Elevate your online business and unlock the potential of channel sales with NEXT BASKET.

A next-generation platform for online stores, we provide you with the tools and resources to expand your reach beyond direct sales, boost revenue, and create a great user experience for your customers — wherever they hang out.

Embrace a comprehensive channel sales strategy with NEXT BASKET, tap into new markets, connect with new customers, and achieve success.

Unlock New Opportunities with Channel Sales

Expand your business horizons with the right sales channel strategy.

With NEXT BASKET, you can reach a wider audience beyond your own online store, leveraging external channels so your sales team can uncover new opportunities for growth and revenue.

With a diversified channel sales model, you can maximize your reach and capture the attention of a broader customer base. It helps you connect with target customers who may not have discovered your business through direct sales efforts and generate new revenue streams.

Seamless Integrations with Sales Sites

NEXT BASKET offers seamless integrations with popular sales sites and channel partners, allowing you to reimagine your business model, reach the end customer on the platform they prefer, and sell more of your products or services.

Explore the following sales sites with established presence and develop mutually beneficial partner relationships for your product or service.

Sales on Trendo.bg

Expand your presence in the Bulgarian market and drive more sales by showcasing your products to a large audience of potential customers on Trendo.bg.

Sales on Etsy

Tap into the thriving handmade and vintage marketplace of independent retailers by integrating your online store with Etsy. Enhance your brand’s visibility and reach a target audience of art enthusiasts and collectors.

Sales on eMAG

Easily list and sell your products on eMAG, a leading online marketplace with growing brand authority in Eastern Europe.

Sales on OLX

Capitalize on the potential of the classifieds marketplace by integrating with OLX. Reach prospective customers looking for a wide range of products and services through its user-friendly interface.

Sales on Glami.bg

If you operate in the fashion industry, showcase your products to fashion-forward customers on GLAMI.bg. Seamlessly sell your items and expand your customer base with NEXT BASKET’s integration.

Streamline Inventory Management with Product Feeds

Product feeds play a crucial role in channel sales programs.

Utilize product feeds through NEXT BASKET to enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility: Display your products on various sales channels, reaching existing customers and a wider audience and increasing your chances of making more sales.
  • Efficient updates: Easily update and synchronize your product information across multiple vendors and potential partners, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Streamlined inventory management: Utilize product feeds to automate stock availability updates, reducing the risk of overselling and streamlining your inventory management process.

Enhance Sales Efforts with Marketing Tools, Remarketing, and Advertising

NEXT BASKET empowers you with a range of marketing tools to enhance your sales efforts and drive revenue growth through indirect sales. 

Here is how our tools help yout effective channel sales strategy grow:

  • Enhance customer engagement: Create personalized campaigns, send targeted messages, and engage with your audience to build stronger relationships and close more sales within a target market.
  • Maximize conversion rates: Re-engage potential customers who have shown interest in your products through remarketing techniques, increasing the likelihood of conversion and boosting channel sales success.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns: Monitor and optimize your advertising efforts, ensuring effective budget allocation and achieving the best results from each channel sales partnership.

Comprehensive Services for Digital Marketing and Social Media Sales from NEXT BASKET

Take advantage of NEXT BASKET’s comprehensive services for digital marketing and social media sales.

Our expert team can assist you in developing effective strategies to highlight you value proposition, promote your products or services, increase brand visibility, and bolster your company’s reputation. 

Amplify your marketing efforts, strengthen your online presence, and generate more sales with our professional services.

Unlock the Potential of Channel Sales with NEXT BASKET

Expand your reach, boost revenue, and create a great user experience for your target customers.

With ready integrations with sales sites and prospective partners, product feeds, marketing tools, and services for digital marketing and social media sales, NEXT BASKET’s channel sales program empowers you to elevate your sales process and grow your online business.

Get started with NEXT BASKET and unlock a world of possibilities as a reseller or channel partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can channel sales benefit my business?

Channel sales partners enable you to reach a wider audience, tap into new target markets, and increase income streams through revenue sharing by leveraging external sales channels and affiliate partners.

What are product feeds, and how do they help in channel sales?

Product feeds are structured data files that contain information about your products.

By utilizing product feeds through NEXT BASKET, you can increase visibility, streamline inventory management, and efficiently update your product information across multiple vendors, marketing assets, and sales platforms.

What marketing tools are available with NEXT BASKET?

NEXT BASKET provides a range of marketing, remarketing, and advertising tools to enhance customer engagement, maximize conversion rates, and optimize your current sales process.