The Philippines has seen a significant change in the rising cost of living. This pushes some Filipinos to do side hustles like online business; some are considering doing business in these times as many in-demand products in the Philippines can guarantee sales traffic. 

Online business ideas are pouring in here and there, and selling trending products is one of the famous niche markets these days. If you are interested in starting an ecommerce business, you must know the top-selling online products in the country. Dive deeper into this article as we will uncover the best-selling online products. Let’s get started!

In-Demand Products

To know the Philippines’ top-selling products, you must first research the market trends. With the use of Google Trends and other market research tools (free and paid), you can guarantee that you know what the hottest and trending searches for products are these days.

You must also have your marketing strategy to make a blast in the ecommerce business. You must conduct market research, brainstorm business ideas, conduct product validation/testing, analyze consumer preferences, assess start-up capital, and promote your business.

If you are an aspiring online seller or business owner, you must first identify your niche market or what products you would offer your target market. We have listed twenty-five (25) in-demand products in the Philippines for 2024. Are you ready?

Health and Wellness Products: Vitamins, Supplements, and Organic Goods

The demand for products that promote a holistic well-being experience is skyrocketing.

From essential vitamins and supplements to the allure of organic goods, consumers are increasingly seeking solutions that cater to their overall health.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are the best-selling items in the wellness category. According to a study in 2023, almost 76% of Filipinos said they bought vitamins and supplements. In this market, you can sell products such as antioxidants, greens and detoxification, digestive health, weight management, remedies, sports nutrition, etc.

Organic Goods

Also, the demand for organic goods has grown since potential customers started to be health and environmental-conscious. However, profitability with organic goods varies on market demand, distribution channels, and competition.

Organic Goods

Beauty and Skincare Products: Cosmetics, Skincare, and Personal Care Items

The focus on personal well-being in the Philippines fuels the demand for beauty and skincare products. From cosmetics to skincare essentials, the nation is witnessing a surge in interest in products that elevate daily beauty routines.

Below, we will review each of the products in detail.


Cosmetics is one of the top-selling products that can guarantee you online sales. You must decide whether to create or resell the cosmetic product in this category. Reseller reroute is the easiest way because you can start with start-up capital for as low as 1,000 PHP. You can also use your social media platforms to market these winning products. 

When choosing an online retailer, check the product’s quality and reviews to brand it as makeup yet super high-quality. Filipinos are prone to buy cheap yet quality products, and these marketing strategies sold millions. 


In entering the skincare business, you must first decide whether you’ll work with a franchise, go solo, or resell products from online retailers. With a small skincare business, you can start with a start-up capital for as low as 5,000 PHP. You will need a starting money of at least 50,000 – 180,000+ PHP for a more significant and more extensive skincare business.

Personal Care Items

According to a study in early 2023, over 63% of Filipinos purchase personal care items. Soaps, body wash, deodorants, moisturizers, etc., are essentials for everyday use, and thus Filipinos would likely buy these products. For as low as 5,000 PHP, you can start selling personal care items online to your online store or website.

Electronics and Gadgets: Smartphones, Laptops, and Accessories

In the Philippines, electronics and gadgets are no longer just products but essential elements of modern living. The rising demand for modern devices and creative accessories reflects a tech-centric lifestyle.

The products below are always in-demand and are great for starting an ecommerce business in the Philippines.


Over 48 million Filipinos use smartphones as of 2023, and this number is predicted to rise to 50 million this year. Filipinos are quickly adapting to the digital revolution and thus adopting digital literacy and the convenience of phones.

Most Filipinos use phones as their source of work or entertainment. If you are going to sell this product, android phones are in demand as most Filipinos love cheap yet quality phones.


A brand new laptop is one of the high-demand products these days. Many consumers are becoming fond of the Philippines’ work-from-home or gig economy culture, thus increasing the need for laptops as a working device.

Students are also one of your target markets if you ever sell this product. 

Gadget Accessories

Gadget accessories such as tempered glasses, earphones, phone cases, laptop cases, iPad cases, USB type b,c chargers, etc., are good-selling products, especially in 2024.

If you plan to sell electronics, you can start for as low as 3,000 – 20,000 PHP with an excellent wholesale retailer.

Gadget Accessories

Home and Kitchen Appliances: Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and Cooking Appliances

Next, we will review some in-demand products in the home niche, as they are mandatory for almost any Filipino household.

Read more below.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are one of the leading home improvement tools in the Philippines. The country is known for its hot temperature, so many Filipinos buy air conditioners for their houses.

If you are going to sell aircon for business, here are the top brands people purchase: Panasonic, Samsung, Condura, etc.


Refrigerators are a must-have in every household. Filipinos use it for their homes or their business.

The best brands to sell for refrigerators are Panasonic, Samsung, LG, etc.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking various recipes online is trending these days. Many Filipinos tend to buy trending cooking appliances for convenience. Suppose you are planning to sell this kind of product.

In that case, you should sell cheap and quality products like air fryers, juice makers, ovens, microwaves, electric kettles, electronic pots, electric stoves, manual coffee equipment,

coffee brewing equipment, etc.

Cooking Appliances

Fashion and Apparel: Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories

Entrepreneurs venturing into this niche can navigate the dynamic fashion scene by crafting collections that resonate with the constantly changing tastes of Filipino consumers.

These consumers actively pursue a seamless fusion of style and individuality in their wardrobes, allowing businesses to cater to this desire for personalized and on-trend fashion choices.

Men’s and Women’s Clothing

One of the top-selling products of any online business is clothing. Many online companies have clothing as their beacon for business growth. You need to consider the first few things to start selling online clothing products.

