Realize more revenue with less cost with a perfectly structured product page integrated into your chosen design template.

What is a product page?

A product page is a separate web page that details a product from your catalog. 

It allows the end customer to view the product, learn about its features, and add it to their basket. 

The product pages that are part of the ready-made templates for NEXT BASKET e-shops: 

  • Provoke the visitor’s interest
  • Hold their attention
  • Provoke their desire to purchase

What are the must-have elements of a product page?

Product pages contain a set of graphical elements and features that are intended to influence the end user’s purchasing decision. 

The themes offer by NEXT BASKET in our product pages contain elements such as: 

  • Product or service name section
  • Photos and/or video of the products
  • Product descriptions and technical specifications
  • Information on availability and sizes
  • Add to Cart, Buy, or similar button 
  • Quick order buttons for purchase without registration in the e-shop 
  • Price of the good or service – regular or discounted
  • Customer reviews, ratings, and comments

What types of product pages are there?

Product pages can be different depending on the style, design, and functionality your store wants to offer customers. 

With NEXT BASKET, you can choose between different options for product pages according to your goals: 

  • Pages with related products, services, or collections 

Present a group of related products – collections of clothes, accessories, cosmetics, outfits, and more, offering them to the customer on one page.

  • Pages that present a product or service

Focus your buyer’s attention on a specific product or service and its benefits – offer them precisely what they need to purchase. 

  • Landing pages 

Create targeted marketing campaigns for a special offer, new product, bonus scheme, event, and more using our ready-made themes with built-in elements. 

  • Product comparison pages 

Enable your customers to compare different products to make an informed buying choice.

Product page settings in NEXT BASKET

Create different product pages with just a few clicks – attractively present your products and increase your profits. 

Each page can be set up to provide additional products or product sets.

You can create and set up your e-shop pages yourself or request this service from our team of experts.