When customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily on a website or online store, it gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Of course, this also positively impacts the number of inquiries and sales the business makes. 

NEXT BASKET offers design templates with multiple features and elements, including listing pages.

What is a listing page? 

Listing pages contain a list or index of other web pages.

Your customers can quickly and easily navigate to the products, services, sites, or information they seek through listing pages.

Listing pages offer convenience and improve the user experience, so they are an integral part of NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce templates.

What are the required elements in a listing page?

The themes available on the Platform, which you can choose from, include all the mandatory elements of the listing page:

  • Name and title

Orient the customer to the type of information they will find on this page.

  • List of products, services, or sites to which the page leads

Again, the list can be sorted by category, price, or other criteria so that the customer can easily find what they are looking for.

  • Brief description of products, services, or facilities

Gives concise and clear information to guide the customer to what they can find in your online store. 

  • Visual elements

Images, illustrations, or videos that help the customer visualize the content on the page.

  • Filters and sorting 

They make it easier for the customer to navigate the site, enabling them to filter and/or sort by specific criteria.

  • Links to further information

These can be links to other pages on the site where the user can find out about availability, sizes, or price range if you sell products or sample prices and use cases if you offer services. 

  • Other according to your needs and goals 

Depending on your business goals, other elements can be added as you choose.

Need a well-structured and easy-to-navigate listing page?

NEXT BASKET offers design themes with listing pages that enhance user experience and contribute to business success.

Types of listing pages for online stores

  • Listing pages for online stores

They provide a list of products in your e-shop – they can be filtered and sorted by categories, prices, brands, sizes, colors, and other criteria. 

  • Listing pages for blogs in the e-shop

Provide a list of blog posts, articles, or news published – it can be sorted by date, author, category, popularity, and other parameters. 

  • Directories and lists of resources available in the e-shop

Provide a list of different resources, brands, valuable reads (e-books), promotional materials, and more that add value to your buyers. 

  • Listings with portfolios and galleries for your online store 

Listing pages with completed projects, portfolios (for businesses offering services), or galleries with images and/or videos.

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