DIY business ideas are ideal for a budding entrepreneur like you, especially if you are good at making handmade items. DIY craft businesses make a decent profit and are in high demand because you will only need a low upfront capital, unlike reselling products from manufacturers or retailers. 

Suppose you are interested in selling online and owning a craft business. In that case, you might want to dive deep into this article as we will guide you on the DIY business niche market you can get and know the easy products to make and sell in the Philippines.

DIY Business Ideas

13 Best Products To Make and Sell Online 

If you plan to own a business and save money simultaneously, a DIY business is the best business idea for you. Setting up an e-commerce store is easy.

What you need to think the most are the products that you would make and sell online. In starting up a business, you should never forget the local regulations and important compliance that you should do, even if it is a DIY craft business.

Choose your online marketplace, e-commerce platform, and online platforms wisely, and never forget to research your market niche. Your product depends on your skills and startup capital, so make sure to choose what you think would suit you best. We have here 13 products that would make your lucrative business earn profit.

These products are very hot in the Philippines these days and would guarantee you profit and, at the same time, minimal upfront investment.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a very trendy DIY business in the Philippines, especially if you can create a unique touch. It is one of the most accessible DIY products you can make and sell online. You can have your customers pick custom designs for more variety and volume of sales.

For this product, your startup capital depends on the materials and quality you would use, but generally, you can start it with as low as 5,000 PHP and up to 50,000 PHP. It includes all the materials and tools you will need, as well as the marketing and branding of your ecommerce store or online product. 

In terms of profit, it also varies depending on several factors like your pricing strategy, number of orders, quality and uniqueness of your product, etc. Generally, you can earn up to 20,000 PHP/ monthly as a whole profit. Material cost is already lessened. 

Handmade Jewelry

Home Decor

Due to the growing interest in home design and aesthetic home decorations, many Filipinos buy handcrafted home decor, which is why it is also considered a profitable home business.

With this type of business model, you can start with a startup cost of 10,000 – 50,000 PHP, depending on the size and quality of the materials you will use. It also depends on your pricing strategy and customer orders. You can earn a profit margin of 20% to 60% of the selling price.

Natural Bath and Body Handmade Products

Soap-making business development, essential oil formulation, and bath bombs are very underrated these days.

Self-care essentials are among the top products that most Filipinos purchase. The demand for organic and handmade natural bath products with essential oils is growing these days. It may not be exponentially increasing, but it can still guarantee sales.

To start your own business, you will need a budget of 10,000 up to 60,000 PHP. It includes the materials, tools, and equipment you need, as well as the formulation, branding, and packaging.

But remember, it is only the estimated general capital; it will always depend on the products you focus on. Depending on your pricing strategy and sales traffic, you can get a profit margin of 40% up to 70%

Natural Bath and Body Handmade Products

Personalized Gifts

You can sell gift baskets, t-shirts, mugs, etc., for personalized gifts with the help of screen printing. The screen printing business is very in demand, especially during the corporate world’s holiday or events season.

With a startup capital of 10,000 PHP up to 60,000 PHP, you can have materials, equipment, tools, and packaging materials for your business. With the print-on-demand service model type, you can guarantee a 30% – 60% profit depending on your selling price and traffic sales.

Upcycled and Recycled Products

The Philippines is known to focus more on sustainability and many people are pro on supporting upcycled and recycled products sold online. This business model can also help you start with low-cost capital for as low as 5,000 PHP up to 60,000 PHP.

You can guarantee to have your materials, tools, and equipment on hand, as well as your branding and packaging. If you have materials at home that you can use, you can guarantee that your startup capital will be as low as possible. 

With the right niche market and the right upcycled and recycled products (trending products like recycled bags or upcycled aprons, etc.), you can guarantee a 30% to 60% profit margin, depending on your pricing strategy and other factors.

Handmade Candles

Handmade candles, especially those unique and aesthetic scented candles, are popular these days. Thus, this makes a good DIY product that could guarantee you money. Your startup capital varies depending on the product’s number of productions, quality, and complexity.

With this business type, you can start with as low as 5,000 PHP to 50,000 PHP. It includes all the packaging, materials, branding, and equipment you will use. This business can guarantee you a 40% to 70% margin profit because it is still highly in demand and bought for gifts most of the time.

