The homepage is the front door to your online store.

NEXT BASKET offers ecommerce website templates with homepages containing all the elements needed to present your business in its best light. 

What is your e-shop homepage, and why is it important?

The homepage serves as a business card for your business – at NEXT BASKET, we offer a wide range of homepage themes with innovative designs.

This type of web page includes graphic elements and features – banners, sliders, CTA buttons with calls to action, navigation, and product photographs that attract customer attention. 

Here, visitors will learn about your product range, active promotions, different brands, and other valuable information to make their choice and be motivated to shop. 

The homepage is essential for the following reasons:: 

  • Excellent user experience when visitors are in your e-shop 
  • Booming online sales and the buying decision of prospective and current customers

The homepages in the different NEXT BASKET themes have the following main features: 

  • Meet essential UX and UI requirements
  • Have a responsive design; visualize and function properly on all devices
  • Have a variety of visual elements and arrangements to meet your specific needs 

NEXT BASKET homepages can be customized to your goals to follow your brand vision.

Homepages with all the elements for successful e-commerce with NEXT BASKET

Need a homepage theme that includes all the must-have elements to sell successfully?

NEXT BASKET has just the right design solution.

We offer you a variety of homepage themes that include all the necessary elements:

  • Name and logo: the key elements of your brand identity can be positioned on the homepage in an attractive way 
  • A menu with main categories: a crucial element that ensures your customers will find their way around quickly and easily and will be able to reach every section of the site
  • Search engine: your visitors will find the information or product they need with just a few clicks on a keyword search 
  • Advertising banners or sliders: focus your customers’ attention on current promotions, product offers from specific brands, and other ready-made designs that are customizable 
  • Contact information: your e-store will be more trusted when your contact information is available on your homepage and easily accessible 
  • Social media links: build long-term relationships with your customers by encouraging them to follow your store on social media 
  • Footer with useful links and information: provide easy access to documents such as terms and conditions, different types of policies and terms for shipping, payment, returns, and more by placing them in the footer section of your site 
  • News, events, or blog section: offer added value by linking and/or displaying the latest news and useful blog posts on your homepage
  • Sign up for an email newsletter with promotions: create an email list to use longterm to promote your e-store and build a loyal customer base
  • Reviews and Ratings: nothing works as well for your e-store as positive reviews from satisfied customers that you post on the site 

What are the different types of homepages in the themes NEXT BASKET offers you?

Homepages can advertise products, services, events, and individual brands, be seasonal/holiday-oriented, etc. 

All types of homepages your business needs are available and ready to use in the themes offered by NEXT BASKET.

Product-oriented homepages

Focus your visitors’ attention on your store’s product portfolio. 

Product-oriented homepages have design and graphic elements that attractively present individual products, categories, or brands.

Brand-oriented homepages

Establish your brand’s relevance to potential buyers with relevant photography, videos, and other design elements. 

Brand-centric homepages are the perfect way to tell your story and build strong customer relationships.

Seasonal or festive homepages

Create a mood and boost your online sales with a homepage design tailored to the season, an upcoming holiday, or other significant event. 

Take advantage of ready-made homepage templates for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, store birthdays, and more.

Homepages related to services

Present your services, focus potential customers’ attention on their qualities, and increase your sales.

With service homepages, you can advertise special offers, add customer reviews, or encourage visitors to contact you through an inquiry and/or subscription module.

Homepages related to events

Advertise upcoming business forums, conferences, seminars, and other events successfully with a homepage in an appropriate design.

These homepages offer solutions for any business looking to increase their visibility, and we offer you a wide range of ready-to-use templates.