marketer. 

That’s how all elements are covered – from vision and message to positioning in the online store, on social media, and Google and Bing search engines.

The good news is that with NEXT BASKET, you can design, test, and improve your banners entirely on your own or request this service from our team, who will do it for you within 48 working hours.

Do you still have questions about the best banner advertising options for your business?

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