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Distributors are always looking for new channels to reach wholesalers and retailers. NEXT BASKET helps you reach those customers with a ready-to-use ecommerce platform for distributors.

There, you can create an online store for distributing merchandise in the United States and abroad. Enjoy growing your business with a minimal investment.

A fully functional wholesale business e-shop

Wholesale distribution businesses have specific challenges when selling online. Plus, they want the usual ability to segment customers, personalize offers, and integrate warehouse systems with full data traceability.

You can meet those challenges with the NEXT BASKET platform for distributor ecommerce. We provide ready-to-use solutions with limitless connections and options.

You don’t need a background in internet sales, technical knowledge, or a huge investment of time and money.

Latest-generation solution for B2B businesses and wholesalers

Originally, selling online was focused on selling directly to individual consumers. But now, B2B (business-to-business) models are also needed.

NEXT BASKET has developed tools to meet the unique market of wholesale eCommerce. You get flexibility, accountability, and scalability all in one platform, with specialized services and software designed for ecommerce for distributors.

Manage supply chains, control distribution channels, and reach new customers with a single integrated solution that works across your entire business cycle.

Integrate ERP systems flexibly and swiftly

With our functional eCommerce solution, you can connect data from your online store with physical sites. 

We support seamless integrations and customizations, letting you connect the Platform with different ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, warehouse programs, and physical stores without interrupting your current business processes.

Seamless monitoring, analysis, and planning

The B2B ecommerce for distributors platform from NEXT BASKET allows you to integrate an unlimited number of physical sites and warehouses with your online sales data.

You can have instant access to inventory tracking, accounting processes, and price policies that come directly from your process management software. Make adjustments on the fly as needed to stay on target so that your company reaps the benefit of accurate real-time analysis and intelligent growth.

An ecommerce site with the needs of distributors in mind

As well as providing an efficient connection between physical and online channels, NEXT BASKET offers all the essential features for a B2B online business:

  • A smart built-in search bar for stores with multiple products, where shoppers can search by various applicable attributes
  • Dynamic pricing options, which permit you to display different prices based on user groups according to your criteria
  • Product recommendations based on personalization for customers or customer groups to increase order value
  • Ready-made solutions for dropshipping partnerships to help you realize more sales without added financial investment
  • Ability to create product groups for easier user navigation and increased sales of related and complementary products
  • A modern mobile application (responsive design) to leverage mobile sales for your ecommerce business
  • Multiple languages and currencies to serve international B2B sales, which is essential for unlimited growth
  • Ready integrations with couriers and reliable, affordable logistics for domestic and overseas order delivery

Get ready to take your company to the next level with a cutting-edge eCommerce business platform with superior marketing features. Manage customer data, enjoy integration scalability, and provide seamless retail experience for wholesale customers – now faster and easier than ever before.

What do you earn with the proper B2B e-commerce platform?

Ecommerce currently generates over half of all B2B sales globally. It’s predicted this rate will continue to grow.

Therefore, digitizing your sales by partnering with a stable and safe platform like NEXT BASKET to create an electronic store makes perfect business sense.

The end benefits of our wholesale eCommerce platform include:

  • Larger customer base
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Ability to sell 24/7
  • Better internal efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • Increased profitability

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company really need to sell online?

Yes! To be truly competitive, an ecommerce website is an essential component of your business model. You’ll find you broaden your customer base and sell more with a lower investment than selling through brick-and-mortar outlets.

What if we have multiple warehouses in different countries?

NEXT BASKET anticipates this and offers many solutions for you as an ecommerce wholesale distributor. We can connect all your warehouses and physical sites for you online.

Then, we put all the information in one easy-to-use location so that you can manage it conveniently. Thus, your online business runs smoothly, and your eCommerce strategy is ready to grow steadily.

How to choose between SaaS ecommerce platforms?

The best eCommerce platform for distributors and wholesalers needs to have automation and integration scalability, support seamless business operations, and be flexible enough to suit your B2B wholesale needs. In addition, consider the uptime and online store data safety that will keep your ecommerce store and its customers safe and satisfied.

Do you have any more questions?