Your journey to online selling success only begins with creating an ecommerce site and online store. How you manage that store determines whether or not you’ll reach your sales goals and develop a sustainable business.

NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce website management services help businesses with store management activities, so you can focus on other tasks and business decisions that require personal presence.

These managed services include:

  • Warehousing of inventory and ecommerce fulfillment for online stores
  • Realization of online sales with support for your unique selling activities
  • Customer and associate communication (both B2B and B2C)
  • Logistics and delivery, including returns and exchanges (reverse logistics)
  • Online store promotion, advertising, and digital marketing for sales growth
  • SEO to attract customers organically via search engines

SEO (search engine optimization) is particularly important in generating leads and customer interest. When done properly, SEO can save your business money you’d normally spend on advertising costs.

There are two levels of search engine optimization:

  • Technical site improvements
  • Site content creation and management

When you partner with NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce platform  and leverage our expertise  and management service, you increase your likelihood of success not only with sales in the United States but globally as well.

Our ecommerce management services will help you develop the online business you’ve always wanted (and the money that comes with it)!

Is the e-commerce store enough to make sales?

You may have already realized that it is not enough to simply create a digital store. This is just the first step of your business strategy.

You must promote your store to build a customer base. This results in:

  • More site traffic
  • Retail sales growth
  • Increased profitability

Digital marketing strategy

One of the most essential elements of ecommerce website promotion is digital marketing. Online marketing tools include:

  • Social media management for networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Google, which includes planning, targeting, and budget allocation
  • Content strategy creation to attract and then engage consumers via value-added content and content that meets search engine requirements
  • Professional copywriting services to accompany product images, such as descriptions, categories, blog articles, promotions, and social media posts

Advertising campaigns

Another important component of your marketing strategy that is connected to your website management is advertising.

Types of advertising, directed by our specialists, include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Remarketing

We understand many ecommerce businesses — no matter what size — prefer to run lean to save on overhead costs. You can trust NEXT BASKET to advertise your business effectively because we have the knowledge, experience, and technology.

Why hire full-time staff or spend valuable time trying to understand Google Search Console when marketing is part of our website management services?

Online merchandising

What is online merchandising? It’s a method of arranging your catalog items, including new products, in the most effective way to sell them.

Online merchandising positions products in different categories based on data known to help with sales. It also uses promotional banners, sections for special pricing, and the like to help consumers find products easily.

Sales channels

The most successful online stores sell through multiple channels. Omnichannel trade lets you integrate a brick-and-mortar store with an online store. Customers can try on items in a physical store, for example, or they can return items purchased online at a location near them.

Your sales channels should ideally have integrations with a variety of marketplace platforms, such as eMAG Marketplace, Facebook, Instagram Shop, and OLX.

Ready-made affiliate marketing system

You may have used affiliate marketing to purchase a product without even knowing it. This is an effective way to add yet another sales channel to your ecommerce business.

Affiliate marketing (aka partner marketing) allows other parties to sell your products or services to customers on the internet, for instance, through their blogs or online courses. These other entities receive a commission or percentage of the sale in return for adding to your customer base.

With NEXT BASKET, you enjoy a built-in module to help you create and manage affiliate campaigns to boost sales and attract customers who might not find you otherwise.

Expert advice and services for online sales from NEXT BASKET

NEXT BASKET offers two ways for you to develop your online business:

  • Independently – choose individual expert services from NEXT BASKET as desired in an à la carte manner for an additional fee
  • Complete online store management – let the NEXT BASKET team handle each process for more comprehensive support

Ecommerce website management solutions provided by NEXT BASKET include:

  • Marketing services – the creation, implementation, and management of all marketing and remarketing activities
  • SEO optimization – technical SEO and error-free SEO of website content, both internal (on-page) and external (off-page)
  • Commercial services – assisting with commercial policy, pricing policies, and similar tasks for the greatest success of your business
  • Content creation – web design, product photography and videography, product descriptions, banners, article writing, etc.
  • Warehousing and fulfillment – maintenance of inventory, as well as order fulfillment, returns, and item exchanges
  • Accounting – accounting and related documentation, plus compliance with all legal acts and requirements associated with sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Are NEXT BASKET website management services free?

It depends on your plan. NEXT BASKET offers some software and services for free, while others need an additional payment.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about specific services and which plan is best for your online store. As new features become available, we will also advise you about any that are a good match for your business model.

Can the NEXT BASKET team create and manage affiliate programs for my business?

Yes, NEXT BASKET is knowledgeable and experienced at creating affiliate programs. We know how to help you connect with the right experts to grow your customer base and increase sales.

We often recommend affiliate selling to help reach audiences you might miss through advertising or SEO. It requires a different kind of CRM (customer relationship management), but a highly effective one.

How will NEXT BASKET serve my store?

When your ecommerce business collaborates with NEXT BASKET, you will be paired with a personal account manager to assist you with all online store processes to improve the performance of your website, drive business, and boost your bottom line.