NEXT BASKET offers a vast selection of ready-made design templates with unique designs suitable for any ecommerce business. 

Our themes include all the types of pages your website should have – from the homepage to product pages, listing pages, and header and footer elements.

Types of pages integrated in NEXT BASKET design templates

The available themes include all types of pages that every modern website and e-store needs. 


The homepage is the primary page users see when visiting your website (e-shop). 

It’s vital to the user experience and performance of your business because of the following:

  • The customer’s first impression is formed in the first few seconds after loading – we have made sure that the look of this page, available in each of our design themes, is as attractive as possible.
  • Banners, buttons to other pages, promotional campaigns, and products or services can be placed on the homepage to engage and prompt action.
  • The homepage determines whether the user stays in your store or leaves it.
  • NEXT BASKET homepages offer customers the most convenient way to reach your products, services, and other e-store features.

NEXT BASKET offers you a vast catalog of themes tailored to the modern requirements of homepage design.

The homepage choices are tailored to your industry and the range of products and services you offer online.

Listing pages

A listing page contains a list or index of other web pages that direct customers to the information, products, services, or sites they seek.

Its purpose is to make it easier for users to interact with your e-shop by helping them quickly and easily reach the part of it that interests them. 

Following established practices, this type of page is present in each of the design templates offered by the Platform.

Brand pages

You can provide interesting information on the brand page to introduce your customers to your brand’s story, products, or services. 

You can add text content, dynamic and static elements (such as banners), CTA buttons to product categories of individual brands, etc. 

The themes offered by NEXT BASKET come with the ability to add and customize brand pages depending on your specific goals.

Landing pages

The landing page presents a focused and impactful offer for a product or service offered by your online store. 

Commercial pages of this type successfully advertise a product or group of products in a way that stimulates their sale. 

NEXT BASKET themes enable you to create landing pages with a rich set of design elements, buttons, and hyperlinks to sell effectively.

Product pages

Product pages present the individual products in your catalog in an impactful way and with a range of options to interact with your store. 

Here, your customers can see the individual products you sell, read their features and descriptions, choose a size and color, and add it to their shopping cart. 

With NEXT BASKET, you can choose between different options for displaying individual product pages in your e-shop to attract customer attention and increase your sales.

Checkout page

The checkout page is related to completing the order in the online store.

Here, customers enter their shipping details, choose their payment method, and check and confirm their order. 

We offer different versions of interactive checkout pages aligned with best practices for optimizing the order completion process.

Page elements with customization options

The design and features of the themes offered by NEXT BASKET include several essential elements that every online store should have.


This is the part of the website or online store usually at the top of the page, although the design themes offered give you the freedom to position your header laterally (right or left) or in the middle. 

This is where elements such as a logo, site navigation menu, and links to crucial information that would be useful to users are placed. 

The themes offered by NEXT BASKET provide header options with different designs and color schemes that you can position in various places on the site.


The footer is usually placed at the bottom of the website or online store. 

In this static element, you can place information and links common to all web pages – menus with legal information, contact sections, and others of your choice. 

Well-structured content here provides the information your customers need and helps to increase trust in your business and brand. 

All NEXT BASKET templates come with a footer element where you can change the colors, design, and visual elements. 

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