Your ecommerce business will appreciate the many advantages that come with using the barcode generator provided by NEXT BASKET.

You will improve efficiency in many capacities, as well as guarantee traceability and accountability for all merchandise sold in your online store.

Product management and labeling in the online store

NEXT BASKET offers a tool in our suite to generate barcodes, which can be read by a barcode reader to identify products. You’ve probably seen a similar SKU system in brick-and-mortar retail stores.

You will enjoy features like:

  • Barcode generation to create your own barcodes unique to each product
  • Barcode scanning to display information about each individual item

Ecommerce retailers appreciate being able to see everything that the system sees in order to make their operation more cost – effective and streamlined.

Quickly create barcodes for each product

NEXT BASKET’s barcode generator not only lets you create custom barcodes for each product, but it also serves as a barcode label generator.

You can download code files for items, print barcode labels, and then use the labels to better organize your warehouse and keep track of merchandise. 

This assists you in staying on top of inventory, and it makes picking and packing easier for staff, especially seasonal help, who may be less familiar with your warehouse.

Enjoy fast and error-free warehouse management

Poor warehouse management and loose inventory control cost your business money indirectly. However, a barcode system with an SKU barcode generator that lets you create custom labels helps you handle inventory with less wasted time and effort.

These days, easily manageable product codes are a must, whether you have a startup ecommerce business or move thousands of products every hour. The more products you sell — which will increase as you grow — the more you need effective warehouse management.

The benefit isn’t just in product labeling and sorting inventory. Your warehouse data are synchronized across multiple processes, making for easy reporting, restocking, and order fulfillment.

Accelerate your order fulfillment process

Small businesses and large companies alike all want to speed up processing orders. Customers today demand fast fulfillment and shipping and will quickly turn to competitors if not fully satisfied.

When you have a barcode management system in place, your order processing will be accelerated, as staff who do picking and kitting can locate items instantly. 

Last but not least, you’ll know when stock is getting low, so you can order more to avoid missing revenue due to running out of popular items.

Track inventory with complete information about every product

Imagine being able to see all the information instantly about every item in your online store, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. 

Inventory management systems, including barcode generators, let you do this.

If you want to know the details about a particular item, such as price and size, you only need to scan the barcode of the product to get the information you desire.

Rely on full traceability and accountability of movements

Asset tracking with a universal product code gives you better accountability for all your products, and it’s just at your fingertips.

Once you generate a barcode for an item, you can keep track of its whereabouts, whether it’s in the packing, shipping, or return process.

Using barcode data also lets you generate reports, so you can analyze items by different metrics. This lets you adjust your inventory or sales process accordingly to maximize income and improve customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do barcode generators work?

A barcode generator tool creates a barcode symbol that is affixed to a product and can be read by a scanner. Barcode scanners are a type of mobile device, and the most modern ones can also read QR codes.

Barcode generator systems allow you to print labels and analyze product data to improve your sales process from start to finish.

What are the benefits of using a barcode generator?

There are many advantages to using a barcode generator for ecommerce. This can include, for example:

  • Increased accuracy in inventory management
  • Faster order processing, exchanges, and returns
  • Merchandise tracking and accountability
  • Minimized risk of human error
  • Report creation for sales metrics and business scaling

Do we have to use NEXT BASKET’s online barcode generator?

NEXT BASKET offers barcode generator software as a free tool with our platform for our clients’ convenience. It’s easy to integrate and compatible with many businesses.

However, you are not obligated to use it. It’s strictly optional, and you are welcome to use your own tools to create barcodes if you like.