Many businesses face the dilemma of which type of marketing to invest their efforts in – social media or the major online search engines.

NEXT BASKET makes it easy to make the right decision to develop your online presence in both directions, investing much less time and enjoying much better results.

The platform offers ready integrations with the tools of the largest social network, Facebook, and the largest online search engine, Google. 

This way, you get all the data you need to perform and the most helpful marketing, advertising, sales, and analytics programs.

How Google and Facebook help your business

Google and Facebook are two of the largest online platforms, with billions of active users worldwide. 

By leveraging their capabilities, you can significantly increase both the visibility and success rate of your online store. 

Both platforms offer robust analytics and reporting features that provide valuable insights into customer behavior, ad performance, and website traffic. 

This data helps you make informed decisions and optimize your strategies while monitoring real-time results.

Integrations with Google tools

Your online store in NEXT BASKET comes with ready-made integrations with all the most important Google tools in the field of e-commerce.

You can use the following ready-to-use Google integrations in the Platform:

  • Google Merchant Feed for adding products to your Google Shopping account and making sales directly through the search engine’s features.
  • Google Ads feed for adding product information to your Google Ads account and using the Platform’s paid advertising capabilities.
  • Google Analytics to monitor and analyze traffic, number of sales, user behavior, and performance of the website pages.
  • Google Tag Manager for adding and managing tags in the online store, which track important interactions for the business.
  • Google Business Data Feed to analyze and manage multiple data sources for ads, extensions, and targeting for Google Ads campaigns.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test to monitor the view and usability of the site on different types of mobile devices.
  • Google Maps to determine the customer’s location and automatically fill in the address data: city, zip code, neighborhood, street, etc.
  • Google Places API to auto-populate the user’s address as part of the Platform’s ultra-modern checkout process.
  • Google Checkout to pay for online orders with Google Pay and add a bank card for future purchases. 

Last but not least – your e-store will allow automatic indexing of categories, filters, and products in Google using a dynamic XML sitemap linked to the search engine’s API.

Integrations with Facebook tools

Your online store will also have a ready integration with Facebook, implemented using the social network’s most advanced digital business development tools. 

With NEXT BASKET, you use integrations with the following Facebook tools:

  • Facebook feed to generate a product catalog with the ability to upload your products for sale in the Facebook store automatically.
  • Facebook Open Graph for complete control over how your web pages or content are displayed when shared on Facebook.
  • Facebook Pixel for tracking user behavior on the website and collecting data to optimize advertising campaigns on the social network.
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads for personalized ads based on previous interactions and user behavior in the online store.

To achieve more registered users with less effort, NEXT BASKET also offers you the functionality to log in to your Facebook, Google, and Apple user accounts. 

Benefits of data exchange between the online store, Google and Facebook

No matter how well your online store, Facebook page, and Google account work separately, you can only get the best results when you combine the data and use it in the right way. 

With the ready integrations in the Platform, you get:

  • Better consumer segmentation 
  • More effective ad targeting
  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Increased overall site and brand visibility
  • Latest-generation retargeting capabilities
  • A comprehensive view of your business performance
  • Personalized experiences for customers
  • Reduced costs and higher return on investment

If you don’t know how to use the data from ready-made integrations to benefit your business, the NEXT BASKET team is always here to help with expert advice and 125+ additional services for intelligent business development in a digital environment.