So you’ve created your idea for an online store and registered it as required by your location. What’s next?

Setting up an ecommerce site is the next step on your journey.

This lets you personalize your site to your merchandise and customers’ needs. But it’s also a risky point if you miss crucial elements.

The right ecommerce website settings bring the right results

Your website design and flow help attract consumers to your site and convert opportunities into sales. You want to make sure it’s done right to reach those goals.

NEXT BASKET provides numerous tools to help you set up your ecommerce site as well as to manage settings. We help your online business handle checkout, delivery, taxes, fees, correspondence, and even blog posts.

Our ecommerce platform also offers assistance with functionalities and integrations that streamline your workflow, reduce headaches, and set up your business for long-term success.

Steps for setting up an e-shop in NEXT BASKET

Your website set up must be functional, safe, and user-friendly before you launch it to your customers.

Whether you’re designing your own website or partnering with NEXT BASKET for turnkey solutions, below you will find the website elements you need to incorporate.

Setting up domains and email addresses

First, you need to set up a custom domain name associated with your online store. Your own domain name will also be used in your emails for all types of business correspondence.

Sometimes business domains are associated with the web hosting provider (the service that makes your store available on the internet). You may get your domain name through a hosting provider or find web hosting services elsewhere.

Either way, NEXT BASKET can help you set up this aspect of your business website.

Choosing and customizing a theme

As part of our easy website builder toolkit, NEXT BASKET provides themes and page templates to make setting up your online store simple but elegant.

You can customize our ready-made themes to get the look you want, without needing a lot of technical knowledge, like coding. 

Our team is always here to help you during this part of the professional website creation process.

Selecting categories, subcategories and filters

When you create pages for your website, you want to divide your merchandise into categories and subcategories. This makes it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for with just a click or two.

Adding filters lets customers sort products by different criteria, such as size, color, features, etc.

NEXT BASKET makes subdividing your store pages super convenient by providing default categories and subcategories for various industries. You can always add another product or service page as your business grows in the future.

Adding payment methods

As a NEXT BASKET partner, you’ll find many payment options for your customers on our platform. This allows them to choose between debit card, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Google Pay, Apple Pay, “buy now, pay later,” and other methods.

Providing multiple payment options increases your chances of making a sale and boosts customer satisfaction too.

You can easily connect these various payment gateways to your business to collect funds when customers place an order.

Customizing shipping methods

Just as offering a wide menu of payment options increases sales, so does providing different shipping methods for your shoppers.

A NEXT BASKET e-store administrator can set up shipping methods for you. You can choose between free shipping, express shipping, courier services, self-pickup, and more, based on your unique business model.

Creating the shopping cart and checkout

One of the most important elements on our website building platform is the shopping cart and checkout, which go hand in hand.

You can configure your shopping basket settings however you would like, including components like:

  • One-step checkout
  • Multi-step checkout
  • Account creation
  • E-wallet set up
  • Cross-selling, etc.

The goal is to both provide a superior user experience and to increase the average order value for your business online.

Including billing data

Your online store settings can also handle invoicing. 

This includes things like the official company name, EIN, address, and the like for various business purposes.

Fine-tuning tax and fee settings

NEXT BASKET makes it simple to meet regulatory requirements for taxes and fees. 

This is essential if you operate online stores overseas, where foreign customs may collect funds for customer deliveries or bulk fulfillment shipments.

These settings are built into our platform and can be activated with just a few clicks, saving you from having to track this information manually.

Setting languages and currencies

If you sell globally, you want to offer multiple language versions of your store. Even for domestic shoppers, offering Spanish or Chinese versions of your website can increase customer satisfaction and sales.

NEXT BASKET helps you manage different languages on your site, as well as associated currencies for foreign markets. Prices are updated automatically according to the exchange rate on any given day.

Picking integrations with external applications

You will appreciate that your NEXT BASKET ecommerce store comes with over 300 functionalities and more than 90 ready-to-use integrations. These tools connect easily with external software used in the operation of your business.

During this phase of your online store creation, you select and activate desired plugins. Once you install and configure these extensions, you can take advantage of them in the management of your site.

Considering other settings

Depending on your business, there are other settings you may need to take care of prior to launching your store, such as:

  • Site security, protection settings, and SSL certificate installation
  • Administrator rights and administrator accounts
  • Enabling product feeds to external websites
  • SEO settings, like metadata and XML sitemap
  • Ecommerce settings in Google Analytics
  • Settings for tools like Google Search Console
  • Creation of general site terms, cookie policies, etc.
  • GDPR documentation to satisfy EU regulations

Our NEXT BASKET team has the knowledge and experience to assist you with these items every step of the way.

Whether you need custom web design solutions or a boost of visibility in the search engine result pages, we are here to help update your site regularly with the most efficient integrations for your purposes.

Ongoing maintenance, monitoring and optimization of the e-store

NEXT BASKET offers many services, including continued maintenance and monitoring of your online store elements, like:

  • Landing pages
  • Contact pages
  • Product pages

We can also assist with search engine optimization and professional copywriting services so that you’ll always have new and relevant content to attract website visitors.

We ensure your site is responsive for shoppers using mobile devices. We also check for broken links and anything else that could be hurting your traffic.

Your dashboard lets you see what’s going on with the site and make changes or requests according to the NEXT BASKET model you have chosen.

Frequently asked questions

What is site navigation for an ecommerce website?

When you create a website, your site navigation determines how customers move from one part of the site to another. This is a vital part of the e-store creation process because it affects customer satisfaction and sales.

Site navigation should be visible from a bar below the website’s header. It includes things like different product categories and subcategories, as well as things like your contact page and information about your company.

Why is responsive design important for an online store?

Many shoppers today use mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, to make purchases. Responsive design with NEXT BASKET ensures that your website looks good and functions properly on mobile devices running on a variety of operating systems.

Without responsive design, you could lose potential customers and generally damage your website’s SEO.

Can my store also have a blog page with NEXT BASKET?

Yes! It’s easy to use NEXT BASKET’s built-in tool within our website templates to activate a blog, plus blog categories, comments, and social media sharing.

As a part of the website building process, we assist you with a holistic content management system to leverage your blog for SEO and industry authority.