Ecommerce customer service is crucial because it ensures timely assistance and resolves issues for online shoppers, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in your brand.

This ultimately leads to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

To help your ecommerce business with its global expansion ambitions, we provide a contact center and phone support in 22 languages at NEXT BASKET.This saves you from the expense of managing your own call center and ensures quality, proactive customer service across various countries and languages.

Connect with customers worldwide and make global sales

When it comes to online sales, effective communication with customers is crucial.

Regardless of how well your products or services are described on your website, customers often have additional questions that require immediate answers.

In addition, ensuring successful order processing and delivery might require extra assistance.

With NEXT BASKET’s customer support teams, you can provide all the necessary information and support under one roof:

  • Addressing product inquiries and customer questions with instant answers
  • Guiding customers through the online purchasing process
  • Confirming orders and providing delivery details
  • Assisting with phone orders and more

Our comprehensive support is delivered customer service professionals who speak your clients’ native languages, fostering brand loyalty and ensuring your success worldwide.

When you meet customers’ expectations and deliver great customer service, you can achieve numerous benefits, including:

  • Building strong brand loyalty
  • Increasing sales by sharing product knowledge
  • Providing excellent customer service throughout the customer journey
  • Delivering personalized customer experiences
  • Increasing the customer lifetime value
  • Effectively solving customer problems, etc.

Inbound and outbound contact center in 22 languages

Human touch can make all the difference for ecommerce businesses. 

At NEXT BASKET, we provide versatile outsourced customer support services that cover both inbound and outbound communication.

This means we initiate conversations and maintain ongoing interactions to ensure comprehensive customer support.

  • Inbound contact center: This service handles incoming communication from customers, such as answering queries, addressing support requests, and providing information about orders in an efficient manner. Our team is well-prepared to respond promptly and professionally across multiple channels, delivering excellent customer experience every time.
  • Outbound contact center: On the other hand, our outbound customer service team initiates communication with customers. This could entail activities like following up on leads, conducting customer surveys, engaging in marketing outreach, and re-engaging with existing customers.

By operating both inbound and outbound customer service representatives, we empower you to manage interactions and customer feedback with ease.

This enhances your ability to provide excellent customer interactions and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

Ecommerce customer service teams tailored to your needs

As a Partner using NEXT BASKET’s online store, you have the flexibility to choose the languages you want for customer service based on your needs.

Your customer service strategy can grow alongside your business as you expand globally. This means you can easily adjust the languages, services, and communication channels according to what you require at any given time.

Discover the power of outsourcing ecommerce customer support to our dedicated teams.

Our automated solutions and dedicated ecommerce customer support team transform leads into loyal customers.

Elevate your online shopping experience with seamless and exceptional customer’s experience. Try it today and start supporting online shoppers — wherever they are in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my ecommerce store need both email support and phone support?

It depends on your customers’ preferences and growth strategy. Having both email and phone support customer service agents can provide multiple communication options, catering to different needs.

How does e-commerce customer service benefit my business?

A smart ecommerce customer support process enhances customer satisfaction, improves brand reputation, and increases customer loyalty by ensuring timely assistance and problem resolution.

Which communication channels should my ecommerce customer support cover?

You should cover various customer support channels such as email, phone, live chat, and social media to reach customers through their preferred platforms.

Is good customer service a business differentiator?

Absolutely. Exceptional customer service and proactive support agents set your business apart. Providing outstanding support not only retains customers but also attracts new ones through positive word-of-mouth and reviews.