Dynamic banner ads can be a powerful tool in online advertising if they are designed professionally and reflect the brand’s image.

Animated banner ads serve several purposes:

  • They attract attention faster and keep it longer
  • To convey more complex messages through movement and dynamics
  • They increase the number of clicks, conversions, and sales

With NEXT BASKET, you can take advantage of all the benefits of animated banner ads to boost your online sales with less effort.

What is an animated banner ad?

Animated banner ads are moving images or short videos in GIF, Flash, HTML5, and other formats. 

Their main goal is to attract the customers’ attention and introduce a more complex idea in an attractive, exciting, and coherent way. 

They often achieve this through a moving text message, changing images, and other types of visual effects.

Animated banner ads can be posted on online stores, social media, news sites, blogs, and other places on the web.

This type of advertising grabs the attention of more customers, conveys impactful marketing messages, and naturally increases sales.

What are the best practices for making animated banner ads?

Animated banner ads are an effective tool for grabbing customers’ attention and encouraging them to take action – to browse a specific offer from the online store or to place an order. 

Below are some best practices for making and using animated banner ads.

Clear and actionable message

Impactful advertising often focuses on one strong and specific message to achieve the desired effect.

Excessive use of the animated effect can distract customers, even annoy them, and thus reduce the influence of the advertising message. 

Consideration of the target audience

Different generations and customer groups have different preferences and mindsets. 

When animated banner ads are relevant to the target audience, they increase customer interest and satisfaction, thus boosting sales. 

High quality and fast loading

Fast file loading is key to the success of an animated banner as it is directly related to a good user experience.

Banners that load slowly and clumsily spoil a good impression and achieve the contrary of the desired effect.

A strong call to action

The call to action helps customers take the next logical step without thinking twice.

Research shows that when a customer is left to decide what their next step should be, they most often leave the page, which is a loss for the business.

Test, measure, and improve 

Different animated messages influence customers differently, so creating and testing different types of banners is essential.

Using quality tools to measure and analyze consumer behavior shows which messages and magnets are best accepted and deliver the best results for the business.

Harmony between brand and advertising messages

It is important that the animated banners are in harmony with the main brand messages and consistently work to maintain its brand strategy.

The disharmony between brand voice and advertising messages confuses customers, brings negatives to the business, and weakens the brand.

Responsive design

Animated banner ads need to look good on whatever screens and devices customers use to create a positive user experience.

The NEXT BASKET team can help you follow all the best practices in creating and positioning animated banners on the web. 

Our designers are on hand to advise your team and offer you all kinds of design services. 

What are the benefits of animated banner ads?

Using animated banner ads brings measurable benefits to any online business:

  • A dynamic image arouses the interest and holds the attention of customers much more than a static one.
  • The message reaches the audience much faster when it is delivered through animation or video.
  • This type of advertising brings more clicks to products, services, offers, and promotions and increases sales.
  • Animated advertising messages are remembered longer and influence customers more, strengthening the brand image. 
  • Animations have a multi-channel marketing impact and apply across all online platforms – websites, stores, social media, and apps.

All this makes animated banner ads a powerful and valuable marketing tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales. 

It is advisable to have them developed by an expert team that includes a graphic designer, copywriter, web developer, and marketing specialist. 

This ensures all elements are covered – from vision and message to positioning in the online store and performance on social media and search engines Google and Bing.

The good news is that with NEXT BASKET, you can create, test, and improve your animated banners entirely on your own or request this service from our team of experts, who will do it for you within 48 working hours.

Do you still have questions about the best animated banner ad options for your business?

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