NEXT BASKET offers an intuitive ecommerce platform to build and manage your online store without any prior technical training.

This includes using a functional admin account with easy setup, management, and customization options.

Easy account registration and management

Creating an account on the Platform is quick and easy, allowing you to control all your account settings.

Once you’ve entered the initial settings, you can manage your accounts conveniently, including complete control over security settings and integration options.

Regular updates and round-the-clock technical support will make it easy for you to focus on growing your business instead of fixing problems.

Flexible customization options 

The Platform offers highly customizable options to ensure your ecommerce website reflects your unique brand identity.

You can use your account to add business information, including your logo, company description, and contact details.
With the option to change the color palette and template structure, your business will have its own recognizable face to set you apart in the marketplace.

Managing roles and rights

Control and delegation of authority are paramount to the proper function of your e-commerce site. 

With NEXT BASKET, you can define different roles in your account, as well as set different permissions and access levels with just a few clicks.

This ensures that the right people can access the right resources, promoting efficiency, accountability, and security.

Integrated payment methods

NEXT BASKET has ready-to-use integrations with over 20 different payment methods used in Bulgaria, Europe, and worldwide. 

You can choose between traditional electronic payment methods or integrate omnichannel capabilities if you’re ready to accept payments on-site at a physical location. 

The Platform offers advanced solutions adapted for B2B transactions and international trade in all currencies.

Order management

Our Partners can use the ERP system and warehouse fulfillment software integrated into the Platform for complete order and stock traceability. 

Combined with secured deliveries to 28 different countries, this gives you a 360-degree logistics solution, regardless of the number of markets or the size of your business.

Your account gives you access to notifications, real-time updates, and order history to make the right decisions in your customer relationships.

Preparation of reports and statements

In your Partner Profile on the Platform, you can use detailed reports on sales, inventory, and customer activity.

A custom dashboard lets you identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to optimize business strategies.

You use over 40 types of reports and statements for this purpose, including structured data on total sales, gross margin by category, and current stock. 

24/7 technical support

Our team can answer all your questions about setting up and managing your account.

NEXT BASKET offers round-the-clock top-level technical support to ensure all business operations run smoothly. 

Whether it’s a query about necessary integrations or help with a technical fault, we’re here to help you get the most out of your system at the least cost and effort.