With NEXT BASKET, you can open several ecommerce websites simultaneously in different countries, in different languages, in different currencies, and with personalized VAT rates. 

This approach changes the game for small, medium, and large retailers looking to expand their reach and enter new markets with minimal investment. 

Software solution for multiple online stores

NEXT BASKET’s innovative software architecture allows businesses to manage multiple online stores centrally and simultaneously. 

For this purpose, a central core is used, and each subsequent online store becomes a kind of satellite of this core. This architecture gives businesses access to one main control center to manage all their online stores. 

As a result, your digital business gets the highest possible level of flexibility, efficiency, and growth opportunities.

Мanaging different web shops with NEXT BASKET

Our unlimited e-store software solution helps you save time and resources without compromising the quality of your online presence.

Automated website translation into multiple languages

The Platform has a built-in program to translate the site into 28 different languages automatically. The service applies to all your online store content – from product and category descriptions to blog and supporting documentation. 

This feature allows you to serve customers in different markets by launching localized versions of your online store within days. 

Automated currency conversion

With NEXT BASKET, you can accept payments in different currencies from a total of 28 countries in Europe. Moreover, your product catalog will automatically display prices in the local currency, using automatic currency conversion at the current exchange rates. 

This solution frees your customers from the inconvenience of making complex calculations and keeping track of exchange rates. On the other hand, it prevents the risk of loss to the business in case of outdated or incorrect product price information. 

Different VAT rates in different countries

Compliance with local laws and regulations is among the most serious challenges in developing international e-commerce. With NEXT BASKET, this difficulty disappears as the Platform automatically calculates the tax rates in the respective countries.

This ensures your business complies with local tax regulations and always charges the proper VAT rate for each transaction. 

Compliance with local rules and regulations

The localization of your website is inseparably connected to the social, cultural, legal, and accounting framework of the market you want to sell to.

We help you customize and localize your online store to provide customers with a familiar and convenient way to shop online. This will ensure you work within the cultural and legal framework of each country where you want to establish your brand.

With the right solutions for multiple connected stores, our Partners take advantage of global market opportunities and exponentially increase their sales without making complex operations and costly investments.