Every business that sells products or services online knows the importance of a well-functioning online store.

But what do you do when you need to migrate your business to a new platform due to issues with the current one?

It’s a challenging task you can undertake yourself, but at the cost of time, resources, and potential mistakes.

We offer ready-made software solutions for website migration and re-platforming, making the process quick, easy, and successful.

What’s more – our experts will do it for you completely FREE!

Complete site migration in three working days

In e-commerce, time is money, so we won’t waste yours.

NEXT BASKET has pre-established technical connections with popular online platforms.

This way, we can transfer your products, categories, filters, and content as quickly as possible without the risk of data loss.

Our SEO experts will ensure that your site is transferred without the risk of losing traffic and search engine rankings, and our designers will help you achieve a modern look in harmony with your branding.

From which platforms can you migrate?

The answer is short: FROM ALL OF THEM.

Our ready-made data transfer automation works equally well with all major online store-building platforms around the world.

This way, you get secure and risk-free solutions to bring a positive change to your digital appearance without losing information.

Usually, your site can be replatformed fully automatically without requiring your involvement in the process.

In some cases, however, you will need to provide us with information about product categories, filters, photos, and product descriptions, as well as send us the files from the website footer.

After that, our team will do everything for you – professionally and free of charge.