NEXT BASKET is one of the few global ecommerce platforms designed to work quickly and seamlessly with unlimited web traffic and many products.

What is web traffic? 

Web traffic refers to the amount of data (both incoming and outgoing) exchanged during communication between website servers and user devices.

The traffic volume is determined by the number of visitors and the pages visited on your site.

Traffic indicates the popularity of a particular website or online store as a whole and of specific pages. It measures daily, monthly, or longer-term visits.

Tracking this metric and collecting data from different traffic sources is essential for any online business, as it allows for optimization and changes in the development strategy.

Risks with increased traffic

Driving traffic is a goal for every online business, but if the platform it’s built on isn’t stable enough, increased traffic can become a problem.

During sales and significant discounts (such as Black Friday), online stores experience high traffic, meaning a substantial increase in visitors.

A poorly functioning website can result in technical bugs – functions crashing, service delays, etc.

This can hurt your business since visitors will likely abandon shopping and opt for your competitors’ services.

Factors that influence the stability of a website experiencing high traffic

Ensuring a site’s good performance with high traffic depends on two main factors:

  • Servers: NEXT BASKET is built on scalable server resources, which allow for their automatic expansion (engaging more servers) when traffic to the site increases and reducing their number when such a need is absent.
  • Technical condition of the Platform: NEXT BASKET is constantly maintained and updated both automatically and by specialized teams who perform 24/7 performance monitoring and intervene promptly in case of errors.

NEXT BASKET guarantees that your online store will work quickly and without interruptions, even with exceptionally high traffic.

Security and Platform reliability

We conduct periodic tests to monitor the functionality of NEXT BASKET.

Current Platform tests show that it is 100% secure and reliable with:

  • Traffic to your online store of 50,000 simultaneous visitors.
  • Execution of 5,000 transactions (checkouts) at the same time.

This ensures your webshop remains up and stable no matter the number of active user sessions.