LOCAL is an option to use the NEXT BASKET platform developed especially for the needs of physical stores, manufacturers and distributors who want to digitize their sales.

For the purpose ready-made software solutions are used through which the available goods are presented as a set of products in the electronic store and the warehouse becomes a point where online orders are shipped.

The management of your e-store is completely taken over by NEXT BASKET and the only obligation left for you is to pack the online orders, print the bill of lading and deliver the orders to a courier every day.

Who can benefit from this option of using the Platform

Building and managing an e-store connected to an already existing physical facility is suitable for the following types of businesses:

  • Merchants with one or more physical stores who want to increase their profits by selling online
  • Distributors and wholesalers who want to expand their partners network in Bulgaria and throughout Europe
  • Manufacturers of goods who want to sell directly to customers with a higher profit margin

Are you hesitating whether LOCAL is a suitable option for you and your digital business development?

LOCAL option price terms

The fee is a percent on the online store turnover under this partnership option.

Electronics and Groceries: 5% (or 6% depending on the country)

All other Business lines: 7% (or 10% depending on the country)

The percentage is charged on the sales’ value without VAT and it depends on the category of products you are selling online.

NEXT BASKET will install its own ERP system in the physical facility in order to make the connection between the online and the physical store.

This happens within one day for a fee of BGN 500 per terminal which you pay once.

Each of our Partners receives 75 free services in the field of online trade including creating the online store, online advertising, administrative formalities and others with the LOCAL option.

What are your obligations under the LOCAL option?

You have the following obligations under the LOCAL option:

  • You give us information about your products and product categories
  • You give us access to your physical facility to perform ERP system installation
  • You take care of maintaining the stock of the products
  • You pack up online orders and deliver them to a courier daily

As a result, you get a fast, intelligent and complete solution for migration from physical to digital sales with almost zero investment.

What are NEXT BASKET obligations under the LOCAL option

LOCAL is an innovative way to enter the world of e-commerce without the need for previous experience and technical knowledge.

In this partnership option our team creates, services and develops your digital presence and you take 90% of the value of all online sales.

Our commitment to LOCAL Partners includes:

  • Omnichannel integration between physical facility and e-store
  • Building of a modern, secure and functional online store
  • Procedure for registration of the online store in the National Revenue Agency
  • Hosting with a flexible traffic limit and server space
  • Ongoing maintenance and technical troubleshooting
  • Periodic generation of backup copies of the online store
  • 24/7 support and assistance system via chat, email and phone
  • Guaranteed delivery of the online orders to 28 countries
  • Call center services for incoming and outgoing calls
  • A personal account manager who will answer your questions

With LOCAL you no longer sell in one physical location with limited opening hours but throughout all of Europe with 24/7 opening hours.

Are you ready your business to grow?

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Benefits for the Partners using the LOCAL option

Here’s what you get when you start selling online with an e-store managed by the NEXT BASKET team:

  • Modern online presence with almost zero investment
  • A sharp increase in sales without additional costs
  • Digital development without the need of previous experience and technical knowledge
  • Constant opportunity to upgrade, grow and scale the business

As your partners we earn more the more you earn.

With LOCAL, you never pay more than you earned and you count on our expertise to help your business grow in front of your eyes.

Free and paid services under LOCAL

Here below you can see the complete list of functionalities, free and paid services under the LOCAL option.