With an online shop from NEXT BASKET, you can be in touch with your customers through one or several communication channels. 

The Platform supports integrations with the most popular modern tools used for customer communication. 

Tools for contacting your customers on the Platform

Take advantage of chat, Viber, WhatsApp, push messages, email, 

SMS, and more – all with the possibility of integration into your online store with NEXT BASKET.

Chat systems

Chat systems are a popular method of establishing a connection between business and customer for both online orders and when assistance is needed. 

NEXT BASKET supports integrations with applications such as Zendesk, Live Chat, and Chat Bot. Through them, end customers can make a direct connection when inquiring about a product or seeking information on issues of any kind. 

By phone

The classic way to establish a relationship between the customer and your online store is over the phone – a feature that the Platform has improved in line with current trends. 

Your customers can place a quick order with the Buy by Phone option – a button through which the customer can contact an e-shop representative and place an order.

The phone option can also be used when the customer needs assistance with a product purchase, has a question, etc.

Integration with Viber

The modern communication channel Viber can be integrated into your e-shop, and customers can quickly and easily send their inquiries directly. 

Integration with the app allows you to send marketing messages, inform about new products, answer questions related to the status of an order, and much more. 

WhatsApp integration 

End customers who prefer to communicate via WhatsApp can do so conveniently and quickly via the WhatsApp integration in your store. 

Besides contacting and communicating, WhatsApp is also a channel through which a purchase can be made from your online store.

Email communication

Email is a traditional communication channel that continues to be actively used today.

NEXT BASKET offers enhanced and automated communication features that include emailing the customer: 

  • Review a product after placing an order 
  • Send an apology email in case of an order delay
  • Send a thank you email when an order is delivered
  • Send an after-delivery email requesting a review
  • Confirm with the user after placing an order.

SMS messages

With automated SMS notification modules, you inform your customers promptly about the status of an order, upcoming promotions, and a host of other issues. 

The Platform also allows for SMS notifications for abandoned carts.

Push messages from the mobile app

E-stores for which a mobile application has been developed can notify customers with push notifications. 

These messages from the e-commerce mobile app are displayed on the user’s mobile device screen.