NEXT BASKET offers a unique way to grow in the realm of e-commerce.

With us, you’re not just using software to create an online store; you get a comprehensive 360-degree business method and more than 125 expert services tailored to your business.

These services aim to help you expand your online presence locally and internationally more efficiently.

All services are provided by the expert team at NEXT BASKET. Their scope encompasses all aspects of an online store, from trade policy and pricing strategies to digital marketing, advertising, and SEO.

Depending on your chosen business model, you can utilize a varied number of paid and free services, ranging from 24 to 75.

How do you access free services if you manage your online store independently?

The first business model of the platform allows you to lease the software and manage your online store independently.

With this business model, you can access 24 free services related to creating and managing an online store.

To avail of these free services, all you need to do is connect with your dedicated account manager and express your requirements and desires.

As our Partner, you also have the option to utilize paid services in combinations and periods of your choosing, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

How to use free services if NEXT BASKET manages your online store?

In our second business model, your only responsibility is maintaining stock availability. In contrast, the NEXT BASKET team designs and executes the strategy for your digital growth.

In this option, you can avail a set of 75 free services linked to creating and managing your online store.

These complimentary services are part of our partnership. To access them, you merely need to inform us of your requirements.

For this purpose, you can connect with your personal consultant on the platform and discuss your needs and expectations.

Of course, depending on the evolving needs of your business, you can always add paid services rendered by our team.