NEXT BASKET is a unique, 360-degree online platform for cutting-edge e-commerce.

The platform was created for entrepreneurs and sellers who wish to grow their businesses in the digital space, laying out the most uncomplicated, fastest, accurate, and secure development path for them.

Our mission

NEXT BASKET eliminates the need for any preliminary preparation or accumulation of knowledge, skills, and experience by startup e-commerce sellers.

Our mission is:

  • To be useful to our customers and business partners
  • To bring added value to our customers and business partners with every service and product we offer
  • To contribute to environmental protection

We aim to enable you to concentrate on the quality and variety of the products you offer by taking over all other functions related to your online visibility and sales.

It’s enough that you have a good product, and we will show it to the world!

Our vision

Our vision is to be a preferred business partner and to offer our customers and business partners unparalleled products while taking care of the environment.

We focus on global, bold, and ambitious development – because we believe that stable, long-term growth is possible only when there are no limitations in the set goals.

Our values

All of our undertakings, decisions, projects, and development strategies revolve around the core values that build our image as a team. 

What is important to us? 

  • The customer is at the center of our universe. Their wishes and needs matter, not ours.
  • We treat the customer with courtesy, understanding, and full assistance. For us, the customer experience is the measure of success and realized potential.
  • Our collegial relationships are based on propriety, honesty, fairness, respect, and cooperation. We care about a healthy environment, both internally and when working with customers.
  • We promise only achievable results and never betray the customer’s trust. We are not afraid to discuss problems and difficulties because we believe that good decisions are the fruit of awareness.
  • We are flexible and change when necessary. We adapt both to the specifics of individual business niches and to changing conditions to maintain a steady pace online.
  • Innovation is an invariable part of our work style. Our vision includes constant renewal, enrichment, and optimization of all processes so that we can offer the best results!
  • We are an employer that cares about the training and development of all employees. We recognize, value, and invest in the potential of each of our employees – so that we move forward with a shared effort. 

Our goals

The goals we set for ourselves are as follows:

  • To be flexible and change simultaneously with the client’s needs
  • To constantly develop in order to keep up with the demands of the market
  • To offer quality products and services
  • To build an emotional connection with the client
  • To bring significant benefits to the user through our products and services
  • To create products, including packaging or a website, with perfect design
  • To distinguish ourselves from competitors with significant positive differences for the customer
  • To maintain stable and high-performance business systems
  • With any innovation or change, to analyze how it will affect the user and their attitude toward us or our products/services
  • To never sever our relationship with the user
  • To strive to gain consumer confidence in our brand and our products/services
  • To provide high returns to owners and shareholders

We look at these goals not as an ideal scenario but as a daily path we undertake to walk – systematically, conscientiously, and purposefully.