The surest way to sell more is to sell in more places.

NEXT BASKET offers a solution where digital product distribution happens quickly, securely, and efficiently.

The Platform has a set of pre-generated feeds through which you can synchronize product data with various online platforms and marketplaces.

What is a Product Feed?

A product feed (also known as a product emission) is a tool for digital product distribution across various e-commerce channels.

It’s a file with structured information about the available products in the online store. It serves as a data source for various marketing and advertising platforms, comparison shopping websites, and other channels that require up-to-date information about your catalog.

Typically, the product emission includes basic data for each product, such as title, description, price, availability, SKU code (Stock Keeping Unit), brand, category, image URLs, and other relevant attributes.

Product feeds are usually formatted in machine-readable formats like XML (eXtensible Markup Language) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values). The structure and attributes included in the feed can vary depending on the requirements of the receiving Platform or service.

Automatic generation and updating of product feeds ensure that product information remains accurate and synchronized across different marketing channels.

Unleash the Potential of E-commerce with Feeds from NEXT BASKET

Our Platform supports pre-generated product feeds with automated updates and flexible customization options.

Creating a Feed

Your product data can easily be transformed into a dynamic XML feed that automatically updates product information in real time.

This way, you only need to make the necessary changes on your site, and they will automatically spread to all other sales channels you use.

Feed Customization

You can personalize your product emission by adding product-specific characteristics – price, images, description, variants, promotional labels, etc.

This ensures an up-to-date, harmonious digital presence tailored to your business specifics and current marketing campaigns.

Automated Information Update

Your feeds are automatically updated to reflect the latest changes in your product catalog.

This feature simplifies inventory management and ensures information synchronization in omnichannel commerce.

Compatibility with Various Platforms

XML feeds can be used to synchronize product data with various online platforms and marketplaces.

With NEXT BASKET, you can use ready-made feed synchronizations with channels such as:

  • Instagram
  •  Facebook
  •  Google Merchant
  •  Google Ads
  •  Criteo
  •  Shopzilla, etc.

Support for Multiple Currencies and Languages

With NEXT BASKET, you can create feeds in different currencies and languages, making them ideal for international online stores.

For international trade, you can also use our software solutions to translate the online store into multiple languages, including:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

Security and Reliability

XML feeds are encrypted and provide a reliable solution for managing your product data.

This ensures you don’t risk exposing sensitive data about your business, customers, distributors, or partners.

Professional Technical Support

Our team is available to help you set up and manage all XML feeds.

For this purpose, you can turn to our round-the-clock contact center and your personal assistant on the Platform.