You need to choose your selling platform; here in the Philippines, the hottest online platforms for clothes are Facebook Live Selling, TikTok Shop, NEXT BASKET and so on. You need to choose which ecommerce platform you will build your online store.

Next is to find suitable suppliers and manufacturers. Still, first, you need to do market research on the type of clothing that are product trends these days (women’s dresses, skirt shorts, crop-tops, oversized t-shirts, cargo pants, etc.); that way, you can have a profitable income.


For a starter, you can always sell cheap branded sneakers if you have small start-up capital. You have to choose the fitting retailer or manufacturer that provides the product that your target market would wear.

These days, trendy Korean shoes or footwear are trendy in the Philippines.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories like hair accessories, jewelry, bags, etc., are also in demand by many consumers.

If you go with this product type, you can start with a 10,000 – 15,000 PHP capital. 

Fashion Accessories

Baby and Childcare Products: Diapers, Baby Food, and Toys

In this section, we will explore the market where the well-being and happiness of little ones drive the demand for thoughtful and reliable offerings.

Products like baby food, toys and essentials are always in-demand in the Philippines, so you should definitely consider them when starting your online business.

Baby Essentials

Baby essentials like clothes, food wares, footwear, high-chairs, bottles, etc., are also good products to sell in 2024 but not so desirable to sell online.

Most parents-to-be Filipinos love to shop for their baby products in person rather than online stores, so if you were to have a physical store, you could go for this product.

Baby Food

Baby food products can be sold online if they are FDA-approved, have certification, and have lots of customer satisfaction.

Still, you need to check for reputable brands to make sure you always offer top quality products to your customers.

Baby Toys

Same with baby food products, you can sell baby toys in your online store as part of variations to your products.

However, you have to ensure they have certifications that it is safe for the babies/kids to use.

Food and Beverages: Healthy Snacks, Pastries, and Beverages

Next, we will review the food and beverages industry, where you can choose from many different products to sell.

Read more about those products below.


Coffee, milk teas, iced teas, etc., are in-demand every season or new wave trend. It will certainly always stay in style. If you are into cafes and considering having a franchise cafe, you would need a start-up capital of at least 180,000 – 450,000 PHP; if you’re planning a brick-and-mortar cafe of your own, you would need at least 300,000 – 900,000 + PHP.

If you plan to start an online order for beverages, you can start with a capital of 15,000 – 30,000 PHP and a good pricing strategy.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are also in demand these days. Dehydrated vegetables and fruits turned into chips are new trends, like mushrooms and other veggies.

If you plan to develop your new recipe, it would be fine, but other retailers manufacture these goods.


Pastries ordered online are also very in demand. Filipinos nowadays tend to order customized cakes or pastries rather than buy in physical stores.

For this type of product, you would need a start-up capital of as low as 5,000 – 10,000 PHP.


Fitness and Sports Equipment: Gym Equipment, Sports Accessories, and Activewear

As the Philippines embraces a health-conscious lifestyle, Fitness and Sports Equipment have become integral to the pursuit of well-being.

From gym equipment to sports accessories and activewear, the demand for these products is on the rise.

Gym Equipment

Fitness equipment is also an excellent product to sell online for 2024 because New Year’s is coming, and it is a tradition for Filipinos to have a New Year’s resolution.

One of the significant resolutions for Filipinos is to lose weight and be fit.

Sports Accessories

Sports accessories are trendy, too, especially for gym goers. Going to the gym has become trendy these days as people are getting inspired by the content they see on social media.

Water tumblers, gym bags, etc., are good products to consider.


You need to find a good supplier or manufacturer for this type of clothing because people would not buy pre-loved sportswear, or maybe some.

If you are starting, you don’t need to find a branded retailer; most Filipinos go for cheap yet quality items.

Home Office Essentials

The home office niche has become a focal point for individuals in the Philippines striving for productivity and comfort in their workspaces.

The demand for ergonomic furniture, efficient gadgets, and organizational tools is soaring as more people adapt to flexible work arrangements.

Office Essentials

Office essentials are in demand these days because many Filipinos prefer working from home, or some are doing their own business in the comforts of their home or office.

Office chairs are trendy these days, as well as laptop stands, phone stands, lamps, desks, pen holders, etc. You will need 20,000 – 30,000 PHP start-up capital to sell these products.

Pet Supplies

In the hearts of many Filipino households, pets are cherished family members, elevating the demand for a diverse array of Pet Supplies.

From nutritious food to comfortable bedding and engaging toys, the market for these products is thriving. 

Pet Essentials

Pet products are currently enjoying widespread popularity, with a projected surge in demand expected for 2024. The growing trend of being a fur mom or fur dad has captured the hearts of Filipinos, often surpassing the appeal of traditional parenting.

This trend encompasses diverse products, including pet food, accessories, toilet training essentials, toys, and supplements. Given the strong bond between Filipinos and their beloved animal companions, entrepreneurs entering the pet supply market can anticipate robust sales, making it a promising venture for the coming years.


Choosing a product for your online business is important, so market research must be done at all costs.

Ultimately, you will get your best result and have that perfect product for your business. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my product?

All local companies in the Philippines must secure a License to Operate (LTO) from the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) before applying for product registration.

Where do I register if my product is food and beverages?

If your product is food and beverages, you can register to BFAD.

What is the best retailer for pet supplies in the Philippines?

If you are looking for the best retailer to acquire your products for pet supplies, Pet Warehouse is the biggest pet online store in the Philippines.