These days, web pages for online stores and ecommerce businesses need good SEO ranking to be seen on search engines on the internet. 

This makes your business visible to online users who are looking for your products.

When you partner with the NEXT BASKET platform, you receive the SEO automation tools you need for the proper search engine optimization. You can rank higher in search engines and increase your revenue this way without spending a dime on advertising costs.

Website traffic without advertising budget with built-in SEO features

You will appreciate the innovation built into NEXT BASKET that helps you build your online store using optimized code and free SEO automation tools.

When your business combines the best SEO practices with the right SEO software for prime optimization, you get organic results that bring in customers and boost your bottom line. 

There are zero advertising costs involved, making NEXT BASKET a highly cost-effective solution.

Built-in SEO tools in the NEXT BASKET ecommerce platform

In addition to expert SEO services, NEXT BASKET provides its partners with multiple tools, including tools for automated SEO tasks.

When you automate SEO — especially when you automate repetitive SEO tasks — you save on manpower. This lets you and your staff focus on other areas of the business that require a human touch.

Mass updating of SEO tags and related products

How nice would it be to have an SEO mass update tool for SEO tags of any group of products? NEXT BASKET gives that to you — with just a few clicks.

All SEO tags are updated, which gives your site timeliness and uniformity. When search engine bots crawl your website, they read those tags, giving the user relevant content by web page, category, or product.

SEO spinner for products, categories, and brands

What is an SEO spinner? It’s a tool that allows you to create group meta titles and descriptions for any of the following on your site:

  • Various brands
  • Product categories
  • Individual products

The spinner uses already available text and relevant data about these elements, including related keywords, to generate unique content. 

The result is better ranking for relevance in internet searches and increased recognizability over your competitors.

Dynamic site map

If you have been relying on frequent manual updates on the structural changes of your website, you will enjoy the extra time you gain with NEXT BASKET’s dynamic site map.

This important piece of SEO optimization automatically updates whenever the structure of your site changes. Sitemap.xml is an integration file that provides real-time data about the present state of your ecommerce website. 

When it comes to best SEO automation practices, your dynamic site map is yet another NEXT BASKET component that keeps you ahead of the competition while also reducing tedious manual SEO tasks.

Auto-fill SEO descriptions

One of the most satisfying SEO tools that helps you automate SEO tasks is one that auto-fills metadata for you.

Once you enter a product title and description, the SEO automation software does the rest, adding meta title and description fields that include your target keyword. 

You still have the option to edit descriptions afterward if you like, but this tool is another way automated SEO lets you reallocate time and energy elsewhere.

Microformats with

How do search engines know exactly which data are important? Schema data microformats, an open-source data format, are a NEXT BASKET’s SEO automation tool that works with your site’s pages to identify data types, such as:

  • Products
  • Articles
  • Personalities

The goal of microformats is to help your ecommerce site rank better in search results and to enrich keyword rankings with Google visualizations, like images, reviews, and other pertinent information.

Automatic ALT tag generation on product images

You want the images you place on your site to be accurate. Automatic ALT tags (alternative tags) describe what is in each product image.

When you use ALT tags properly as part of your SEO optimization, crawling bots on the web understand image content better and therefore rank it correctly in search queries. ALT tags also help products rank in image search boxes.

If your ecommerce business is in the fashion or beauty niche, ALT tags are particularly important for selling.

Control over URL address structure

You’ve probably seen and used the term URL, short for uniform resource locator. This is an internet address where users find your website or ecommerce store.

However, SEO mistakes with your URL can negatively affect both website traffic and search rankings. That’s why the NEXT BASKET platform includes functionality for address structure control to double-check your website’s URLs.

The URL structure control tool accelerates and assists with continuous site monitoring and analysis of internal architecture. It boosts your SEO efforts with the best possible user experience and best SEO practices.

Integration with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Many consumers today search and shop online using their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s essential that your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly (a component of your core web vitals metrics).

Part of your SEO functionality includes ensuring your site works properly and looks good on any kind of device your customers use.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test helps with this. It checks your site’s performance against different SEO metrics on a variety of mobile devices. It then offers reports on various important criteria, such as loading speed, visualization of elements, and functionality.

Easy backlink management

Both inbound and outbound links are vital parts of online business and SEO. With inbound links, you don’t want to lose traffic due to URL (web address) changes or broken links.

Referrals are a tool that helps search engines and visitors end up at the right URL if they are redirected from a different web address. 

NEXT BASKET’s backlink analysis tool helps with automated site monitoring and lets you control links via a list that you can access and manage as needed.

Built-in crawler bot with automated error report

Technical errors are detected by internal bots (crawlers) that patrol the pages of your e-store as part of your technical SEO defense.

Your built-in crawler bot from NEXT BASKET generates reports from information it collects on all pages of your website. It lets you know which parts are troublesome and how you can make improvements with automated alerts.

Information gathered by the bot optimizes the SEO parameters of your site through SEO reports, technical SEO audits, and notification of technical SEO issues.

Professional SEO services for better search engine rankings

With NEXT BASKET, you don’t just get automated SEO software — you also get a team of experts to help with many professional SEO services.

In addition to all the free SEO tools that our platform partners have available, you are offered other invaluable services, such as:

  • Relevant keyword research
  • Content strategy and planning
  • A blog calendar
  • Meta descriptions
  • Copywriting services
  • Article publication
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Search engine rank tracking
  • Seasonal SEO campaigns with relevant keywords
  • Continuous SEO reporting, etc.

All of these items revolve around the best keyword positioning in search engine results pages (SERPs). NEXT BASKET is here to help you explore and leverage them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO, and why is an SEO audit important?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process that includes many moving pieces that affect the performance of your ecommerce website on search engines. These include technical optimization, content marketing strategy, and media outreach for better online visibility.

Perhaps you already use tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or Google Data Studio to analyze some of these elements of your SEO.

When your SEO optimization is done right, it boosts your business to the upper end of search engine rankings, letting customers find you more easily. This in turn increases the likelihood that they’ll visit your website and make a purchase.

Like the efforts  you put into your business’s digital marketing campaigns, SEO is a dynamic process that needs sustained attention. Periodic changes in search engine algorithms necessitate associated updates to your SEO strategies.

Fortunately, NEXT BASKET’s built-in SEO tools help you stay on top of any required changes and automate your response.

How are internal (on-page) and external (off-page) SEO optimization different?

Internal SEO optimization, also known as on-page SEO optimization, is made up of all the methods used at an internal level. This includes the website as a whole and the pages within it.

On-page SEO, when properly managed, is what lets your e-store rank highly in SERPs. It’s vital to bringing traffic to your site for sales.

All other optimization activities outside the site make up your off-page SEO. This might be backlink building, content promotion, and external articles and blogs found on media outlets.

What types of SEO tools are available to you?

When you seek out SEO tools, you may sort them by various criteria. First, there is affordability. You may be drawn to a free SEO report  or some other enticement, but is that the best way to find SEO software?

Once you start examining functionality, there are many more elements to study: keyword analysis, technical SEO, external optimization, reporting, automated tasks, and more. Sometimes, investing a bit more in your SEO tools pays off in the long run when they allow you to stand ahead of your competitors.

Should you be concerned about site loading speed and SEO?

If you want to rank well on Google and other internet search engines, a site loading speed of two to three seconds or less is a must.

If your ecommerce website loads too slowly, you may see a high bounce rate because potential visitors get frustrated and leave.

Part of NEXT BASKET’s analysis of your site includes loading speed. This is because search engines determine the usefulness of your website by more than just its content and look at loading speed, too.