NEXT BASKET  is a Bulgarian company which offers its own software platform for online commerce, based on artificial intelligence.

Through the platform you can develop online stores, which could be used in SaaS regime – the company retains the ownership of the software and offers it for usage against monthly fee.

The limited liability company Next Basket AD was founded in 2021 by Borislav Malinov, a Bulgarian entrepreneur with rich experience in e-commerce, marketing and logistics.

The organizational structure of NEXT BASKET is based on a matrix model, which allows clear positioning and distribution of the responsibilities in the different departments and administrative levels of the company.

The main processes at NEXT BASKET are distributed within 4 departments:

  1. Software development

    This activity is fully entrusted to Senior Specialists, whose activities are organized through the Domain Driver Design method;

    Following the best world practices is a leading principle of the software team’s work, some of which are: Integrated artificial intelligence, embedded SEO functions, presence of 95% coverage of the test code, microservice architecture and automatic scaling of the server resources.
  2. Sales

    This structural unit is engaged with sale of the services related to online store development.

    Unlike sector competitors, sales at NEXT BASKET are done through both the company website and live – in person with experience consultants, qualified in e-commerce.
  3. Post-sale service

    Employees from this department provide services to clients with online store, developed by NEXT BASKET;

    The account managers, which are experts both in ecommerce and marketing, communicate with the owners of the specific businesses, called Partner of NEXT BASKET and help them with the management of the website and their entire online business.

    At the same time, other company employees, narrow specialists, complete the agreed with the Partner services in the field of trade, digital marketing and warehousing operations.
  4. Logistics

    This department’s activity is related to the management of all fulfillment warehouses of NEXT BASKET, with control of courier services, as well as with the care for all Partners that are storing their products at the company’s warehouses in NB 360 option.

NEXT BASKET offers its services all over the world and constantly works on localization of the offered software Platform by translation to local languages, observance of the legal and financial requirements in the respective country, as well as integration to local payment systems, couriers and ERP systems.

Company clients are segmented into the following categories:

  1. Beginner traders  – all that wish to enter fast and easy at e-commerce;
    They can use the platform option for use called NB 360 ˚ 
    This is a 3-in-1 business model:  online store + warehouse + sales and marketing services.
  2. Existing online stores – online trader that wish to generate more income with less expenses through migration to the NEXT BASKET platform
  3. Physical stores – traders that wish for NEXT BASKET to develop their online store, which will use the goods at the physical store as warehouse of the e-store
    This the so called LOCAL option of using the Platform.
  4. Distributors and Manufacturers without an online presence
    The Platform is compatible with most ERP systems, which support quick development of an online store, regardless of the manner, in which they sell product to their clients – B2B or B2C.
  5. Big online stores – all that seek better performance of their e-store in terms of productivity, security and sales
    NEXT BASKET covers these requirements, including with the help of artificial intelligence functions for automation and communication with end customers.

NEXT BASKET employees firmly believe in the company values, but especially in one of them: Partners are always at the center!

NEXT BASKET’s development strategy is based on 9 business models, 7 of which are part of the so called blue ocean –  new market spaces offering innovative services with no competition worldwide.