Did you know that social media influences 71% of consumers’ purchase decisions?

In other words, maintaining a quality presence on social channels should be a top priority for your online business growth.

The NEXT BASKET team offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution for your social profiles’ content – from professional copywriting to video content and a unified design framework.

All types of textual content for your social channels

The era of randomly posting on Facebook has irreversibly passed.

Now, it’s all about a professional social content strategy based on user segments, marketing funnels, brand identity, and value propositions.

The NEXT BASKET team can craft various textual content types for social networks that harmonize with your objectives and business vision.

Our professional social media copywriting services include:

  • Engaging posts tailored for your target audiences
  • Copywriting for paid advertising campaigns
  • Interactive content for surveys, games, and challenges
  • Professional slogans, marketing messages, and more

We understand the importance of consistent and clear business messaging. That’s why our social media copywriting always aligns with your website, blog, and overall media presence.

High-quality video content in various formats

In 2023, 92% of video marketing experts reported that video content significantly improves the ROI in digital marketing.

Consumer interest in visual content is skyrocketing, evidenced by social platforms’ emphasis on developing diverse short video sharing functionalities.

The NEXT BASKET team offers a comprehensive range of video content services designed to attract, engage, and retain your online audiences.

Some of the video formats we offer include:

  • Product demonstration videos
  • Video tutorials, lessons, and interviews
  • Customer and partner video testimonials
  • Short clips like Stories and Reels
  • Product video advertisements
  • Vlogs and live videos
  • Content for YouTube
  • Clips for TikTok, and more

Video content operates on a multi-channel principle for your business. That’s why, with us, you can use integrated video solutions to be used both in your online store and on your business’s social media profiles.

Designer creatives for all social channels

One of the most frequently made mistakes in social media content is the lack of a cohesive vision that creates a multi-channel brand experience.

NEXT BASKET addresses this issue by offering a professional branded design for all your activities across various social channels.

We’ll integrate textual messages into beautiful and stylish visuals, branded with your logo, color palette, and all other elements of your brand.

By partnering with us for quality content, you receive:

  • Branded design visuals for your posts
  • Personalized promotional images and banners
  • Proper image formatting for each social network
  • A consistent look across all social channels

With us, the final look of your social content is never a result of random decisions or experiments – it’s an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. This approach aids your business in growing steadily, predictably, and successfully.