Handmade Candles

Children’s Toys and Accessories

Parents often seek toys that are super friendly for their kids, and many people seek aesthetic and unique toys for gifts, which is why children’s toys and accessories are an ideal business product for DIY business. 

With a startup cost of 10,000 PHP up to 50,000 PHP, you can now guarantee your product’s materials, tools, equipment, packaging, branding, and marketing.

Children’s Toys and Accessories

Eco-Friendly Products

Beauty products and subscription boxes are another great idea for starting a DIY business. Subscription box businesses with eco-friendly products are very in demand for giveaways and gifts for people in the Millennial age.

Your initial investment for this business product varies depending on your niche. The more complex your niche is, the higher it’ll cost. But generally, you can start this DIY business idea with as low as 20,000 PHP up to 60,000 PHP, including all the operating costs you need, as well as the marketing and branding costs.

Knitted Fashion and Accessories

Knitted fashion has been trending in the Philippines for years. That is why this is also a promising product for your DIY business, especially if you know how to knit crafts like clothes, bags, beanies, etc.

Sewing business is in demand, especially if you have unique and appealing products for your target niche. For this business model, you will need a startup cost of about 5,000 PHP up to 50,000 PHP if you plan to do bulk products and market them online rather than sew per order. You can guarantee a profit margin of 30% to 60% for this product

Knitted Fashion and Accessories


With the increasing demand for digital products, you can actually sell digital products as a DIY business. Many people, mostly students, wanted some output for their projects.

You can depend on stock photo sites for abrupt and rushed printables and print their demands. Or you can invest in graphic designing or printing equipment for better quality and pricing strategy. With this business model, you can start with a capital of 5,000 PHP – 20,000 PHP, depending on the type of printables you offer.

Custom Art and Crafts

Some of the business models you can do with custom art and crafts are:

  • Scrapbooking business;
  • Pottery business;
  • Stained glass business;
  • Leather business;
  • Upholstery business;
  • Calligraphy business;
  • Quilting business, etc.

For this type of business, you must first identify your niche market and determine what you would offer.

In the Philippines, many successful upholstery businesses started from making products in small quantities to becoming large physical stores. Your startup capital depends on the custom crafts business that you would do. So you better do your market research well. 

Handmade Boquet

Making handmade bouquets, dried flowers business, and picture framing business is actually very popular these days in the Philippines, particularly with Generation Z. 

For this business, you will need a starting capital of as low as 5,000 PHP up to 50,000 PHP, depending on the quantity and quality of your flower bouquet.

Handmade Music Box

The woodworking business is underrated in the Philippines but is very in demand, especially the mini handmade music boxes that are trendy these days. If you know how to create a music box while woodworking, this business is for you. You will need a startup capital of 10,000 PHP up to 50,000 PHP to create prototypes and, at the same time, a few of the products and market them. 

How To Sell Your DIY Products Online 

In terms of developing your own craft business, you need to find the best e-commerce platform that you think would help your business and your products to be noticeable.

After finding the right platform for you, create your online store, set up your product pages, categorize your products well, and define your pricing strategy. Then, you can select your channels and applications/platforms for your products, choose your payment gateway, and market your products.

With the right marketing strategy, you can market your products through social media platforms and your own website. You can also choose to do paid social media marketing for a more effortless boost to your business. If you don’t know where to start, look for specialists and use their digital marketing services.

In addition, there are many selling online courses and online tutorials you can find on the internet regarding how to sell your crafts online. Do your research well and apply all the learnings as a starting business owner. Good luck!


What is the best pricing formula for my products?

Pricing strategy is dependent on the product you are selling, and it is also not constant and would change over time.

But, generally, here is the pricing formula of many people who are in the DIY business:

  • time + materials = cost
  • cost x 2 = wholesale price
  • wholesale price x 2 = retail price

How long does it take to profit from selling crafts?

To make a full-time income or an ideal profit in selling crafts, you must be consistent from the moment you start your business and wait 3 months up to a year to see progress with your profit.

Do small DIY businesses still need permits?

All businesses in the Philippines must obtain business permits unless exempted.