If you’re seeking a way to stand ahead of your competitors and reach your target audience to claim the revenue you want, brand positioning is essential.

That’s why NEXT BASKET offers brand development services. Our platform provides your ecommerce business with the options you need to create a unique brand to sell your products.

From company to business and from business to brand with NEXT BASKET

How does a successful company get that way, attracting the right customers and posting superior sales numbers year after year?

Creating and displaying a strong brand identity is a key component of success.

NEXT BASKET provides specialists to help with your brand strategy in addition to offering services for developing your online store. We help ecommerce businesses corner the market by building brands that are instantly recognizable and designed to bring in ideal customers.

Building a brand vision and culture

When you build a successful brand, you create a distinct culture for your business, which in turn attracts the clients you desire.

You can develop the brand you always dreamed of with help from NEXT BASKET. We assist with many tasks that make creating a long-lasting brand less time-consuming and overwhelming:

  • Defining the menu of products and/or services you provide
  • Identifying your audience and how you can solve problems for them
  • Implementing marketing and advertising campaigns to get recognized
  • Conducting competitor brand research and building a holistic brand strategy

The experts at NEXT BASKET can offer insights into the process of building your online brand. Plus, we provide a range of related services that support your brand strategy in a comprehensive way.

Visual branding elements

Visual identity is a vital component of your overall brand strategy to create awareness and recognition. You might be a startup, or you could be an established ecommerce business using new branding as a refresh or to launch different products.

Successful brands use these creative elements in their advertising and other brand materials, which NEXT BASKET can assist with:

  • Logo – your brand’s main symbol, which should be instantly recognizable and memorable to customers
  • Color palette – an essential part of branding that uses different hues to create emotional impact
  • Typography – the fonts that you use in all your visual materials to give a desired impression of the brand
  • Graphic language – the total combination of your visual components that together create brand identity

For each of our accounts at NEXT BASKET, we create a Brand Book. This is a manual that holds each of the elements you will use in the process of creating and developing your brand identity.

Brand language and communication style

Your website, advertising, and other messaging all make up your brand’s communication style, which is part of your brand identity.

The team at NEXT BASKET can assist you in formulating a language and communication style that bolsters your vision for your brand. Our goal is to help you build trust, communicate clearly, and develop an image that reflects your mission and values.

PR strategy and customer relations

Public relations has evolved over the last few decades with an increase in digital commerce. Your website, social media, press releases, and other methods of communicating with customers must align and work together toward the same purpose.

These days, an expert PR strategy is a must. You can count on NEXT BASKET to make sure your publicity efforts are taking your company in the right direction.

Development, adaptation, and optimization of your brand strategy

Brand development is a dynamic process that shifts and flows as your company grows and the market changes. For the greatest success, expertise in brand strategies and optimization is important.

NEXT BASKET helps ecommerce businesses keep their focus on the future with continuous reporting and monitoring. You scale as desired while maintaining your competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a brand?

Your brand is the sum of your mission and values as the world sees it. Branding is comprised of multiple elements, including:

  • Visual components
  • Communication style
  • Reputation management, etc.

These things don’t exist in a vacuum; rather, they are part of a larger marketing plan that incorporates your goals and company culture.

How do you come up with a brand name?

Your brand name is the result of market research, internal reflection, and future planning. To create a brand name, you need to examine competitors, consider your business’s mission and culture, and devise a title that’s memorable (unique) and evergreen.

NEXT BASKET can help you develop a brand name with our new tool. Ask about how it can work for your ecommerce store.

Why are brand visual elements important?

Your brand image is made up of verbal, written, visual, and intangible elements. While they are all essential, visual components may be the most important.

Studies show that many consumers make purchasing decisions based on visual impressions of a brand. That means your logo, color palette, typography, and overall visual image must reflect your company as well as the customers it hopes to attract.

NEXT BASKET is here to assist you with all of these visual elements so that your brand is graphically memorable and one of a kind.