With NEXT BASKET’s built-in affiliate marketing and partner program, your online business network can drive traffic to your store and boost revenue. 

Our ready-to-use tools will help you easily partner with influencers, website owners, and other online businesses with next-level affiliate support.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of referral program where other businesses funnel customer purchases to your ecommerce business. They may do this through a banner on their website, for example, or by using your merchandise in a blog post or online video.

A defined commission strategy gives the affiliate marketer a cut of your sales in return for the referral.

Giving your partners affiliate income is a win-win. You get increased website traffic and sales, and they make online revenue by recommending your products or services to potential buyers.

Ecommerce affiliate programs as a powerful tool to increase sales

Affiliate marketing is one of those tried-and-true marketing strategies that ecommerce businesses should definitely explore.

Each affiliate partner can be considered an additional revenue stream, generating more sales. And these often aren’t just one-time purchases; an ecommerce website with affiliate program can grow your customer base for repeat business and direct sales.

That’s because customers referred through an affiliate program typically already have something in common with your business. Also, they may trust your store because it came recommended by another business they know and like.

Built-in affiliate system in the NEXT BASKET platform

NEXT BASKET provides a wide menu of ecommerce tools, including a built-in affiliate platform for your ecommerce site.

Our specialized module helps you create your own ecommerce affiliate program and network. It also assists with the management of your affiliate partners once they are up and running.

With NEXT BASKET’s help, your ecommerce affiliate program lets you reach many more customers, including those in global markets where other businesses are eager to be distributors for your company’s products.

Automations and processes for affiliate marketing

NEXT BASKET’s goal is to streamline affiliate marketing business processes for your ecommerce business with modules, integrations, and functions to automate different elements of your program.

This includes automation and cost-effective means of managing ecommerce affiliate networks in the United States and overseas. You can leverage one of the most efficient means of increasing income without increasing your labor and resources proportionally.

Creating affiliate network campaigns

All you need to do to create affiliate marketing programs in the US and beyond is to use NEXT BASKET’s intuitive built-in tools. 

These don’t require any specialized technical knowledge and are readily available for ecommerce business owners with little to none previous experience.

Our software for affiliate campaigns allows you to create affiliate links and track your results. You’ll know exactly how effective your affiliate marketing program is when you partner with NEXT BASKET.

Effective affiliate program management

You’ll find all the tools and resources you need to successfully manage your affiliate program on NEXT BASKET’s platform.

Be sure to ask us about this particularly effective method of generating sales without having to invest the way you would for other types of ecommerce marketing.

Affiliate performance reporting and analytics

In order to track the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing network, you will need to analyze it against various metrics unique to your online business.

NEXT BASKET provides affiliate software as a tool for comprehensive reporting. You can use this to optimize your campaigns domestically and globally and make any adjustments needed to realize even greater increases in web traffic and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves partnering with other businesses or influential people for referrals to your online store. These affiliate marketers recommend your products or services to their established base, thereby introducing your business to them and adding a layer of trust. As a result, you reach paying customers that might not find you otherwise.

What are the benefits of an ecommerce affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your merchandise, both in the US and abroad. Ecommerce entrepreneurs see many benefits, including:

  • An increase in website traffic and conversion opportunities
  • A way to generate sales with an untapped customer base
  • Higher customer satisfaction scores due to better trust
  • Boosted sales revenue without associated marketing efforts and costs
  • Improved search engine optimization as affiliates promote content marketing materials with links, etc.


How can my business find affiliates to help with sales?

You can build a successful ecommerce affiliate program in various ways. In more popular industries, there are associations for affiliates where you can explore partnerships. You can also reach out through social media and relationships with noncompetitors in your field to let them know you’re open to affiliate marketing work.

Many ecommerce businesses have a section of their website devoted to affiliate partnerships in the ecommerce space. NEXT BASKET can assist you with this, along with running your ecommerce affiliate marketing program once your network is established.