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More consumers shop online than ever before. They appreciate the convenience and ease of browsing with online shopping, and more customers are making purchases in ecommerce apps. 

As a result, your online business will need to deliver such an experience. NEXT BASKET offers ecommerce mobile app development solutions with essential features your shoppers will love.

Be sure your business is where the consumers are

When shoppers download an ecommerce app from an app store (Apple or Android), they choose how they shop online. It’s a great sign of customer loyalty when they want your app on their mobile device. Mobile commerce is a fast-growing part of retail, driven chiefly by consumer demands and desires.

Developing an ecommerce app for your business ensures your business stays in line with what customers want. Both companies that are B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) can launch ecommerce apps.

An app is similar to your mobile website, but some key differences make shopping in an app more appealing to consumers and more lucrative for you.

E-commerce apps vs. mobile websites

An app is a standalone software downloaded and installed on a user’s mobile device. A mobile website is what people view by using an internet browser. They are both essential for online businesses. The advantage of an ecommerce app is that it’s an owned marketing channel.

As a result, your business can leverage marketing strategies to reach customers with push notifications. There’s no third party with an app, so offers have more personalization. The ability to do this can improve conversions and sales.

An app also has advantages in the user experience. Accessibility is more reliable, and some features may be available offline. Since app development and design is for this subset of users, you can use specific mobile functionality like:

  • Cameras for use in uploading images
  • Tactile gestures
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation targeting, etc.

Ecommerce mobile apps for your ecommerce website

NEXT BASKET can develop an ecommerce app for your online store and site administration management.

Online store apps

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Online store apps are the app version of your ecommerce platform. This project requires software development to recreate your online store within an app. It will include product pages, image galleries, cart and checkout processes, chat, information about sales, delivery and returns, and more.

You’ll want advanced features for customers, like the ability to register an account on the app. With an account, they can create wish lists and see orders, and you learn more about their shopping patterns.

The navigation of the site should be mobile-first and intuitive. Shoppers will want to be able to search the app and filter results based on standard parameters (e.g., size, color, type, etc.)

Site administration management apps

A site administration management app is aimed to secure swift and comfortable backend operations. 

With this app, you’ll be able to manage the following:

  • Adding or deleting items
  • Updating inventory availability
  • Reviewing ecommerce analytics and data
  • Monitoring of any issues that could cause downtime
  • Push notification timing
  • Sales numbers
  • Fulfillment status of orders, etc.

An ecommerce website with mobile app from NEXT BASKET

Explore the must-have features NEXT BASKET app developers deliver for ecommerce stores.

Modern design with easy order completion

Get an app that looks sleek and supports easy user interactions. Order completion should be as friction-free as possible. If shoppers find it seamless, they could order more from you and continue to return.

Compatability with all devices and operating systems

An app designed by NEXT BASKET will be compatible with all mobile phones and devices — Android and Apple. It will also run operating systems found on either device. There will be some minor differences between the two.

Categorization of products and collections

For your app to be easy to browse, it will have a framework of products and collections. Categorization at the item level will determine the classification.

Professional marketing layout and design

The design and layout of your ecommerce app are essential to usability and customer delight. You’ll receive a professional app that coordinates with your brand style.

Mobile app for Android

The results of the ecommerce app development process will be a version for Android devices. It will live in the Google Play App Store.

Mobile app for iOS

The other version of your app will be for iOS users. It will be available in the Apple App Store.

More loyal customers

App customers tend to be more loyal, and you can market it to them with exclusive offers. This furthers your relationship with customer engagement and ensures future spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make mobile applications for ecommerce?

Ecommerce application development for your online store is easy with NEXT BASKET. Our app developers work with ecommerce companies to create a shopping destination with essential features. Our clients provide instructions on branding, how it should work, the target audience, what they sell, and more information.

Other areas in app production pertain to connecting it to payment gateway and inventory systems, typically via application programming interfaces (APIs).

How to earn from a mobile application?

Earning revenue from e-commerce apps works in the same way as how you do so from your online website. An app integrates with a payment system and other software to drive the sales process of your ecommerce business, just as your website does. Shoppers can make purchases using the same payment options as your ecommerce website.

How much does it cost to make an ecommerce app?

Mobile app development costs vary depending on the volume of products or services offered. The complexity of a mobile app in terms of features or user experience will also impact the price you pay. With NEXT BASKET’s e-commerce platform, you get a complete turnkey solution at an excellent value that won’t inflate your technology stack costs.

How long does e-commerce application development take?

Timelines have many variables. The first version of your app may be ready for review within three to four months, depending on its scale and complexity. Work out a project scope and timeline at the beginning to keep things on track.

Is it difficult to scale an ecommerce app?

Your app may grow as your business does. Be sure you work with app developers using an agile framework to ensure scaling isn’t an issue. Address it before the project begins to evaluate the the quality of the ecommerce application development services on offer.

What testing should occur before you launch your app?

App developers should conduct lots of testing before the app or the minimum viable product goes live. They should perform quality assurance testing and make updates based on findings. This may take several iterations. Getting app users’ feedback in a test environment is also valuable. Ensure testing procedures are part of every new release.