It is essential to ensure that your online store has all the necessary elements to present itself best to potential buyers. 

At NEXT BASKET, we provide a wide range of online store templates containing different header options.

What is the header element in the ecommerce website?

The header is one of the snippets of your e-store that (along with the footer) contains crucial information.

It is positioned at the top of a page and thus marks its beginning. 

From the header, customers can reach each page, part of the navigation menu – Home, About Us, Contact, etc.  

NEXT BASKET offers a full range of themes with header options to customize your needs.

What are the main elements of a website or online store header?

There are few elements in this part of the website, as the goal is to focus the user’s attention on the navigation and logo without distracting them. 

Guided by this well-established practice in designing web design themes, our header options feature the following key elements:

  • Logo of the online store: a slogan (motto) can be present, which reinforces its effect
  • Navigation menu: collects in a bar, a list, and a set of links with buttons (hyperlinks) to the individual pages and subpages of your e-shop.
  • Icon and/or search box: from here, the customer can search for a product, service, or information.
  • Change language button: optional button for multilingual sites
  • Shopping cart icon: can be displayed in some instances (after logging in, adding a product, etc.)

What are the different header options for a website or online store? 

We’ll offer you the most popular header options so you do not doubt that your e-shop is stylish, modern, and functional. 

Choose between different header options, including: 

  • Static header: the most popular header option for an e-shop site that remains visible even when customers scroll through the page
  • Dynamic header: the main navigation disappears when moving the cursor (scrolling) down and reappears when clicking or scrolling up
  • Slider header: includes animated slides that show different information
  • Video header: contains a video that starts automatically or at the customer’s request
  • Minimalist header: focuses on a minimum of elements, usually a navigation menu
  • Full-screen header: takes up the entire screen and often presents large images with impactful messages
  • Header with megamenu: uses a set of submenus and is suitable for large e-stores that need to present a large amount of information
  • Header with dual navigation menu: presents information on two levels – first the main categories and then the additional ones.