Benefit from a full range of features and integrations – we aim to offer you an innovative 360-degree business model that helps you earn more. 

More revenue at a lower cost

NEXT BASKET is a modern ecommerce platform built on microservice architecture and scalable server resources. 

These are factors that guarantee you: 

  • Under 1-second loading speed of the online store  
  • 100% service continuity even under peak loads.

340+ ecommerce website features  

These are features built into the Platform software that NEXT BASKET Partners benefit from. 

They can be provided free of charge or obtained for an additional fee.

90+ integrations with external software and services

The platform comes with pre-built connections to external software and services that will benefit you in doing business:

  • Chat and chatbot systems
  • 15+ integrations with payment systems
  • Integrations for hire purchase
  • Courier integrations and services 
  • Marketing integration and services 
  • Relationship with external sales channels 
  • ERP, warehouse systems, etc.

Security and uptime in extreme traffic

With its architecture, software, and server capabilities, the platform is guaranteed to withstand extreme workloads.

  • During big promotions like Black Friday and others, your site will run continuously and without slowdowns.
  • The user experience remains top-notch regardless of the number of users on the site. 

3 security certificates and automated tests

Your company data and that of your customers, including finance and payments, is 100% protected. 

  • SSL certificate for each page of the site 
  • AMATAS Cybersecurity Certificate 
  • PCI DSS certificate for online payment security

Built-in automation tools 

The platform offers a modern way to search and describe products and various automation tools for your online business.

You’re taking advantage of artificial intelligence in marketing and merchandising.

Perfect SEO – lots of conversions at zero cost

The platform meets 96% – 100% of Google’s requirements for online stores. 

With us, you use the best SEO features and tools and achieve more conversions with zero advertising costs.

Omni-channel integration between physical and e-store

Sell more with an innovative method of integrated sales between your online and physical store and use services like:

  • Online ordering and receiving the goods at a physical location
  • View and test the product at the physical site after online ordering
  • Return to your online store for greater customer convenience, etc.

Dropshipping solutions

You can trade goods that are not physically stored in your warehouse.

You accept online orders from international customers, where the products are not in the retailer’s warehouse but in someone else’s.

Ecommerce without borders

NEXT BASKET allows you to duplicate your e-shop in different countries around the globe.

You use secure logistics and all multilingual customer services for this purpose.