A good plan underpins the success of any large-scale activity, and setting up and growing an ecommerce business is no exception. 

One of the commercial services of NEXT BASKET is creating an annual calendar for campaigns and promotions in the online store of the Partner. 

What is the annual campaign and promotions calendar?

It’s a plan with campaigns and promotions that defines the following: 

  • Type of campaign or promotion 
  • The product categories that will include 
  • The period of validity with start and end date

Creating an annual calendar with campaigns and promotions is a service offered by the sales department of NEXT BASKET.

Its purpose is to increase your store’s sales, gain new customers, and direct the attention of current customers to particular products or product categories. 

What does the annual calendar depend on?

The campaign promotions calendar may be tailored to different factors or events.

Here are some examples of promotions and campaigns that can be planned for your online store in NEXT BASKET: 

  • Seasonal campaigns: promotions and campaigns related to clothing or footwear for spring, summer, autumn, and winter 
  • Campaigns tailored to major holidays: Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.

Campaigns related to key events throughout the year: First Day of School, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more.

An annual campaign calendar for your online store by NEXT BASKET’s sales department

NEXT BASKET’s sales specialists can prepare an annual calendar of campaigns and promotions for your online store.

All you need to do is reach out, discuss your goals with us, and let us plan your way to e-commerce success.